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At My Mates Birthday Party

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The best birthday party ever and yes this really happened and we both still talk and get together occasionally and I told Vanessa about this site and she thought it would be a great idea to share our experiences with you guys.


At age 14 I was at my friends birthday party and he had invited this girl Vanessa I really liked. Vanessa was a popular girl, 14 with blonde hair and green eyes, she had decent sized boobs for her age and a cute ass. Just about every guy had a crush on her from school but rumour had it she had a thing for me, so as you could imagine I was really happy that my friend invited her.

Being a pool party everyone was in the pool and if not they were dancing as his parents hired him a dj. Of course most were drinking and everyone was having a real good time. For me things really got good when Vanessa got there and from memory she was wearing a white mini skirt and a pink singlet with a two piece bikini underneath.

Me and my mates were in the pool fooling around when Vanessa and her friends got in, off came there clothes revealing there bikinis and most of the guys just stopped what they were doing and had a good look. We all swam around and fooled around when the birthday boy and his girlfriend started making out as well of a few other guys with there girlfriends but I just couldn't get the courage to swim on over and talk to Vanessa.

Five minutes passed when Vanessa swam over to me and said hey, I said hey back and started with small talk and stuff when she came out and told me that she really liked me. Hearing it from her kind of made me freeze and didn't know what to say until she leant forward and started kissing me.

We were making out when I felt Vanessa's hand run down my chest to my stomach to the front of my shorts. I jumped a little at first as no one has ever touched me there before apart from my own hand of course. Worse thing was I thought is that we were in the pool and I was starting to get hard. When she noticed she started rubbing my dick through my shorts and really getting into it.

I opened my eyes just to make sure no one noticed what Vanessa was doing which it seemed no one did, Vanessa rubbed my dick for about 5 minutes when I told her I was going to cum and with that she sped up the rubbing and it was then I had cum in my shorts, my dick pulsated and very sensitive and I reckon I had just shot my biggest load yet. I come down from my orgasm and broke this kiss and smiled at her and she gave me a little wink and a smirk and kissed me again.

We kept making out when Vanessa grabbed my hand and guided it over her boobs which was amazing being the first time I had touched a boob. My hand continued down her stomach and into her bikini bottoms. I couldn't believe it, my first time on a girls pussy and I'm pretty sure she shaved as she was smooth down there. She placed my finger on her clit and with her finger on top she would guide me in circles around her clit.

I really and honestly couldn't believe I was making out with one of the hottest girls in our grade let alone having my hand on her pussy rubbing her clit. Luckily the music was loud as she was kissing me she started moaning a little bit. She took her finger away from mine and let me rub her clit all by myself. I would occasionally slip my finger down close to her opening at times and felt how wet she was and go back up to rub her clit.

It only took me about 5 minutes before she wrapped her arms around me tightly and really pushed her lips to mine as she started shaking and quivering all over. I just literally gave Vanessa an orgasm and it was my first time doing anything sexual with a girl. I pulled out my hand from her bikini bottoms and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug

I had another boner I mean who wouldn't considering I had my first orgasm from someone else, touched a pussy and clit for the first time and gave a girl an orgasm for the first time. We didn't do anything about it as after about 5 minutes or so of hugging and kissing each other I went and mucked around with my mates and Vanessa got out and went and got another drink before sitting with her friends.

We all had to get out of the pool and gather around the birthday boy for his birthday cake. We sang happy birthday grabbed a slice of cake and went back to our separate groups. Vanessa and I ended up dancing together a little bit later, and I finally asked Vanessa out and she said yes. We danced and kissed and hung out with our friends.

It was literally the best night and I owe it to my friend. Vanessa and I fooled around as in sexually quite a few times and it was about 3 months into our relationship when we lost our virginity to each other, that was also a great night.

Vanessa and I still talk and occasionally fool around and there are talks that we might give our relationship another go.

But if you want to hear more of our experiences please tell me and I will share more. Thanks for reading guys and happy masturbating.



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