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Asian Splendor

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I was sitting in the small, dimly lit room, still in my boxer shorts, wondering what the hell I was thinking.

It was only an hour ago that Ryan had suggested this place. Josh and I were bored. There was nothing else to do. We agreed. It's funny, because Josh had no idea what he was getting into. But I knew all too well.

The woman at the front of the Asian spa was old, and fat, and very unattractive. But she was great at getting you to pay. 'House pay! House pay!' she yelled, over and over, before I finally handed her a wad of bills I knew I'd never see again. This massage better be worth it, I thought.

I was sitting on this small table, made up more like a bed, still in my boxers, waiting nervously. The door opened, a beautiful young Asian girl, no older than I, stepped in, smiling. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and thong, her body looked smooth and silky and she had curves in all the right places. She looked at me, still wearing my boxers, and smiled again.

'First time,' she inquired. I nodded, and she smiled again. 'Take all clothes off,' she instructed. I swallowed hard. In all my eighteen years, I had never been naked in front of a woman, at least not one I had never met before. I stood up, took a deep breath, and dropped my shorts. The girl held up a towel. I stepped closer, and she wrapped it around my waist.

'You take shower,' she told me. She opened the door, and I followed her down the hallway, to a small bathing room. In it was a small padded table. She motioned towards the table. 'Lie down here. Face down.'

She took the towel, and I quickly lay down on the table, hiding my penis, still embarrassed with my nudity. I heard a faucet running. Next I felt warm water flowing over my backside. Then her hands rubbing soap into my skin. I started to relax until her hand found its way into my butt crack, reaching down to touch my balls. My dick started to stiffen. I became more excited than nervous. I knew then all of the rumours I had heard about these places was true. She finished scrubbing me, rinsed the soap off, then stood back. 'Turn over,' she instucted.

I breathed deep again, and turned over, my front completely visible, my dick half erect. She did the same thing again, rinsing me with water, scrubbing my chest and stomach with soap, going down my legs, then she came back up, and started scrubbing my dick. But while her movements before had been slightly rougher, she now scrubbed with a lighter touch. It wasn't long before I had a full blown erection.

She rinsed me off again, then told me to stand up. She took a towel and dried me, then wrapped it around my waist again and led me back to the room. Once there, she told me to lay down naked on the table, which I happily obliged. She shut the door, dimmed the lights, then came in close to my face.

'What do you want to do?' she asked naively, I answered 'What do you mean?' She smiled, obviously amused. 'Do you want me to jerk you off?' I tried my best to hide my surprise, to act cool. 'Sure.' She leaned in closer. 'Fifty dollars.'

I reached over to my pants, pulled out my wallet, and handed this girl the last of my cash.

She placed the money next to the door, then turned back to me, slowly pulling off her bikini top and dropping it to the floor, then doing the same with her thong. Her body was incredible. Ample sized breasts, with a natural sag to them. Soft looking belly. Neatly trimmed pubes. She was gorgeous. She walked over to the table, completely naked, and said 'turn around, sweetie.'

I did as instructed, my dick now completely hard. She started licking my nipples while her hand massaged my balls, and soon started caressing my dick. I reached over and felt her breasts, running my hand up the length of her body, her skin as silky as I imagined. Her hand began pumping away at my hard on, still licking my nipple, though now she was biting also. My hand moved down her back, to her bare butt, and I started squeezing her butt cheek. It became too much for me to take, and I told her 'here it comes!' She aimed my dick towards me, and soon I squirted cum all over my belly. She smiled at me and cleaned it up, then helped me dress. She kissed me on the cheek before leading me to the front door.

Since then I have experienced this Asian splendor a few more times. Though I haven't been there in ages, I often think about the place when I masturbate.



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