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At the Age of 22

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At the age of 22 I was training for a new job so I rented a room close to where I would be during those two months. I took room and board with a couple in their early 30's, Darren and Judy with no kids. They were both fun, fit and full of life with no hang-ups at all.

Within the first few days I learned they were very sexual people too. The first night I was sleeping early from the long day. The second night was a bit different. It was a Sunday and they made me a wonderful dinner. We ate and talked and got to know each other. The old house was not air conditioned and it was a hot time of the summer. Judy was wearing black sport shorts and a yellow muscle shirt without a bra. I could not help but notice her nicely shaped boobs, bigger than mine but still sat nice and high. Her nipples were pointing a bit upward which caught my eye as different.

After dinner we sat around on the back deck. The night air was very warm. Judy commented on how they liked to use their hotub on cooler nights and that I was welcome to use it any time. She then said with a smile that they don't usually wear bathing suits in the tub so don't be shocked and it is totally optional for me. Darren added 'no it's not' and that is why he made the deck so private then laughed. Judy then asked me with all joking aside, are you comfortable with that because we can always make sure to cover up when you are home. I did not want to sound like a prude and told them I was fine with nudity and not to change anything for me.

That was the end of the naked hotub talk. Judy began to tell me about when they moved in the house and about building the deck and hotub. As she talked my mind began to wonder thinking about being naked with this couple. I was feeling sexy knowing Darren would soon see my slim little body. I do like to show off my body and began to wonder what he will think. Some guys have told me my boobs are too small. I am a B cup but because I'm very slim I think they look nice and fit me well. Others have told me they like my boob size and that my extra long nipples look better than having big boobs. Either way I was looking forward to showing off my naked body and I also wanted to see both Darren and Judy too.

Later we went in to watch a movie before going to bed. I soon found myself saying I should get my things ready for the morning and said good night. I went back to my room to get things ready. The old house was warm inside even with the windows open. After a few moments I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror in the corner. I turned it so I could see myself better while walking around. I looked nice I thought then I began to strip off while watching my body in the mirror. I stood naked and turned from side to side. I straightened up and pushed out my boobs. Wow, they looked much bigger and so nice like that. I practiced walking and sitting and just keeping good posture while I was naked. I was amazed how good I looked just from changing the way I held my body. I decided this is how I will stand and walk from then on.

I was still admiring my body when Judy knocked on my door. I opened the door and peeked my head around the door to hide my naked body. Judy said 'Oh I'm sorry, I just wanted to tell you I laid out fresh towels and you could shower first if you like'. I thanked her and closed the door. I changed plans and went to the shower. We shared the very large bathroom across the hall from my room. I grabbed my shower things and walked into the bathroom without clothes. I was feeling horny loving my naked freedom that I didn't ever have at home.

After my shower I went back to my room. I soon heard the creaking floor in the hall and both Darren and Judy were going to shower. After they were done there was another knock on my door. It was Judy saying the night was cool enough and they were going in the tub. She said please join us if you like and if not have a great night. I thanked her closing the door. I thought to myself the night was still warm but I so wanted to show off my body and I was very horny at the time.

I took a moment and thought about how I should go down. Clothes on? Naked? I did not have a bathing suit. Judy was wearing a towel at my door so that is what I did. I went back to the shower and took my damp towel and wrapped it around my body. It cooled me right away and now I wanted the warm tub.

Down the stairs and out to the tub I went. Darren and Judy were already in and Judy apologized for not telling me where the tub towels were. She told me to throw the wet one in the door and grab a new one from the deck chest over in the corner of the deck. I could see they both had big white towels on the bench beside the tub. I thought to myself I'm going for it. I dropped my towel and tossed it inside then turned my nude body and with good posture tiptoed over to the deck chest to find a towel. I walked back and placed it neatly on the bench. I slipped one foot at a time into the tub then noticed it was very hot. I took that as the opportunity to sit with just my legs in saying it was very hot and I wanted to get in slowly. Darren smiled telling me to take all the time I wanted and Judy told him to shush up and I should ignore him.

I was really feeling good about that time. I never got the opportunity to be so free and naked ever before. Any time before I was naked with another guy was only if I was having sex. This felt so awesome to be nude with these people and to just enjoy myself.

I sat on the tub side for a few moments and I could feel my nipples growing long and hard. I was sitting with my new posture and when I glanced down my nipples looked like they would burst being out that far. I then slowly dipped into the water and it did feel good. Right after I was in Judy got up and sat on the tub edge to cool off a bit. I noticed she held the same posture I was with her boobs sticking out and I could not help but wonder if she always sat like that or was it because I did. Darren made a comment that we both must go to the same barber, referring to Judy having no pussy hair like me. Again he got a remark from Judy and she said I should ignore him although it was in fun.

When it was time to get out I was excited to see Darren naked and hoping for a huge erection. Once we were out I turned to see he was not hard like I hoped for. He did have a good size penis and it was maybe a quarter hard. I also noticed he did not have a ton of hair like some guys do. He looked trimmed and neat.

We went inside then to bed. I went in my room and dropped my towel to look in the mirror again. I sat on the bed and decided I would masturbate for a while to finish up the night. I reached over to my bag and took out my pocket rocket vibrator. I dipped my finger inside my body and found I was so very wet. I was reliving being nude with my new friends as I opened the small bottle of lube to coat my clit. I watched myself in the mirror with my legs open and gently began to apply the lube on my clit. I circled my clit with my fingers as I usually do. I like to have a few orgasms with my fingers then pump up the pleasure with my little vibrator. While I stroked my clit I looked over my body thinking this is what my friends saw earlier and how good I look. Right then I heard a noise. I stopped and listened then realized it was the sound of passion. It was Judy's voice. Their bedroom was two away from mine but the sound went through the heat vents very well. I went over to the vent which was in the wall at the floor. I laid down and put my ear to the vent. The sounds were like I was in the room with them. I could hear every moan of pleasure, every word, the squeak of the bed and even slapping sounds of bodies.

I got comfortable and listened while rubbing my clit. I had just found another wonderful new exciting sexy thing. I could tell by listening when Judy was getting her pussy fingered because she was very vocal. She would talk dirty and he was not saying a word. She told him to finger her harder and to rub all her pussy juice and so much more. It made me really hot and horny. When it got silent I could just hear his moans a bit then the odd sloshing type sound and I knew he was getting his cock jacked. Every now and then Judy would stop and I would hear things like 'do you like that? huh? Do you want me to jack that big cock harder'? Then it was quiet and I knew his cock was getting a good jacking.

I masturbated through about three good orgasms listening to them jack and finger each other then it got very loud when he entered her body. I think from the fast slapping sound that they must have been doing it doggy style. She was panting and talking dirty telling him 'fuck me hard' and 'stuff that big cock in me hard'. She was very very vocal. I then heard her saying 'you liked that skinny little body didn't you. Yes you like those nice long nipples. You want to suck those nipples don't you. You want me to suck them too don't you. Do you like that nice little bald pussy. I'll bet it tastes real good'. Wow! That changed how I felt. I knew it was just fantasy talk but it was very exciting to be a part of their sex and not even be in the room.

This went on for a while then she asked him to cum for her. The slapping sounds stopped and she went quiet while he began to moan. Soon I heard him cumming loud and she was moaning only. She must have got a nice squirting of his cum in her mouth. I wanted to be doing the same thing right then. That is the time I had another of my own orgasms. Hearing him cum and knowing she was getting a mouth full or warm splashing cum put me over the top.

That was our first night of getting to know each other very well and I knew them better than they knew me.

I have many more stories that must wait for now. I'll try to tell some of them soon although I can't tell all on here.

I hope you enjoyed the first one with me. Thanks, Tara.



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