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At a Lecture

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This is a true event that happened at a lecture yesterday morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and she did!

It was a really boring lecture, and as it was not a compulsory one there weren't as many people there as there often was. I was sitting on a row at the side of the auditorium, high enough up that you could daydream peacefully. The only other person around me was a girl on my row, but sitting a few spaces along. She had come in after me, so I was between her and the wall, meaning that I couldn't get out of the row without going past her.

Not that I wanted to leave, as she was quite attractive. She had to be my age, 20/21, and was quite short, with long brown hair. Her face was fairly pretty, but the she was the sort that you wouldn't really know what she really looked like until she took a lot of the make-up off. However, she had a great body. She was small, but curvy, with her pert round breasts and great cleavage prominent in a tight low-cut t shirt. They weren't huge, but a nice handful, the sort you'd look twice at if you know what I mean. She was wearing very short tight denim shorts that showed off her sexy legs, which were beautifully smooth and tanned and toned.

All in all she was definitely attractive, which kinda put me on edge as I am not good with pretty girls. It's not that I'm particularly bad-looking (I'd say fairly average, tall, very slim, brown hair and eyes), it's just that I get awkward and uncomfortable when confronted with a pretty face and/or a sexy body. Being a single horny young guy I obviously kept snatching glances, but early on in the lecture I caught her looking at me, so I stopped, embarrassed, and concentrated on the work.

However, a while into the lecture, about 10 minutes after she caught me looking, I heard her phone go off. Not a ring tone, but the buzzing of it on vibrate. I ignored it at first, expecting her to stop it, but it carried on. I looked over, and was slightly surprised to see that she did not seem to notice or care that her phone was vibrating. The vibrating continued, loud and forceful enough that I could hear from several seats away but not so that anyone else noticed. I don't know what setting she had it on, whether it was a call waiting or an alarm or what, but it had been buzzing for well over a minute or two now, and it was starting to irritate me.

I looked over again, hoping to give her a sign to stop it, when I noticed that the phone was resting in a very provocative place. It was cradled between her legs as she sat, right in her crotch. She was listening to the lecturer and writing as normal, but my dirty mind began wondering if she knew what she was doing, and what it felt like, having it buzzing against her there. As I mentioned, she was wearing very tight shorts, so the phone would have been vibrating very close to her pussy, only through the material of her shorts and panties.

Then she squirmed in her seat a bit, with a small sigh or moan, and crossed one of her sexy legs over the other, so that now the phone had almost disappeared from my view, sandwiched as it was between her thighs and now even more pressed against her crotch. I was dumbstruck, this pretty girl was actually getting off during a lecture, and only a few seats away from me! Naturally I began to harden, and soon, to the sound of her vibrations, my cock was soon pressed hard against my jeans.

This had been going for several minutes now, I've no idea what was going on in the lecture, I was totally focussed on her and she seemed to be getting really into it. She squirmed in her seat several times, rocking back and forth or squeezing her legs together, rubbing and jamming her makeshift vibrator against her cunt. I noticed that she had stopped writing, and her legs were tensed up pressed together and her toes were clenched (I could see her bare feet as she had kicked off her shoes earlier). Her face was definitely more flushed than it had been at the beginning of the class, and she spent more and more time with her eyes closed. She also began biting her lip slightly, only stopping to let out a small sharp breath.

I could tell by the way her chest moved that her breathing was changing, her sexy breasts rising and falling quicker, and she was wriggling and writhing in her seat quite a lot. The phone had now disappeared from my view, I can only imagine where it was. After several minutes of phone masturbation I could sense that she was close to orgasm, and I was rock hard myself. I had been rubbing slightly through my jeans, but discreetly, and I really didn't want a massive cumstain on the front for all to see.

Eventually she came. Her whole body convulsed slightly a few times in her seat, and she let out a tiny high pitched squeal and a moaning release of breath as she orgasmed, which she covered up as a cough. Her whole body relaxed from its tension, and she bowed her head as she caught her breath. She stuck her hand in between her legs, and kept it there for a while (I couldn't see if she was moving it or doing anything with it), before pulling out her phone. Amazingly it was still vibrating, although she turned it off as she put it on the desk. As she was regaining her composure she glanced over at me, and yet again caught me looking (well, staring open mouthed really!), so I turned away again. I didn't see if she noticed the giant bulge in my jeans, that she had caused.

Because of the erection I waited until she had left the lecture at the end (which was only a few minutes afterwards) before packing up my things and leaving. As I walked along the row and past her seat I'm sure I could smell something in the air, and as I was walking I placed my hand on the seat where she had been sitting. It was very warm and, did I imagine it, slightly damp? I live on campus, only a few minutes away, so I quickly got home and jerked off over what I had just witnessed, resulting in a great orgasm and a massive load, that I wish she knew she had caused.

I've obviously thought about the events of yesterdays lecture almost constantly since, and keep coming to the 'what ifs'. What if I had let her know that I knew and could see what she was doing? Would she have carried on, and masturbated in front of me? She certainly knew I had been looking at her anyhow-did she want me to see? Should I have done the same, and started wanking under the desk? No-one would have seen, apart from her-maybe she'd have liked it, someone as freaky and horny as her. It could have been the start of something beautiful...ah well.



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