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At Camp

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This is a true story. Probably one of the best and most romantic nights of my life.

So I was at Bible Camp for the week, which for the record was an awesome time. I thought it would be super boring and all that but it wasn't. It was actually really fun and all that good stuff. Anyway, it was the last night and I really didn't want it to end. I planned to sneak out and stay up all night on the beach and wake up to the sun rising. It was perfect. Once I thought everyone was asleep, I crept out of my bed and started making my way to the door. I was almost there when someone grabbed my shoulder and was like, 'Where you going, James Bond'? I gotta admit, I was scared shitless. I slowly turned around, expecting to see a councilor, and was relived to see it was my best bud, we'll call him Mike. I took a deep breath and we went outside. 'What the FUCK are you doing scaring me like that?!?!' 'HAHAHAHA. You shoulda seen the look on your face. Priceless.' So we talked for a bit and told him my plan, and he decided to join me. 'But I'm only going til like midnight, one o'clockish, cause I'm not getting in trouble.'

So off we went to the Lake Front. It was a beautiful night; clear skies and no mosquitoes cause it was a fairly dry summer. We got down to the beach and made a small fire and just chilled. It turned out that a lot of people had the same idea as me. We were in a slightly wooded area by the beach so we made the fire a little bigger and all huddled around it. I honestly don't know why we made a fire because it was a hot night and the fire just made it hotter, but that fire would turn out to be my best friend later. Soon, I could see that everyone was sweating.

Mike decided to leave cause he was a worry wart and always played by the rules, and everyone else there was from the girls cabins. It got really awkward for a while cause they were just talking about fashion and make-up and boys. Oh joy. Then they decided to go for a swim and started to strip down to their bras and panties. I was totally spacing out and then next thing I knew all these girls were stripping. They looked at me and giggled. One of them, we'll say Jessi, who was also the hottest one and one of my best friends since like first grade said, 'What, never seen girls strip before'? and took off toward the lake, and the rest of them followed.

Not knowing how they would react to me following them in, I stayed behind. They splashed for a while and then all huddled together and giggled while looking at me. That was a red flag. I should have been prepared, but just sat there. Then they all charged my and dog piled on me. I was in heaven; seven half naked girls all piled on me. But then they started dragging me to the water, not good. I tried to get away, but the seven of them over powered me. In the lake I went, fully clothed and no spare cloths with me. Great. We played in the water and then went back to the beach. I undressed to my boxers and they all sarcastically Ooooooo-ed. Not to brag, but I looked good. 5-11, slightly tan, short blonde hair. I was starting running back on my football team, which is why I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't get away from seven girls.

We all sat and talked in our wet underwear, making more comments about sex. Then it turned into truth or dare. I was dared to dry my boxers. At first I was almost sticking my ass in the fire, then thought 'This is stupid' and just took them off and draped them over a stick over the fire. Not too long after we were all naked and having a blast. It was about four in the morning when they started going to bed. They all went back to their cabins except Jessi. She had the same idea as me, to say up all night. That's when things got interesting, as if they hadn't already.

We continued to play truth or dare, mostly truth, and the questions got more and more personal. I'd known this girl for about 10 years and realized how much I DIDN'T know about her. They went back to sex and I started to get a woody. She stared at it for a while and I asked her if she'd ever seen one before. 'Not until you took your boxers off,' and smiled at me. 'Can I touch it'? Oh sweet mother of God. Here I am, at Jesus Camp, and about to get my first hand job. 'U-umm-u-YA! Sure! I mean, that's cool. Whatever you wanna do.' She just laughed and started playing with my dick. She started rubbing the head and kept looking back up and me, smiling, asking if it felt good. I was in Heaven. She spit on my dick, which was like 6-7 inches, and I was like 'What? What is she doing?' Then her hand started sliding up and down the whole shaft. Oh. My. F*cking. God. After about two minutes of this I was already about to cum. Somehow, she knew, and slowed down and eventually stopped. She yawned and was like, 'Goodnight' and gave me a naughty look. 'Oh no, your not tired yet!' I stammered. 'Well if someone would help me wake up, maybe we could stay up longer,' and she spread her legs. She was neatly shaven and juice was just running everywhere. Keep in mind that I had never done anything like this before. the farthest I'd ever been was second base with one of my girlfriends. I think she could tell and kinda directed me as what to do. It was the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. AMAZING! I finished her and she finished me all over her chest. We went down and cleaned each other in the lake, which was useless cause we continued to do that for the rest of the night til morning. I asked her if she honestly has never done this before tonight. She responded, 'Ok, I lied. I've done this a couple times before, but never as good or romantic as tonight. We kissed and she fell asleep in my arms and in the morning we woke up to the sunrise.



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