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At the Airport

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Still can't believe how cool this was!


First off I have to say that this site absolutely rocks. I visit it all the time and always find something good to have a wank to. I just got back from holidays and found a fortnights stories to go through, which is brilliant. Please excuse me if I don't tell this story too well. I am 15 years old and have never written anything like this before.

What happened was in the Departure lounge in Spain waiting for our flight home. The seats are back to back with kind of wide spaces between them. Anyway, we were sitting opposite this other family, who were a mum and dad with a boy about 13. He also had a much younger sister. She was being a bit of a pain and her parents were spending most of their time trying to keep her quiet. The boy looked kind of bored. He was really cute with a great suntan, which made his blonde hair look even blonder. He also had very blue eyes, which seemed to kind of be able to look right inside you, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I was reading a book to pass the time and kind of checking him out every now and again. One time he noticed me looking at him and gave the greatest smile, which made me feel dead embarrassed. Then something amazing happened. He slipped one hand into the pocket of his shorts and very obviously began to massage his crutch area slowly and deliberately all the time looking straight at me and grinning.

After a bit, he took his hand back out of his pocket and kind of glanced around to see that nobody was taking any notice of him except me. Then he put his hands on the front of his shorts leaving a gap of maybe six inches between them and pressed the material against his body. Could I see an obvious bulge of a hard-on under the material? You bet I could!! The effect on my dick was instant boner.

Kind of wanting to repay him for letting me see that he had one, I put my book down and put my hands on the front of my jeans the same way he had just done on his shorts. I let him see my bulge too! God, it made me feel so excited that I almost blew a load right there and then. I could tell that he saw what I was doing because his mouth made kind of an O and then he licked his lips. He then put his hands back on his shorts and showed me his bulge again.

Just then our flight was called and everybody started queuing to get on the plane. I was feeling dead horny, so after a bit I decided to go to the toilets before we got on the plane and see if I could get myself off quickly. I knew it wasn't going to take me very long. Anyway, I said I was going to the loo and off I went. When I got there I found the place was empty so feeling totally wicked I decided to stand at a urinal and do it standing up, because that is always cool. I love the way it makes my knees go all weak and wobbly when I shoot.

I had just got my dick out and started rubbing it when all of a sudden I was aware of somebody else coming into the toilets and I froze. Whoever it was came to the urinal right beside mine. I glanced over, it was him and my heart stopped. Without saying a word he pulled his shorts and pants down to his knees. He stood back from his urinal, just enough for me to see and started wanking. He was looking straight into my eyes with a huge smile on his face. I moved back from my bowl a little and let him see that I was doing exactly the same.

We just stood there facing slightly towards each other, so each of us could get a good view and went for it. I was so excited that I thought I was going to faint. My mouth was totally dry and I could feel my heart absolutely hammering in my chest. Then all of a sudden he gave a little moan and brought his right hand up to the head of his adorable five-incher and I could see his sperm squirt neatly into his waiting palm. That was all it took to push me over the edge and I moaned too, doing exactly the same thing, so he could see me catch mine.

We stood kind of awkwardly then, both panting slightly and giggling like idiots. He held out his hand so I could inspect his cum and I did the same. He hadn't got as much out as me, but I guess that was only to be expected as he was about 2 years younger. Otherwise, our handfuls looked more or less the same. Then suddenly, he took my hand in his and shook it kind of solemnly. Our sperm mixed together and it was such a cool move I loved it. Quickly we tucked ourselves away, washed our hands and then went back to our parents. I shouldn't think the whole thing took much more than three minutes tops. It was really cool though.

I didn't see him again once we got on the plane and then only for a few seconds back in England, as he brushed up against me when we were waiting for our luggage to come off the carousel. He put a crumpled ball of paper into my hand and was gone. On it was an E-mail address. I think I'm going to write to it and see what happens.



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