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Asian Step-Mother

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After my mother passed away, my father remarried a younger lady (20-years-old)from Thailand. She is much closer to my age being only 10- years older.

We live about 500 miles apart so do not see each other all that often, but over the course of the last 10 years we had become very comfortable with each other. It was not uncommon for me to see her topless and having the huge boob fetish I have it was an awesome treat although there had never been anything more. I just wished she had bigger boobs, but I was very happy with what she had.

Once while visiting us, everyone was in the family room talking and watching TV, except for her as she had gone to bed early. I went out to the kitchen for something and was surprized that she was also out there. As she walked passed me, for an unknown reason, I reached out and grabbed her tit over her nightgown. I don't know who was more shocked her or me... she jumped and at the same time, so did I. I guess I was startled by her reaction. I thought,'ahhh damn...now I am going to hear it.'

The next morning, we were standing next to each other and were alone. She took my hand and placed it on her tit and shook her finger at me as in saying 'No'. I just massaged her tit a little more then and subsequently reached up grabbing her other tit. She didn't say anything at that point.

During that visit I had the opportunity to repeat that event quite often and but nothing was said. I figured this was great... I even took her bare breasts into my hands and enjoyed every minute of it.

On a subsequent visit to their house, my father was running an errand somewhere. I took my morning shower and was very open about walking back to my bedroom completely nude. She was nowhere in sight as I had hoped. She had not seen my cock as yet. I closed the bedroom door but not all the way. I left it ajar about two or three inches, figuring she'd be coming down the hall way fairly soon. I positioned myself so that I could be seen through the door openning and began to masturbate. I got it hard and sat there lightly stroking it keeping it hard.

My efforts were finally rewarded as she started down the hallway. Even to my suprise, the door flung open and there I was, stroking. Not knowing how she would react, I acted shocked at first and tried covering my hard cock with my hand, although it was very obvious what I was doing. She stood in the doorway and made no effort to leave, but just stood there looking. After what seemed to be a few minutes, but in reality was only a few seconds, I began to relax and slowly started stroking again.

She watched in amazement and just stared at me. As I started stroking faster she came closer to me and finally standing right next to me. I had never jacked off in front of a woman before this and was so wet and hard. I started moaning a bit and she then took the towel that was from my shower and held it up in front of my cock for me to cum in. What an explosion I had.

We subsequently repeated that scene a few times over that visit and she even started stroking me. At one point she asked, 'Why you do that?' I just responded that 'I like it and it feels great.' She then told me that my father had no interest in sex any longer (he is in his 80's) and she has done without it for several years now.

We have done this many times over the years now and have even gone much further than this in our relationship. She will now grab my cock any where she can when we won't be seen. We have taken showers together and are completely open with each other.

Sometimes in the evenings, again with no one around, she will sit in front of me watching TV and will reach up and take my cock out of the side of my loose sleeping shorts. She will get me hard and then just sit there holding my erect cock and watch TV, gently rubbing it on her cheek.

It has been a very enjoyable experience. Just wish I could see more of her. Always look forward to visits.



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