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At the Beach

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At The Beach
When I was in college there was a nude beach not to far away and one weekend a few of us wound up driving over there.None of us actually got nude but we looked around a little bit and then left.The following weekend when I was home my sister asked if I had had a good time at the beach.When I gave her a strange look she said that she had seen me there along with my freinds and wondered why we didn't get naked like most of the other people did.
She said that she had been going to the beach with a couple of her girlfreinds and when she saw me she had turned so I wouldn't see her.Then she pulled her shorts up her leg and showed me that she didn't have any tan lines where her suit would normally be.I was kind of shocked but excited at the same time and then she asked if I would like to come along with them sometime.When I hesitated she said I was probably to embarrassed to be seen naked.Well never one to not take a dare I said I'd be glad to go along.
A couple of weeks later she called me at school and said her and her freinds were going to the beach and they would pick me up on the way.Truthfully I had forgotten all about it, but said I'd be ready by the time they got here.Her and her three girlfreinds showed up just when they said they would and I climbed into the backseat between two of them for the trip to the beach.When we got to the beach and found a place to park the girls didn't waist any time getting out of their tank tops and shorts,wearing just bikini bottoms as we walked along.I kept my shorts on trying to conceal my now raising cock.We found a spot back from the waters edge a ways and they spread out their towells and stripped off their bottoms.
By now I was as hard as I've ever been and tried to lay so my sister wouldn't see the bulge in my shorts.Before this I'd never even seen her in bra or panties and now she was just a few feet away completely nude.None of them made any attempt to cover anything and I could easily see their tits and pussies.My sister was completely shaven and she sat with her arms acrossed her knees directly in front of me.I tried not to but couldn't keep from looking at her open lips and exposed clit.My hard-on wasn't going away and after a few minutes she asked if I was going to keep my shorts on and be a prude.One of her freinds said that I was too embarrassed because of the condition I was in and that maybe one of them should help me out.
Then my sister said something that took me completely by suprize.She said that since she was the one that brought me she would fix the problem.She told the other girls to gather around me and then she moved closer and slid her hand down the front of my shorts and grasped my cock.The other girls acted as look-outs and my sister moved her hand up and down my cock inside my shorts until I tensed up and came.She then asked if I was ready to remove my shorts and join them.When I didn't answer right away she didn't hesitate but pulled my shorts off and used them to wipe the cum off her hand and my leg.She then bent over and whisppered in my ear that she hoped I enjoyed it because she sure had and that I should enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
We laid around the rest of the afternoon with me never really getting completely soft and the girls giving me an anatomy lesson I'll never forget.When it was time to leave we gathered up our stuff and headed back to the car,I pulled on my shorts but the girls stayed naked as we walked along.My sister walked along with me and said she hoped I had had a good time and that she didn't want to embarrass me but she had wanted to see me naked for a long time and wnen the chance came to jerk me off she couldn't let it pass.When we got to the car they pulled on their tops and shorts and we all got in for the trip back to drop me off. My sister said she didn't want to drive so she got in the back seat.After being on the road for awhile she asked how I was doing and if I had enjoyed myself.When I said that it had been quite a day she smiled and said it was going to get better and pulled her shorts down around her knees.She then took my hand and moved it down to her pussy and pressed it against herself.Her freind on the other side of me took my other hand and pushed it down the top of her shorts until my fingers were emeshed in her pubic hair.Both girls were now thrusting against my hands trying to get off.The other girl in the front passenger seat heard the commotion and turned around to watch what was going on.I had two fingers in my sisters girlfreinds cunt and my other hand was pushing down on my sisters clit.The girl in the front seat decided to help so she reached back and freed my cock from its position in my shorts and started to jack me off at the same time I was going the other two.Next thing I knew I had three hands moving up and down the lenth of my dick and it only took a minute or two of that and I was spurting all over the back seat.My sister and her freind came right after I did and we all sat in silence for a few minutes before we started laughing.
Since that day sis comes to visit every once and a while and we'll spend the night talking about the day at the beach and if the mood is right we get naked and rind up jerking each other off.



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