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Ashley III

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Ashley III

One day Ashley's mother sent Ashley over for a can of mushroom soup. Ashley walked, since it's only a few blocks. I waited for her, looking out all my windows, looking for any sign of her arrival. When I saw her, I wasn't disappointed. Ashley was wearing one of her short skirts, exposing two smooth, petite legs that led straight up to a nice, tiny round ass. 'Mushroom soup?' she asked. I handed her the soup, unintentionally blocking the doorway as if I didn't want her to come in. She pushed past me and saw my computer and made a bee line to it to check her my space site. In trying to get on the internet, Ashley noticed some of the sexy sites I visit from time to time, like Solo Touch. I am thankful she didn't think to read any of the stories. It's a good thing I forgot to index them, link to them, whatever. She may have found one of my other posts and that would have been awkward. It might have been cool. I don't know.

Ashley quickly skipped away from the naughty sites, but she smiled at me all the same, like she'd caught me in a big deal. To me, it wasn't. I look at porn. I read masturbation stories. So what? Yeah, it was a little embarrassing to have someone laugh at you like that. Then she turned to me and was like a whole other person. 'I want to give you a blow job.' Wow! I could feel my dick jump. Oh my God! 'Really?' I said, trying to sound unaffected by her words. Ashley leaned up next to me and that made me shake. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to loose my friends, her parents. Then she began to rub me through my pants. 'Ooops,' she said, 'what's this in here?'

Just then the phone rings and it's her mother. 'Tell her to hurry up. She's still got to take out the trash and vacuum.' The sound of Ashley's mother's voice on the phone made me go limp from fear. Mother's instinct and all. I pulled away from Ashley, who only leaned in closer and she pleaded, she said: 'Please.'

'No, no. You have to go home. Ashley, I think you're very pretty, but your mom is expecting you. I have to do some dishes.' She gave my crotch one more squeeze, but it was still dead. I was shaking now. I wanted to be alone. Ashley left, but not before giving me the most passionate kiss I think I ever had. She put her hand up her skirt and then she had me smell her fingers. 'You did that to me. You always do that to me. I wish you would come over more.'

After she'd gone, I wanked it like a horny monkey. When I came, I was sore, but I squirted out a lot of juice and it was all due to Ashley. It wasn't too long before I'm on the phone to see if I can go over there for a good game of Monopoly and some brewskies. Another trip to the bathroom, another wank? That sounded cool, considering Ashley might be there doing homework and I might get lucky enough to see her running across the hall in her bra and panties. It would probably never happen, but I was always hopeful because I was only then realizing I wanted her in the worst way. She'd lit a fire she could not possibly understand at her tender young age. Still, I was attracted to the prospect of exquisite disaster like a moth to a flame. I would go over there, pull the same shit, maybe see something, get to say something, whisper something that would set the wheels in motion. I had to do it undercover. I had to be sneaky. I had to tell Ashley that I wanted her to give me that blow job, but one word goes flying off to the wrong ears and I'll be dead meat. What to do? What to do? I had only to throw on my coat and walk a few blocks to find out if I was man enough to accept the girl's invitation, or be an even bigger man and do nothing at all, pretend it never happened. If anything happened, it wouldn't matter. Ashley was college bound and would forget all about me. What's the harm in a little fun?

As I walked to my friends' house, I thought about Ashley. I thought about getting caught. I thought about my power to just say no, like Nancy Reagan used to say. As usual, Ashley was excited about something, or she'd had too much coffee, because she was running around talking her head off, wiggling that sweet ass every chance she got and no one knew. I tried hard not to notice, but that was next to impossible. Her parents had to go out and buy her something, I think it was a CD, or else the world would come to an end. The parents asked me if I wanted to come and I said no, I would have a beer and watch the tube. 'How long could it be?'

'Oh, a few minutes, a half hour, I don't know. Ashley, why don't you stay here and do your homework? Don't get into trouble. Dan, you know where the beer is. Help yourself.'

No sooner than the parents left that Ashley appeared in a bra and panties. 'You like?' She asked. 'I do. I like.' She sat down next to me and with her right hand she rubbed my dick through my pants. 'I want to see it.' I took it out and showed her. She said it was her first, except for her brother's. I asked about that and she wouldn't elaborate. I took her little hand and put it on my dick. I moved her hand to show her how to jack it proper and that was that. She picked it right up and she had me coming in no time. I got it all over my jeans and my legs. She squealed with delight, before offering to get a paper towel and I said no. I pulled up my pants, sperm and all, and I re-did my fly and belt. After that, Ashley ran to her room and I followed, sort of sneaking, wondering, checking, being nosey. This time I saw her on her bed, legs spread, and she was rubbing and flicking and bucking those hips. She came in a few minutes and it was the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

A minute later, as if on cue, a car pulled up in the driveway and then there was loud talking. I ran back to the Monopoly game and counted the money I had and looked at my properties. For once, I was winning. I felt great. I can only hope there will be more contact between me and sweet Ashley before she goes away to a college somewhere.



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