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At the Conference

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When I turned 25, I started a job selling insurance. It pays good and I have always enjoyed working with people. Another plus was that I was able to frequently travel on the companys dollar, which is always fun. Well, in early April there is always a spring conference where the company sends its people for updates and to put some pep into them, the only difference was that due to company cut backs, we now had to share rooms. I was kinda dissappointed at first, but was not going to let it spoil my trip to Dallas.

When I got to my room, my roomate was already there laying on the bed watching TV. We introduced ourselves and hit it off pretty good. He was from a sister company and it was his first conference, so I told him that I would make sure that he a good time. For starters we just roamed the city getting to know each other a little better. He was 26 and was engaged to be married in August. After that we caught dinner then headed back to the room. We got back around 9:30. I was just about to suggest we just kick back and relax for the rest of the night, when he said that it was time to go work out before the gym closes at eleven. I told him that I was tired and didnt really feel like going...besides, I didnt bring workout clothes. He told me that was too bad because he hated to work out alone and I was the only friend he had in this state. Then he dug through his bag until he found his spare jock, he picked it up and threw it at me and told me to get changed. And with that, he dropped flopped on the bed and started to take off his shoes. I was going to go the bathroom to change, but figured that if was going to change out here, I might as well too. Maybe I could get a sneak peek. After her was shoeless, he started to unbutton his shirt, as did I. As he took off his pants he turned around to face me and made some small talk about the job.

Before I knew it, I was standing there in just my pants and boxers, and he, on the other hand, was down to his briefs, which happen to made of silk. I made a comment about how the ladies must like that, and he laughed then admitted that it was so for him. He told me it felt really good when his cock started to move around. He told me to walk over there and feel how smooth they were. With that, I walked over there and ran my hand across the side of his hip where the underwear was covering. I told that was really smooth and that I was kinda impressed with how soft it really did feel. Then I put my other hand over to his other hip and I just kinda of felt the side of his ass for a minute before my hands dropped. It was obveous that he was getting hard and the buldge started to grow quite a bit. He then asked me what kind of underwear it was that I preferred to wear. With that, he reached over and unhooked my pants and pushed them down my legs. I stepped out of them.

It goes without saying that I was rock hard by this point and there was definately no hiding it.

'Just plain boxers huh?'

'Yeah... well, they give me room just to hang'

'I can see that...' and he reached over and grabbed my cock a little and let it bounce back to its upright position.

With that, I stepped closer to him, and put one of my arms around his back and grabbed onto his underwear above his cock and pulled on it with the other. He froze a little, then he put his head back waiting for my incoming kiss. We started to play with each others tongues at the same time that we first grabbed each others cocks.

We just stood there and made out for a few minutes and continued to fondle each other before I pushed him back on the bed. Then I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed my hair gel and returned to my new friend. I set it on the counter next to the bed and layed next to him. I ran my mouth up and down his toned body all the while beating his nice cut 8 inch cock. We fooled around for a little bit more, taking turns touching masturbating each other. After about fifteen minutes I reached for the gel sitting on the nightstand. I squirted some on my hand and rubbed it all over his cock, then did the same to mine. I layed down on the bed so that his cock was only a few inches away from my face. He started to get off and I did the same. But I took some of the lube off his cock with my hand right and rubbed down in between his legs and onto his ass. He started to thrust his hips up and down as I slide my finger into him. He started to moan with pleasure and started to beat his cock more vigorously. It was not but a few minutes before he cummed everywhere. I have never seen so much cum come out of one person. It landed on the bed, on my face, on my body, all over belly and chest. It wasnt long after he got off that I did, mine landing on his thighs and on the bed in between.

Needless to say, that was a weekend I will never forget. That night, as well as the following we had much more fun doing a lot of more things, it was great!



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