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At Joe's Garage

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Unlike many of the stories here this really happened. Joe is my boss.


I work for Joe in the garage in the middle of town. It's a small shop in an old town and everybody uses us here. One day the mayor brought in his '86 Eldorado to have the rear transaxle overhauled. Because it was the mayor, Joe wanted to do the work himself. I said OK, if you want to. Joe usually doesn't do jobs like that and leaves them to me. But not this time.

Joe put the car on the lift and I went to work on a lady's Honda. I kept an eye on Joe partly to see if he was doing things right, but partly because I think he is sorta hot even though I'm not gay or anything. He's old enough to be my dad almost, and he has a kind of big belly. He has to keep pulling up his pants because they roll under his gut in the front and then dip below his ass crack in the back. When he sticks his arms up to work under a car on the lift I am always treated to seeing his hairy belly in the front and his tasty ass crack whenever he turns around.

I was into my job and I hear Joe curse. I look up and see that he took out the drain plug without having the drain pan ready, and warm 90 weight hypoid oil is gushing out of the transaxle into his face. He cursed shit and fuck, and it looked so funny that I started laughing so hard I dropped my tools.

'Help me out here you asshole!' Joe yelled, trying to stop the flow of oil with his hands, but it was no use! That stuff is thicker than black pancake syrup and smells really strong, if you've never seen it yourself. I grabbed the drain pan and ran over with it just in time to catch the last of the gear oil. Joe is standing there with it soaked in his hair and in his face and down his arms and all over his shirt and pants in the front.

Joe was cursing and saying shit, and I was just laughing. 'You dummy!' I said. 'You should've let me do that job. You don't know anything about the rear transaxle on a Caddy!' Actually, Joe was lucky that the Mayor lives close by, because if he had driven any distance before dropping off his car the oil would have been real hot and Joe would've gotten burned bad instead.

But the oil was just nice and warm and dripping and Joe looked so hot in a funny sort of way with it all over his face and front. 'Help me clean this up' he said and as he turned to walk to the sink he stepped right in it and slipped and fell right on his ass. I laughed again but when he turned around to stand up I stopped laughing and had to catch my breath because he looked so unbelievably hot with hot oil slathered all over his back and dripping down into his butt crack. His crack was so deep I could see it running down inside there and I imagined that it was probably dripping almost to his asshole.

I got a pile of rags to help clean the floor but I suddenly couldn't look away from Joe. His front was all soaked with the stuff and I could see the outline of his cock and balls as he moved around to try to clean the mess up.

'Let me help get it off of you first' I said to him, and I reached out with a clean towel to rub against his front. 'Knock it off' said Joe, and clean the floor up first. But once I had touched him I couldn't stop, and I reached around his back and stuck my finger right down his oily ass crack. He started to complain and yell, but then he stopped and stood still as one of my hands massaged his pants man-package and the other one slipped in and out of his hiney crack top.

'Just let me do it Joe' I said, 'It will feel so good and I want to help you.'

Joe is like any other guy, when his cock starts to get hard he stops thinking with his head and starts thinking with his dickhead if you know what I mean! I massaged his fat package through his oily pants, and I felt it get really stubby and hard. He's not gay but he moaned 'don't stop' and I had no intention of stopping!

I pushed up his droopy belly to get to his belt buckle, and when I loosened it his pants just burst open in the front and fell down onto the ground. Joe wasn't wearing any underwear, which I thought was really hot, and his cock was short and fat and stubby but very hard. It was about as big around as a beer can, but only about as long as my little finger. He had hair everywhere, in big black curly mounds and clumps. He looked so hot I thought I was going to come right there.

But I didn't. First I scooped up a mess of gear oil from the floor in my hands and I cupped those hands around his whole cock and balls. The warm oil flowed everywhere and covered his cock and matted up all his curly black hair. I was kneeling in the oil and Joe grabbed my head with his black slicked sticky gooey hands and pushed me towards him. I rubbed his short fat prick like it was my own, and Joe was just moaning 'oh shit oh god. Oh Frank.' I reached around to his ass crack and spread his checks with my slick oily fingers. As much as the oil smelled, I could still smell the funky odor of Joe's business from that morning and it turned me on because that's how a man is supposed to smell, to my thinking.

Suddenly Joe tensed up groaned as and gobs and gobs of thick yellowish white cum started spurting out of his prick as I rubbed even more. Joe's cum landed on top of the oil and looked really hot. I wish I could have tasted it but I know that Hypoid Oil is poison and I'm not stupid, so I didn't lick it up. I was so hot from what had happened I felt like my balls were going to explode!

Joe felt a little embarrassed, but he saw how I was scratching at my crotch to relieve the burning pressure that was building there. 'Let me help you' he said. And with his pants still around his ankles, he helped me unbuckle my belt and I pushed my pants down to my knees.

Like I said, Joe isn't gay either but he knows how to do a man right. He starting rubbing my stiff six inch prick with his oily hands coating it with the black goo. Then he reached over to the tool cart and scooped up a big gob of hand cleaner in one hand. Rubbing my cock with the other hand he plopped a big dollop of it on top of the end and smeared it around. The cleaner immediately started to dissolve the greasy oil and my cock was now coated with a new sloppy mixture that was thick and slippery and brownish-gray. Joe's hand rubbed back and forth on my cock and I almost lost it. The slippery mix splashed off his hands and dripped on the floor in big gray droplets, and now with each thrust of his fist I could see my cock getting clean and red as it emerged again and again from Joe's pumping fist. I couldn't take it much longer and in a few moments I started to get weak knees and groan and then my come welled up and started shooting just like the cleaner when you push the pump handle down over and over real fast. My spunk landed right next to his on the floor, and I was just shaking and cumming and spent.

I looked at Joe and he looked at me, and I think we were both not believing that this just happened because we are not gay and we have never imagined doing anything like this before (well, maybe I have) But we were a mess and our feet and pants were in the oil on the floor and we just looked down and wondered how we were going to clean up the mess and finish our work.

Just then the door opened and the mayor walked in! He was shocked when he saw us there with our cocks out, and he immediately knew what just happened. He was mad too because he thought we messed up his car, but Joe started walking towards him to explain and calm him down, the funny way you have to walk in little sliding baby steps when your pants are down around your ankles and the Mayor started laughing because Joe looked so funny. Then I guess he started to get hot too, because I saw the bulge growing in his suit pants, and I knew that we were about to have a threesome right there even though the mayor is not gay either. We did, and that's another story I can tell if anyone is interested.

I'm not gay, but at night I still always get hard when I am in my bed thinking about what happened at the garage that morning, and I jerk off thinking about it.



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