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At the Beach House

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When I was growing up, my family and my aunt's and uncles and all the cousins would go to the beach and rent cottages for two weeks every summer. I am the youngest of three in our family and my older brother and sister no longer came on the trips.

This trip involved my parents and me, two aunt's and uncles, several younger cousins and their friends, and my closest cousin Beth and her friend Kelly, both 18 also.

We spent time riding bikes, playing on the beach walking, frisbee, etc. and had a lot of fun. There was a lot of skin, bikinis, etc. I was horny the whole time and I saw a lot of pretty young girls. I loved looking at their breasts and crotches thinking of how they would look naked. No action though, it was family time. I had never had a sexual experience but had been jacking off for a few years.

One afternoon it became too much and I went up to the cottage to jack off when everyone else was out at the beach. I was in my room stroking away completely naked on the bed. I didn't hear, but Kelly had come in and came past my bedroom door that was open a crack. I had left it open so I could hear if someone came in. I opened my eyes sensing a presence and I locked eyes with her. There was no way to cover up and all I could do was stop stroking and say sorry. My first fear was she was going to scream and run and tell my cousin Beth and everyone else that I was a pervert. Instead she pushed the door open and said, 'Please don't be sorry, that's so cute.' 'Really', I said. 'Really for sure.'

Kelly said. 'What is it like.' Knowing now that this may not be such a problem I felt a bit bolder. I explained that it was really good and felt great to jack off. 'Can I watch,' Kelly asked. This was OK with me since it was much better than my fear of being told off. Kelly came in and sat on the end of the bed and being watched made my cock grow bigger and harder. I took an educational approach and showed her the parts that felt best. How I stroked the underside and the tip and my balls and how I used a bit of baby oil. She watched with saucer sized eyes and while I stroked I looked at her pretty face, her pretty smile and her tits.

After about five minutes I was feeling really great and I didn't want it to end too soon, so I took myself up and down from orgasm. She reached out with her hand and placed it on my thigh and rubbed my inner leg and then up towards my balls and cock. 'Can I touch it,' Kelly asked. This was great, and I had no objections, so I took my hand away and let her begin to rub my balls and cock. She did it the way she had seen me do it, stroking up and down. 'Its so hard,' she said.

As she was doing this she had to re-position herself closer to me to stroke. I reached over and touched her leg, her waist and ran my hand up to her tits. She had a bikini on with a small cover up. 'You can see all of me', I said, 'Take yours off.'

She reached behind her and undid her bikini top and let her beautiful B cup tits fall out. 'I've never done this before,' Kelly breathed. Let me explain that Kelly was a very hot looking girl, very pretty face, about 5'6', about 115 lbs and a 34B cup. Pretty perky girl breasts with little nipples.

While she rubbed my cock I had my first touch and taste of her breasts. I licked her nipples and she stroked. She began to say how cool this was and how neat it was. I moved my hand to her bikini panties and rubbed her pussy, then put my hand inside. Never having done this I was so suprised to find it sopping wet and slippery. She moved her hand down and showed me how to stroke up and down on her pussy.

As I fingered her pussy and licked her tits I exploded in the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I sent several spurts of cum out onto my stomach, her arms and hand. She was in awe by it and was 'like wow'. She had not even seen a cock before let alone cumming.

When I finished there were drips of cum hanging off her arm and hand. I didn't know what to do so I rubbed it in her skin and on my stomach. Then she rolled onto her back and I continued to finger her. I kept going, even though I didn't know what I was doing, I just kept pushing my finger in and out and up and down her pussy slit. It was so wet. I also rubbed my other hand all over her breasts and pinched her tiny nipples. She held my semi-hard cock. In a few minutes she writhed herself around, then arched her back and let out a moan of pleasure like I had never heard before. I felt her pussy contracting around my finger and she grasped my hand and pushed in down hard over her pussy for about two minutes while I lay beside her.

This was the first orgasm with a girl and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. You never forget the first time. My cousins and I and Kelly all lived in the same city, so in the fall Kelly and I started dating and petting. We masturbated each other a lot for about three months but we never fucked. After November we stopped dating.

In December of that year I had an experience with my cousin Beth that I am going to write about soon. Kelly told Beth all about our fun.



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