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At Sixth Form

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This was two or three years ago in sixth form for me, and very, very hot


let me tell you a little of the background to this story. me and my girlfriend have been together for more than three years, and we're very much still in love. I don't honestly know of anyone else I'd rather look at, spend my evenings with or just want to hug and kiss every time I see her. we're at different universities across country, so it's not the easiest to stay in touch but we manage, and even flourish. this story is back from sixth form, so I guess it's part of our history

There's a year or so between us in age terms but two school years, so we kinda experienced each other's worlds, which brought us closer together.

We had an awards ceremony to go to for my sixth form, and it was very dull. I was sat there, in the theatre listening to our boring headteacher lecturing us in detail about the Honda car advert, the one where stuff rolls across the screen. I swear I was gonna fall asleep, but then I feel my girlfriends hand gently brush across my thigh.

suddenly I'm alert..

I turn to look at her, and she smiles. we're deeply in tune in the fact that we're both intensely horny at that moment. I move my hand to hold hers but instead she guides my hand in the dark to make contact with her very pert breast, and starts to move my hand with hers on her deliciously pert breasts. I slowly draw my hand away, and she gives me the look that says 'i want you, now, in this theatre.'

the lecture continues from this guy on stage, for whom nobody has any respect. I'm very hard by this point, thinking what we're gonna do when I get back to her home, but then my name is read out from a list, and I have to go and collect and award. I struggle to walk up to the stage with an erection, trying to conceal the bulge in my pants subtly. I accept my award graciously, and hobble down to my seat again.

as I sit down, she pulls me in for a passionate kiss, and whispers an idea into my ear. enthralled, I sit there, aching for the assembly to end.


eventually, we're milling around in the concourse, and she pulls me away from the crowd, up the stairs to the sixth form area, and in the dark, she pushes me roughly against the wall, and starts to grind my left leg with her warm, damp crotch. I can feel her heat through her jeans, and her breathing gets deeper and faster.

i undo the top of her jeans, putting my hand down past the boyshorts that look oh-so-fine on her bum, into the beautiful tangle of hair and onto her hot, moist lips. they were more than moist, more like a flood, and she moves her hips to take advantage of my fingers, her rock hard clit making contact with my fingertip, making her gasp. her kissing at this point is really intense, I really love her and I wanna get her off.

i slowly slip my middle finger into her, rubbing her front wall with my fingertip, but paying attention to her rock hard clit with the flat of my index finger. together we get into a steady rhythm and look into each others eyes and smile.

then I kiss her neck, biting it slowly but with passion, nibble her ear, and swirl my finger around her clit. I can feel her getting tighter, the orgasm building in her slowly.

she's getting to the edge, and put my mouth by her ear, and talk dirty to her, how I want my head between her legs, to imagine what I'm going to do to her once we get home and how much I love her.

This is enough to get her over the edge, and I hold her as she comes around my finger. I prolong her orgasm by slowly continuing, gently letting her come down. she holds me for a moment, unable to stand, and leans against the wall, sinking downwards to the floor. I sit down by her, and she looks and says 'We have got to get home. now!'

we gather our thoughts and belongings, and swagger down the stairs to the concourse, and thankfully no-one noticed our brief excursion upstairs. we catch a ride back to her house, and settled down for a very loving evening

(: I'm a gonna have to go and sort myself out, let's just say it's gonna be awkward to walk right now



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