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At a Swim Meet

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I was only 13, but an older boy had me in his sights.


My dad made me and my brothers swim everyday. It was our exercise. We swam on a swim team and went to a huge number of swim meets, mostly on the weekends. This story is about one swim meet where I had more fun out of the pool.

I was 13, I remember that I had just started to grow some pubic hair, but it was only a few wisps. This was back in the day when all the boys wore the really small speedos. I was no exception. All the kids who were not up in the pool swimming, we kept in the gym at the school where the meet was being held. At one point I remember needing to go to the bathroom, so I went into the men's room. It was empty, but another boy, older than me, came in right after me. I peed at the urinal, and put my cock back in my suit, when this boy moved over next to me and brushed his hand over the top of my suit. I don't know why I did not react to this touching.. but I remember it feeling pretty good... exciting ... tingly. He looked at me and I guess he felt that since he did not get a negative reaction from me, he would touch the front of my suit again. It felt great. As I remember, my heart began to race a bit. I know that I was getting excited because I was getting an erection. I had not masturbated at this point but knew that an erection was something that a guy needed to get for sex. I was a bit confused, but the guy made the touching feel so good. I was a little light headed.

He grabbed my arm and led me into the toilet stall. There he moved my suit down, exposing my penis for both of us to see. It was not only hard, it was bobbing up and down as my heart beat. He gently touched me exploring my head and balls. I know I was breathing hard. He then put my hand on his bathing suit and I knew he had an erection too. He pulled his suit down and I saw his penis - hard, erect and so much hair. I was amazed. Other than a couple glimpses of my father naked, and my brother I had never seen another penis. And I had only seen mine hard. His was so big. As he slowly ran his hand up and down my cock slowly (what I now know as jacking off) I felt wonderful. He put my hand back on his penis and moved it up and down slowly showing me that he wanted me to do the same to him... Which I did. he clearly liked this too. As he jacked my cock I moved my hand on him and his breathing got faster and faster as well as his movements on my penis. I remember how great it felt. I remember the build up feeling like I had to pee, even though I had peed only a few minutes before. I moved my hand faster and faster on his cock .... and all at once it shot out this white stuff. I had never seen cum before. He kept moving his hand on my cock, and I then felt I could not control myself any more. My cock throbbed or spasmed. I did not shoot any cum that time - or at least I don't remember it... but it felt great. The best feeling ever.

The guy pulled up his suit. went out of the stall, washed his hands and I heard the door close. I sat there for a minute or so, feeling amazing, a little scared and drained of energy. I then got up and washed the cum that had dribbled onto my fingers.

From that day on I have masturbated and felt that - but only rarely have I had that big an orgasm. This was the only time I have ever had a male-male experience.



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