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At the Beach With Mel and Thelma

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It was a great accomplishment for our office. Our boss treated us to a three-day and two-night stay in a beach resort, about 75 kilometers away from the busy city. We stayed in cottages.

The second morning, I met Thelma and Mel headed for the beach. It was still early and the tropic sun had not even risen. As they had invited me to join them, I returned to my room and changed to my swimming trunks. Since the cottages are a bit close to the shore, I did not wear anything else anymore. I just grabbed the towel and zoomed with my beach slippers.

Mel and Thelma were already sitting at the beach beds - one for each. Mel called my attention and asked me to help her put lotion on her body. She did this in a very naughty and flirtatious manner, as she was well known for. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Thelma was wearing lycra shorts and bra.

Just a brief background on Mel and Thelma: Mel was 20 then. Thelma was 30. I was 22. Thelma is married and had kids. I was single and Mel was a single mom. Mel was known as a flirt. A psychology major, Thelma was the more prim and proper type, and very understanding.

Going back to the request for help to put lotion, Mel handed me the lotion as she lay in her beach bed. I was kneeling and started to put lotion on her legs. She was giggling the way any flirt would do, and remarked: 'wow, that's nice... keep on rubbing... higher...' and pointing to her mound.

My instant reaction was to look at her mound. And I saw some hairs extending out her suit's groin hemline. Along her bikini lines, I also noticed some hair starting to grow; perhaps, those were shaved a day or some days ago.

Immediately, I got an instant erection. So I ran to the beach in the guise that I wanted to swim right away. With my trunks, my erection would be very visible if I stayed and let them see it. My heart pounded so fast, and my nerves were trembling. I got excited with the sight of pubic hairs sticking out her bikini hemline. My mind started to float but transfixed with the images of those hairs in the hemline.

Mel continued to put lotion on her legs as Thelma joined me in the water. Thelma and I swum a couple of minutes. We loved the water and the waves.

Then Thelma broke the silence and said smiling: 'Rey, it's really funny. Mel flirted on you again. She's daring, really. But I know she's just like that.'

I replied: 'Yeah, I know...' I was lost for words, and I was still mesmerized with the images a while ago.

Thelma continued: 'Rey, I noticed though that you were affected. I saw it'. She smiled and laughed. I laughed and said: 'Yeah, right... can't help it. The demon...'

I can't recall what happened next because the other guys and our boss had joined us on the shore. The day went on as ordinary as possible. We had fun. We played beach games. And we ate a lot. But honestly, those images stayed in my mind the whole day and I kept on looking at Mel.

At dinnertime, I was again seated with Mel and Thelma. Mel was beside me and Thelma was in front of me. Then, Mel leaned on me and started to stroke my left arms.

Thelma commented: 'Mel, stop that. Rey is getting affected. Didn't you notice this morning?'

Mel responded: 'Oh yeah.' She moved a bit away as if nothing was said.

After dinner, Thelma and I were near our cottages and were talking about things. She suddenly went back to the topic of Mel's flirting with me. She specifically said: 'I know you won't flirt back with Mel. I am just concerned with how you must be affected with her flirting.'

I responded: 'Well, Thelma, thanks for your concern. I must admit that I really got affected; to say the most - I got horny! And I am sure you saw my erection as I ran to the water. And if you had not joined me in the water, I would have... taken care of myself in the water.'

We laughed. Then Thelma said: 'I'm sorry for that.' Then we went into silence for about 5 minutes and bid each other good night as we proceeded to our cottages while the other guys continued to play cards.

I could not get myself to sleep even if I've been in bed - tossing myself up for about 15 minutes already. I called Mel's room but there was no response. She must be fast asleep then. After much thinking and trying to avoid disturbing people who could already be sleeping, I dialled the room of Thelma. After three rings, she replied.

I told Thelma that I could not get myself to sleep. I apologized if I had disturbed her sleep and she assured me that she was not asleep yet as she was still reading a book. She asked if I wanted to go out and have a walk but I hesitated. I thought I just needed to talk. I don't exactly recall what we were talking about but it led to phone sex which lasted for about 30 minutes.

While we were on the phone, I masturbated and Thelma claimed she did too.

It was one of the best masturbation sessions I ever had. I only regretted that I did not opt to go for a walk when she invited me for it. It would have been more fun!



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