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At the Club

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This took place two Saturdays ago and one of my female friends urged me to write about the incident and submit it to this site. So here it is...

Three of my female friends and I decided to go to a local club and have some fun. The place was packed and at one point I had to use the ladies room. There was a long line so I figured I'd come back a little later. The second trip met with another long line and I went back to my friends. I now really had to go bad but I wasn't the driver and I didn't want to ask my friends to leave and then come back.

I went to the ladies room a third time only to discover an even longer line. In desperation I decided to leave the club and go around to the back of the building and just squat and pee. As I came around the corner at the back I saw two women standing together at the other end of the back of the building. I stepped back putting me on the side of the building. I took off my panties and squatted down and started to pee. I just hoped that no one else had the same idea.

Finished, I put my panties back on but my curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek around the corner at the two ladies I had just seen. There was one overhead security light so I could quite clearly see them. They were facing each other and kissing very passionately. One of the women then began to squeeze the other ones tits with both hands. They took turns doing this for a couple of minutes.

I was now becoming somewhat excited and hoped that maybe more might happen. It did! I couldn't hear them but I saw one of them nod her head and smile. She took a handkerchief out of her handbag and put it on the ground. I couldn't believe what came next. She knelt down with her knees on the handkerchief. She was directly in front of the standing woman. The standing woman then put her hands up her own short skirt and pulled down her panties to her ankles. She slightly squatted over the one kneeling and then lifted her skirt again, whilst the kneeler began to rub her between her legs. The standing one put her hand on the others hand directing her fingers up into her.

The kneeler continued fingering for at least a couple of minutes. I can't even begin to describe to you the feelings going through my body. I was completely aroused. The two then switched roles for another couple of minutes. They then stood up and put a hand up one another's short skirts. I could tell from the motions that they were enjoying fingering each other. This went on for awhile and then one seemed like she probably had cum as she bucked her hips forward a couple of times and I could hear her grunt. About a minute later I saw the other shaking and then she stopped. She had also cum. The two then left and went back inside the club. I stayed outside and I again removed my panties and I jilled against the wall to orgasm, at the back of the building.

On the way home I shared what I had witnessed with my three friends who were amazed at what I told them. One friend Patti told us about this site and urged me to tell my story. I know that they will now know what I did after the two women went back into the club. I left that part out when I told them in the car. They probably would have reacted the same way because one even said in the car that she was hot just listening to my story.

Last Saturday we four again went to the club and I pointed out the two women that I had watched the week before. My one friend Kathleen had a shocked look on her face and she said, 'Oh my God, that's Mrs. S, my dentists receptionist.'

I hope you enjoyed my story and that you don't think I'm weird for the way in which I reacted to what I had witnessed. I was just so stimulated I couldn't help myself.



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