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At Aunt's House

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This is my first story and it really isn't all that great. So please don't comment if you don't like it. It's all true though.


I have always been attracted to my aunt. She is rather attractive and is always open with me about nudity (probably because in my family I am the one everyone thinks of as innocent). She would often take her bra off in front of me showing her gorgeous breasts. She would undress completely in front of me and put her night clothes on. She didn't wear anything underneath her night clothes so I often saw her vagina when she laid just right on the bed. She used to bathe me and of course had to wash and handle my penis. When I turned about eleven or twelve she would get out baby oil for me when I would take a shower, and put it in the shower next to me. I think now she just wanted me to explore myself and enjoy myself, making sure I was maturing properly, though I didn't get it then.

The other day I went with my older brother to my aunt's house for dinner. My older brother and my uncle were watching a football game. I'm not a big fan of football so I watched some romance movie with my aunt. She was happy that I didn't mind watching romantic movies with her.

After a while of watching the movie my mind started wandering to, well, sex. It had been a while since I masturbated because I had been sick for a while before that night. I looked over at my aunt, and with my attraction to her, started getting rather erect. She looked away for a minute, and without thinking my hand would go rubbing myself through my pants. She looked over at me and next thing I know, she looked right at my hard penis through my pants.

My aunt saw I was rubbing myself and she looked at me and made a gesture as to keep going. With my uncle and brother in the other room I couldn't just pull it out. As I started rubbing myself again through my pants and breathing a little heavier, she looked at me with such a happy look on her face. I kept rubbing through my pants as she watched.

My breathing was getting rather heavy after about five minutes of this. I adjusted myself so I could do more of a natural masturbation position with my hand more around my penis. I started stroking faster. I was going to cum soon, but I didn't want it to end.

I glanced over at my aunt who now kept reaching in her shirt rubbing her breasts softly and discretely. I could see her nipples poke out. Just like I remembered them all those years ago. I looked over towards her crotch and saw a wet spot in her pants making an outline to where I could almost make out her vagina.

That pushed me over the edge. I ran into the bathroom, she followed (though I didn't know she did) to get the laundry. I pulled my penis out and stroked my penis and started ejaculating furiously over the sink. My aunt had seen me have an orgasm, which I never experienced an orgasm before, and she definitely saw the ejaculate in the sink. I cleaned up after myself, she gave me a hug and said she was so proud of how much I had grown up. She said how big I had become. The more I think about it, I'm sure she meant my penis, which is about eight inches long and six inches around. That is kinda small I thought, I don't know though, I've only seen my penis erect.

We left later that night and my aunt gave me a hug and kiss and said she really hoped to see me again. I don't know if I should try to do anything more with her or not? She isn't a blood relative of course. I still feel like it's wrong and I'm a bad person for any sexual activity I do (especially with her). I still have a strong urge to see if I can masturbate for her and watch her masturbate. Please respond with comments and tell me what you think. Like if I'm wrong for masturbating for her or if I'm dumb for all the penis size insecurities and guilt for masturbation.



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