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At The Hotel Sauna

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This happened last week when I was staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada. Before I left for the trip, I knew I would have new opportunities for masturbation because our room had a jacuzzi. Also, there was another one next to the indoor pool.

A few days after arriving, my parents went to the casino, leaving me alone at the hotel. I decided to go into the sauna by the pool. I rushed downstairs, and before I knew it, I was right outside the steamy room, which was there for the convenience of the guests. I stripped off, and took one of the soft hot white towels provided.

Going inside, I found that a family was already there. I waited for them to leave, since I was planning to masturbate. I had read stories about masturbating in saunas before. I took off my towel, closed my eyes, and laid back naked on the wooden bench, shrouded in mist.

After awhile, I heard someone open the door and come in. I quickly put my towel back on and just laid back. To my surprize, it was a girl, who looked around my age, alone. The first thing I saw looking at her was her large, natural D-cup breasts rising up from the top of the tight towel wrapped around her body. She had dark brown hair down to her shoulders, and had the cutest face ever. She sat down on the bench across from me and we started having a friendly conversation.

It seemed that, like myself, she had been left alone at the hotel by her parents. After some time spent talking about where we lived, the conversation turned to talk about sex. With a wink, she asked me if we should get nude. I whole heartedly agreed! Wow, I couldn't believe this was happening! She was completely open about nudity. She quickly untied the towel, and it dropped off, revealing an amazing figure with perfect features. Her breasts were very round and large, with perfect, pink nipples which were erect. Down below, I could see her hairless pussy, apparently cleanly shaved. Then she said it was my turn. I did not hesitate to drop my towel, revealing my uncut penis, which was erect and six inches in length. Soon, I was tugging on my foreskin with the pleasure of seeing her naked.

She giggled, and asked if she could touch it. I said only if I could feel you as well. For awhile we rolled around and felt eachother's bodies naked. I loved the feeling of her soft breasts. It was the best thing I have ever felt! Without speaking, she laid me down and spreading her hands across the width of my chest, she slowly slid them down to my penis. She pulled back my foreskin slowly, and oh how it tingled my sensitive head. Before I knew it, she started giving me a handjob! I laid back in ecstacy as I watched her magnificent breasts jiggle as she stroked me. She even licked it, and it felt so good. After what seemed like an hour, I could not hold back any longer. I came with force, most of the sperm landed on her breasts and dripped down off her nipples.

I was so satisfied. But when she said it was her turn, I was ready to go. She lay on the floor and spread her legs, revealing her tight cleft. She took two fingers and parted her lips, and without her asking I brought my head down, and breathed on it, which made her twitch. I then started licking the inside of her warm lips, parting them to reveal her clit. She was so hot, sweaty, and wet right now, and letting out long moans of pleasure. Finally, she told me that she had cum. We licked eachother clean, and just laid back in awe from what had just happened.

She told me her parents would be getting back soon, as mine would be as well, so we got our clothes on and we walked back to our rooms. At her door, we kissed, and she thanked me, her eyes glistening. I rushed back to my room, in a hurry to masturbate to the memory of what had just happened! I jumped into the jacuzzi naked, and had a great and relaxing sleep after that.

I never saw her again, but that experience was something I will remember forever. I hope I made all of your fantasies and masturbation sessions better, enjoy guys!



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