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Ass-Stretching Methods

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I've been into stretching my sac for many years, but ass stretching has been my favorite for only 6 or 7 years. Yes I've got it pretty big by now.
The method I started with was basically just anything that would fit in. You can imagine fruits, veggies, bottles, and homemade items, all warm and ready for play. An old favorite was as simple as an apple. With this I would get it in and on all four ass in the air, I would bounce it in and out with my hand making a kind a bye-bye motion. It was great fun!
Then I moved on to 'bigger and better' things. I found that hard surfaces and rigid items are not as ass-friendly as softer, more flexible items. It is only natural that soft things will be more enjoyable.
Foam pipe insulation. Various sizes and densities make it ideal. I was practicing with a small diameter and was not getting the 'stretch' I desired, so I simply folded it over once to increase the size. Playing with this for a while wasn't cutting it either so one more fold was so intense.
Now, while in the shower I soap up my hand, front and back and my ass and start with four fingers in my ass then my thumb and then when up to my knuckles I curl my fingers over my thumb making a fist. Rather than reach around my backside for this I find greater penetration is achieved when I have a foot up on the edge of the tub and I come at it more from the side. Putting my elbow into the corner of the walls gives me the leverage I need to bury my hand up to my wrist. Sitting down on the back of my hand/arm does wonders as well.
All these methods were stretching both my anal entrance and inside.
Lately, I've been focusing on stretching only the entrance of my ass. I have been doing this by sitting with my asshole just over the front edge of the seat, reaching around I spread my cheeks apart wiggling down to find a comfortable spot, and with some lube on my middle and ring fingers I dip them in and out and all around to maximize lubrication spread. I stretch by pulling up on my hole with fingers curled just inside the rim, rocking side to side on the seat is intense as is rocking forward, kinda bucking with my hips, all the while stroking my cock of course!
Last nite, found something new. with a swollen anus I squatted down pushed out like I was havin a crap. and reached around and just grabbed all that was hanging and kinda pulled on it and massaged it all between my thumb and forefinger. Unreal!
I hope everyone who is in to anal adventures like myself can benefit from me sharing these methods.
I will write again and tell of my self-coitius and ball-coitius. PS Do Not Put breakables in any hole!



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