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At the Kitchen Sink

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Happened two months ago


My boyfriend and I decided to move in together about five months ago, since when we've been sharing an apartment above a row of local shops.

About 2 months ago, I was washing up one Saturday morning when Pete returned from a quick trip to the shops. He came into the kitchen to chat, and stood behind me, putting his arms around my waist. After a minute or so, he began kissing the back of my neck, then moved his hands up to feel my tits.

At that point I told him to behave, in case we were seen (the kitchen sink is in front of a window that looks down onto a side street which is quite busy because people park there when using the shops). Pete then reached round and pulled the curtains across the window. The curtains are cafe-style, about 15 inches deep, and since we can only just see over them into the street, then anyone in the street will only be able to see our head and shoulders at most.

With the curtains pulled, Pete then proceeded to undo the buttons down the front of my cardigan-style top, and then, still standing behind me, began to feel my tits.

My nipples are quite sensitive, so after a while I began to get aroused. So I didn't object when, still standing behind me, Pete unzipped my trousers and pulled them and my knickers down to my knees.

Pete nudged my feet apart with one foot, then reached his right arm around my right hip and started to finger me. Meanwhile his left arm reached around my left side so that he could continue to play with my tits, which he'd now freed from my bra.

As I glanced over the curtain and down into the street I could see several people walking along. For some reason, even though they weren't looking at me (and couldn't really have seen anything if they had looked up at the window), I found it incredibly exciting to be able to see these people close by whilst Pete worked away at me.

Shortly after I looked into the street I had one of the best orgasms that I'd ever experienced. Pete seemed quite shocked at how quickly I came and how intense it obviously was based on the noise I made. I also realised that he was probably a bit disappointed, since he'd probably thought what he was doing would lead to a fuck rather than me simply coming as I did.

Having recovered from my orgasm, I asked Pete if he'd like me to repay the favour, which he did. So we changed positions, so that I stood behind him, after which I unzipped him, and pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees.

His cock was already rock hard from playing with me. I put my left arm around his left hip, then down between his legs to cup his balls, whilst my right arm went round his right hip, so that I could hold his cock.

I then proceeded to slowly toss him off. After just a minute or so he indicated that he was nearly ready to come. I didn't want him to shoot it all over the kitchen carpet, so thought I'd go get a tissue. Then I had a better idea. I picked up my bra (which was lying over a kitchen stool where Peter had discarded it), then holding the bra in my right hand, I reached around him again, placed one of the bra cups on the end of his cock, and started to toss him off into the cup, whilst my left hand again cupped his balls. The feel of the silky material obviously had an effect, and he almost immediately had an intense orgasm, shooting out an absolute load of cum.

When we talked about it afterwards I told Pete that it was one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever experienced, and admitted that I'd found it really exciting to look at people in the street whilst he played with me. Pete said he'd had a terrific orgasm himself-though in his case he was turned on more by a combination of my own obvious excitement and my spur of the moment idea to toss him off using my bra.

Since then, this has become a regular part of our sex life-we've been tossing each other off whilst standing at the kitchen sink at least twice a week. If anything my own orgasms have got even stronger-if I'm stood at the sink, the anticipation of what's about to happen has me dripping wet as soon as Pete walks up behind me.

My only worry now is what will happen when we eventually move from the apartment to a proper house, and I no longer have my kitchen window !



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