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Aspen Fun

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During this past spring break I went on a trip with a couple friends to Aspen. The friend I stayed with has a hot tub that needless to say we used a lot. My friend, Marc and I along with Marc's dad were the only ones in the house, except for the daily appearences of Karen. We were friends with Karen as kids, but she no longer goes to school with us. Anyways, Karen is very hot, plain and simple. She is a slim probably 5' 6' or 5' 7' blonde girl. She has an amazing ass and big B to small C breasts. Sounds pretty good huh? Well Marc and I think so. Both Marc and I are no stranger to girls, and both of us flirt with her a great deal. He and I are great friends, (meaning its not a big competition) which makes for even more fun! Every night after skiing we would get in the hot tub, a few times with just underwear on... This obviously just lead to more flirtation. Generally there is no clear choice that Karen has made between the two of us except for once...

That once was on the second to last day when Karen sat on my lap while we were chillin' in the hot tub. I thought of it as our normal flirtation, well I thought that at first, then I felt her hands moving up and down my stomach (I have a six pack) and towards my cock. I thought I would do a little feeling up of my own at that point putting my right hand in between her thighs and my left on her ass. Once I did this she turned towards me and smiled. Remember this is all going on in front of my oblivious friend. as her hand moved around my stomach it moved closer to my cock over my athletic shorts. She wanted to get a better feel so she reached to turn on the jets and moved next to me. as she did I said, 'go lower under the water.' She did and I reached around her back and undid her bikini top. I started to massage her tits and inner thighs while she grabbed my now growing cock over my shorts. She knew she was getting me hard so she pulled down my shorts and for the first time grabbed my rock hard 7' cock. as she did this I slowly and lightly rubbed her pussy. She again looked at me and said 'You should do it!' This was timed perfectly as Marc was telling me I should play varsity baseball. I knew that's not what she was talking about so I pulled down her bikini bottom and she gave me some room to play with her soaking (obviously) wet, tight pussy. She slowly started to moan and play it off as 'OOOOOMG' 's and 'WOOOOOW!' 's.... little does Marc know... Meanwhile I was in ecstasy as she, now faster, worked my hard cock with her magical hands. As she began to go faster I slipped two fingers in her virgin cunt. She let out a loud moan and Marc cried out, 'What's wrong with you today!?' She tried to say, 'Tanner stepped on my foot' as I began to vigorously finger fuck her. I told her to hold off on my cock because I didn't want to cum in the hot tub. But I wasn't as worried about her orgasim. I kept at it and found her g spot, I knew this because she grabbed my arm with incredible strength and quickness (she also has a thing for arms) and put her head under the water to stifle the scream. As she came up Marc said he was going to go inside. This was amazing news as you can't see the hot tub well from inside the house. Once he got in Karen and I became very intense. we turned off the jets and for the first time during this whole event saw each other naked. I added my other hand to her clit and within moments she came for her first time! She bucked and screamed and moaned with intensity as I kept finger fucking her. I then stood up and she sat on the edge of the tub out of the water and stroked my throbbing cock, it didn't take very long for me to cum. 6 or 7 ropes shot out of my cock and landed on her tits and stomach. As they did my knees buckled and she stared with amazement at how much cum came out of me. We cleaned up and I said, 'I think we should do this back home in the summer, with our bodies visible, don't you?'

She responded with, 'Absolutely. I can't wait to see your big cock again Tanner. And I think I'd like to see it in more places then my hand.' Too bad I won't be able to tell you guys about that, sorry.

I'm going to go masterbate.. hope you do too.



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