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Asian Massage

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Several months ago I stopped at a local spa for a massage. I was greeted by a beautiful asian woman who took my payment and led me to the back locker room to shower and change. The place was not fancy but seemed clean. After showering I went to my assigned room, took off the robe provided and got under the sheet on the table. Shortly, another asian woman came in and introduced herself as Elise. She was not as beautiful as the owner but quite pretty, with long black hair. She looked to be around 30.

The massage started with me on my back. Elise was well trained and the massage was very relaxing. When she got to my legs, her hands ran up into the crack of my ass and lightly touched my balls. I started to get an erection and I could feel the pre-come start to drip. After turning over, she again worked on my legs and her hands lightly touched my balls. When the hour was over, she said the time was up. I sheepishly asked her if she massaged here, pointing to my wet dick. She looked funny at me and said in a thick asian accent 'you come back, I take care of you'.

I was disapointed nothing was going to happen, but was also so relaxed from the massage, that anything sexual was not needed. The massage, even though she never touched my dick, was still very erotic and I went home and jerked off immediately.

Several weeks later, I went back to find out what she meant by taking care of me. I was soon to find out.

The same scenario repeated itself with the owner checking me in. Elise started the massage the same way as last time only when she started massaging my legs, her hands reached directly into the crack of my ass, up under my balls and grabbed my dick. She then told me to turn over. When I did, my dick was hard as a rock and making an obvious tent against the sheet that was covering me.

She went over to the light and dimmed it very low so the room was nearly dark. She came back over to the table and stood directly behond my head. She pulled down her shirt and bra and stuck one of her breasts in my mouth as she reached over to massage my chest, stomach, pubic area and down to my aching cock and balls. As she was jerking my hard cock I continued to suck on her very hard nipples. Her breasts were small but nicely shaped and the nipples were long and soft to the touch but became hard after sucking on them. She started to moan and suddenly stopped. She got up, went over to the door and covered the peep hole with oil so no one could watch from outside the door. She motioned for me to come over to her. I was naked of course and still had a raging hard-on. When I got to her, she pulled down her pants and then her panties and was standing there with her shirt and bra pulled up and her pants and panties pulled down. I could not believe what was happening.

With her back to the door and leaning back against it, I knelt down and slowing began exploring her lower body with my hands. Her body was beautiful with white skin, well defined and somewhat muscular legs, a tight ass and a neatly trimmed pussy with just a thin line a pubic hair. As I kissed her all around, I lightly played with her ass, her legs and up to her pussy. I reached around from the back and stuck my finger up into her pussy. She was very wet and obviously excited. I stood up and with one hand playing with her nipples, used the other to play with her clitoris. She reached down and grabbed my dick which was slippery from the oil and the pre-come flowing out of it. She came quickly and pumped my cock until I exploded all over her hands and leg.

She quickly cleaned up and I went back on the table to finish the massage, or so I thought. She again stood behind me and lowered her shirt and bra again and stuck one of her nipples back into my mouth. Even though she had just come two minutes ago, she was still very turned on. I sucked on one nipple and played with the other one with my hand. She began kissing me with deep, wet French kisses and reached over to play with my cock again. In a short period of time, she started breathing hard and came again. Within a period of about five minutes, she came twice.

I thought this would be the end of it, but she started back again. I have never really experienced a multi-orgasmic woman, but Elise was just unbelievable. She came two more times with me sucking on one nipple and playing with the other. In about thirty minutes time, she had come four times.

Finshing up the massage, she was working on my legs with me on my back. Her hands ran up my legs and up to my balls and my cock. She grabbed my cock and was pumping up and down, when she again moved over to the door and motioned for me to join her. She again pulled up her shirt and bra, and dropped her pants and panties. As before, with her leaning up against the door, we mutually masterbated each other until I came for the second time and she came for the fifth time.

Over the course of an hour and one half, I got a great massage, came twice and watched her come five times. The most incredible sexual experience I have ever had. She definitely did 'take care of me'.

The last thing she said to me as I left was 'I miss you already'. I can't wait to go back.



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