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At the Lingerie Shop

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My fiance and I are getting married in a few months. She thought it would be exciting to go to the local lingerie shop and browse for something for the wedding night. Naturally, I thought this was a great idea. Her name is Emma, my age, and she's very attractive. She's averaged sized and has DD breasts.

Emma set up a private weekday appointment. We'd get the whole shop to ourselves. It was a rather humid day so I was in shorts and a T-shirt. Emma was in one of her usual summer dresses. We get to the place on time and see that it's a tiny little lingerie shop with four rooms. Our consultant introduces herself as Hannah. She's in her mid-40's, average sized, and attractive. She gets us beverages and shows us around. Emma picks out a bunch of items and goes into the changing room with Hannah. I wonder around some more before having a seat on the viewing couch. All the lingerie is already making me excited.

Emma walks out in her first piece and I'm floored. Very hot and revealing. I get an instant hard on and tell her I love it. She models it for me for a few more minutes than disappears in the back with Hannah again. She comes out in a different number which is even cuter. I can barely stand it. Hannah stays out with me during the next changing process. Emma says she can handle the rest herself. So I'm crossing my legs trying to hide my hard on when Hannah sits next to me. This is when it gets even more interesting.

Hannah can obviously tell I'm hard and hints at it. She says it's ok and just part of the process. Emma comes back and models another piece for a few minutes and vanishes. I instinctively bring a hand down to my crotch and rub slowly. Hannah notices and says it's ok, I can take it out if I want. I was shocked and didn't say anything. She reaches over and unzips me like its nothing. Go for it she says. So I reach in and pull it out. The only thing Hannah says is wow, nice.

Now Emma comes out in something new and see me with my hand wrapped around my hard cock. She says really....come on now. Hannah interrupts and says its 'perfectly normal. Happens sometimes. Get closer and give him a good show.' Emma lightens up and goes with the flow. I start to stroke it slowly with she wiggles her ass in front of me. Emma then hurries out back to slip into another one. I keep stroking slowly and turn to face Hannah. Without a word, she slips her dress up and exposes her neatly trimmed pussy. She brings her hand down and rubs herself. I get up and slip my shorts completely off, waiting to see what Emma says.

Emma comes out and sees us both masturbating while looking at her. With an unspoken vow, she seductively dances again. Hannah and I both lean back in the couch and our spread legs touch each other. Emma comes over and grinds her ass on my cock as I grab her huge boobs. I look over and Hannah slides down the top of her dress revealing her boobs. Emma says one more outfit before she disappears out back.

Before Emma can even reach the back, Hannah grabs my cock and strokes. She says she'll make me cum if we promise to buy something and anything I cum on we have to buy. My right hand goes instinctively to a giggling breast while my left grabs her ass. As Hannah jacks and cups my balls, I reach down and play with her pussy. However, this is short lived as we hear movement. Hannah stops jacking and resumes her previous fingering position. Except this time she throws a leg on top of mine.

Emma comes out in her last outfit which is pretty much nothing but a thong and a see-through lacy bra. Using Hannah's saliva as lubricant, I can start to feel my orgasm coming. Emma comes over to us and strips naked. She places a leg on the couch next to Hannah and fingers herself. Hannah takes her leg and brushes it up on my cock. Emma leans over and gives me a kiss while Hannah adjusts and kisses me herself. Then she gives Emma a kiss and lays down on the couch. She motions to me and says 'can he cum on me?' Surprisingly, Emma says yes. Hannah spreads her legs as I get in between them. My balls touch her hands as she fingers herself. She takes one hand and cups them. Emma now puts her leg up by Hannah's head and fingers faster.

Hannah pushes my hand away from my cock and strokes it with her dripping hand. Then she takes it and slides it on her warm wet pussy. This sends me over the edge as I take my cock back and stroke. My cum explodes out of me. The first few streams go as far as Emma's leg and also hits Hannah's boobs and dress. The rest pool on Hannah's belly. This sends both girls to shuddering climaxes. Hannah cums right after me and Emma cums right near Hannah's face.

Emma kisses Hannah and thanks her and kisses me and says she's going to go get cleaned up. Hannah just lays there with me between her legs. She points to the kleenexes on the table behind us. I grab some and my cum off her belly. She takes a finger and gets some cum from her boobs on it and licks it off. 'Next time we're gonna go a little further,' she says.

We ended up buying quite a few things and the next time is another story.



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