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At the Gym Sauna/showers

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I'm matt, I'm 24, and gay. Recently when browsing the internet I came across this site, and decided to tell you all my story from when I was 22 and lived in London.

At the time, I would visit the gym three or four times a week. The week in question, I had only gone twice and it was a Saturday, so I had a two hour long session and really worked myself into a sweat. Anyway, after my session in the gym, I headed down to the pool and did laps for a while just to cool me down. The place was quite empty, so I thought I'd relax in the sauna.

I sat down on the hard wood bench, and leant back letting my manhood free. It felt so good just to relax in the sauna after my workout. I could feel myself sweating and it felt nice to just rub and massage my chest and legs as I was alone.

My hand brushed past my dick and I could feel myself getting hard. I saw no problem as I was alone and there were not many people around. I was fully erect at 7.5 inches cut. As I worked my hands up and down the shaft a small amount of precum oozed out of my prick. I slowly circled the head with my finger rubbing the precum around it. As I paid full attention to my throbbing hard penis, another man walked into the steamy room. He was about mid 30s and quite tall, good looking and very tanned. Embarrassed I quickly grabbed my towel and covered up even though my cock tented the towel and it was obvious what I was doing.

The man sat down and gave a huge sigh of relaxation. He let his towel drop to either side of him, and released his HUGE penis. I couldn't stop looking, it was the biggest I'd seen by far. My own cock was begging for me to touch it, looking at this man's cock was making me so horny and I just wanted to suck it dry.

The man turned to me and said 'Don't mind me'.

I couldn't help myself, I let my towel drop to the floor and uncovered my erection. As I grabbed the shaft and started slowly stroking I noticed the man looking, and his penis quivered. As I continued to slowly caress my rock hard dick, his penis grew harder and harder until it stood erect at I'm guessing about 10 inches. Quivering, I was desperate to touch it, to suck it, to fuck it. But I just sat back and fucked my own hand. Watching me, he started to masturbate, hard and fast, his balls were slapping against his body, the sight of this brought me closer to the edge; I led down on the bench, and went faster and faster until I reached the point of no return. Moaning with pleasure, I shot two ropes of cum high into the air and onto my toned abs. This set him off, I watched him cum into his hand. He wiped it on his towel, covered up and left the room.

A little deflated, and disappointed I didn't get to touch him, but nevertheless still buzzing over what had just happened, I wiped the cum off my stomach, covered up, left the room, and headed to the showers.

The showers in this gym were open, just a tiled room with six or so shower heads. I gathered my soap and shampoo and went to wash off in the shower.

As I entered I saw the man, again, in the showers. He watched me enter, but then turned his back to me. I turned on the shower and let the water pound down on me, grabbed my soap and lathered up. I wanted to give him a show, just in case he was watching. I stood so he could see the side of me. As the warm water showered down on me, I closed my eyes and rubbed myself all over. I slowly caressed my butt cheeks, just letting one finger slip into my hole, I let out a soft moan. I then slowly washed my flaccid penis and balls.

When I opened my eyes, the man had gone. But another man was showering next to me. He was a younger man, younger than me, I'd say about 18. Very toned, and had a nice sized penis. His eyes scanned my body and stopped when he reached my soapy penis. I watched his penis grow to it's full size. Taking a risk, I shuffled slightly closer to him. I was getting hard again. I turned off my shower. He turned off his. We both stood staring at each other. I shuffled even closer. My penis was erect and gagging for release. I stepped closer to him and our cock's touched, this sent me crazy. The boy pushed me up against the wall and kissed me softly on the lips. I grabbed his cock and mine with both my hands and worked them both, he kissed my lips and my neck so gently, as I worked us both, his hands reached my ass, he explored my hole filling it with two fingers. The orgasm was so explosive, I quivered with excitement, and I moaned so load when it happened. My cum and his cum spurted everywhere over both of our bodies. He turned back on the shower, and we didn't speak a word to each other as we washed ourselves clean and left the gym.



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