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Asian Guy Caught by Blonde

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Here is another true story. See also my first post from a few years ago. If you like it comment and I'll put up a few more of my experiences.


A few years ago I was seeing a very pretty petite blonde, Yvette. This would probably just be another plain vanilla 'getting caught' story except that I'm an Asian guy who gets turned on only by Caucasian girls.

We met at a party and immediately hit it off, it turns out Yvette had a thing for Asian guys. Within weeks we were regularly having sex and soon after she moved in with me. I won't elaborate about the sex since this site is about masturbation. Suffice to say we were like rabbits in heat.

As we started experimenting and diversifying our routine, I discovered she was very inhibited about solo masturbation although she did not mind as much when I got her off either with my fingers or with a toy. This was slightly disappointing as my biggest turn on is watching a pretty white girl bring herself to a strong solo orgasm. The strange thing was that Yvette wasn't inhibited about spreading her legs wide and letting me play the gynecologist. However, she preferred to keep the lights romantically low, so I never really got to see her private parts in the greatest clarity. Yvette's resistance to self pleasuring I think had something to do with her religious upbringing.

I have had a very high sex drive since young. Cumming once a day just isn't enough. Our work schedules were such that Yvette was already out the door by the time I had to start getting up. Being incredibly horny in the morning, I began a routine of masturbating every day after she had left for work. Sometimes I would just fantasize about the sex we had the night before, sometimes my mind would wander back to previous encounters. Usually I would grab a pair of Yvette's unwashed panties out of the wash hamper and breathe in the musky scent of her sex while I held my throbbing cock and pumped it hard. I loved the smell of Yvette's pussy. I had been with enough white women and one Asian by then to know that they all smelled different. Yvette's pussy was my all time favorite. It was musky and sexy yet never bad smelling. When I was in a hurry, sniffing her panties and picturing Yvette's open pussy lips could get me off in just a few minutes.

We always slept completely naked, so it was an easy thing to throw back the covers grab my cock and start stroking. If I was careful my sperm would shoot out and land on my chest where I could easily clean up.

On this fateful day, Yvette was at work and I began my usual routine. I was on my back completely uncovered. The crotch of Yvette's latest used panty was pressed to my nose and I was pumping away on my cock when I heard the bedroom door. My eyes flashed open. Yvette stood there her hand to her mouth in her grey business suit. Her blonde hair was pinned up conservatively and her bright blue eyes glittered with amusement as she surveyed the scene. She had seen me naked before of course but never like this. I was embarrassed, but felt something strangely guilty and erotic about the situation. I had stopped in mid stroke but even so I could feel my cock stiffen harder under my hand and I nearly ejaculated.

'So this is what you do after I leave for work.' She finally said. I managed a sheepish grin. 'We, keep going.' She said, enjoying my embarrassment and making no indication whatsoever that she was going to leave. She eyed her panties on my nose and I saw a glimmer of satisfaction when she surmised that I had been fantasizing about her and not someone else. My embarrassment was starting to win over my arousal and I could feel my cock start to soften. Yvette noticed and purposefully strode up. She lifted one leg and put one of her heels on the bed above my face to reveal her panties and inner thighs. I could see the beginnings of a wet patch in the crotch area. She teasingly pulled it aside to reveal pink lips surrounded by a neatly trimmed bush of blonde hair.

One of the things I loved most about Yvette was that she was a true natural blonde. Only two of the several blondes I had met so far actually had blonde pubic hair. My cock instantly hardened again and I started to pump slowly. I could see Yvette's gorgeous eyes riveted to my engorged dark penis. I decided to really give her a show, but I was so close to cumming I knew I had to take it easy and I kept my pumping at a slow pace that kept me just at the edge. Yvette realized I was trying to delay. She wanted to see me finish off so that she could get back to work. Knowing my weakness, Yvette parted the lips of her pussy with her fingers. Then she shifted position so that her pussy was only inches from my face. I could see the inside of her pink pussy in greater detail than ever before. A drop of milky liquid dripped out onto my face and I smelled the delicious musky scent of her sex.

I had to stop moving my hand as I was going over the edge. I didn't want to cum yet. 'Keep going' Yvette commanded. I obeyed and started to pump my cock again. It felt harder than I could ever remember it. I could see Yvette's fingers start to move a little on her pussy. I guessed that her arousal was starting to break down her inhibitions about self stimulation. That thought pushed me over the edge. Nothing in the world could stop my orgasm now. Striving to make to most of what was now inevitable, I quickened the pace and let out a long stream of cum that miraculously missed hitting Yvette's office clothes.

Even after the initial spurt, I kept pumping away, I was so turned on I felt a second smaller spasm then a string of tiny ones. To this day I think that was the best masturbatory orgasm I've ever had. I was now completely spent, but still enraptured with the blonde goddess squatting over my face. I grabbed Yvette's tight butt and awkwardly pulled her down. However, her preference had always been for having orgasms during intercourse.

There was no time for this and she reluctantly pushed herself up. She had only come back to pick up some files for a presentation she was giving in half an hour. She grabbed some tissues wiped her pussy then smoothing down her clothing she kissed me said 'Tonight!' and hurried out the door.

This is completely true except for names and a few minor alterations to protect identities. I have many more true stories about me and white girls. If you like to hear more please comment and I'll write them down and post them.



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