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At School

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This was my first experience, and the best.


Being seventeen, I was a perpetually horny female - especially around Ben. Ben's a junior, and I'm a sophomore. I've wanted him since the first day I saw him.

He was the sexiest thing I had ever seen: tan and muscular since he worked for his dad's construction company. He had a southern drawl and blue eyes that made girls and guys melt. But I could never get his attention during class.

One day I was in the back room of our occupational ed class, organizing alone as I often do. It was hot, and I was only wearing a tank top. The sweat was beading on my neck, and I couldn't help but sit down and massage my breasts and chest.

I didn't hear Ben knock, I'm not even sure if he did. But I heard the door close, and I saw the shock on his face as he caught me pinching my nipples, watching them poke hungrily through my shirt. I made a vain attempt to cover up, and he started towards the door. But instead of leaving, he locked it.

'Hot, huh?' he said.

I just nodded, not sure whether he was referring to my current state or the air. He took off his shirt and revealed a perfectly flat stomach, with muscles that lead down to his groin. I traced them with my eyes as he came over to me, and then I was switched around on his lap.

I adjusted myself so I was facing him, and he kissed me, his tongue teasing my mouth and lips into a frenzy. He was so controlled, and I was going crazy trying to taste him. My pussy began to tingle and, nearly subconciously, I began to rock my hips. I soon felt him growing hard beneath me, and I pulled my shirt over my head.

His hands were on my breasts, then running down my stomach to my hips. He was slowly and lightly unbuttoning my pants while I struggled to get off his own. He lifted me up once we were out of them, and placed me backwards against him, legs spread wide. His hands reached down to my pussy and his fingers were sliding up and down my slit, drawing slow circles around my clit. He used his other hand and inserted one, then two fingers into me. I was going crazy, throwing my head back and trying to stay as quiet as possible.

My hips were spasming involuntarily, and he took his hand from my clitoris and led it to his cock. It was a little larger than normal, but was hot and hard. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but I gripped it hard and began moving my hand up and down his shaft. Within two minutes we were grinding against each other, bucking alternately into the other's hand.

Suddenly I had stars in my eyes and shuddered into the most blissful orgasm I have ever experienced. He came immediately after, with a soft grunt as he bit my neck. He kissed me on the lips once more before we cleaned ourselves up and went back to class. During the entire time we had spoken only a few words to each other, but since have been dating.

I still masturbate with him, and though it's amazing, the first time will always be in my mind.



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