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Ash and Sam

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Me and my buddy Ashlee were inseperable. We had been best friends since we were really young and shared everything with one another. We shared a love for the same music, films, games and football. We were both on the same team and one Saturday Ashlee told me that, after training, his parents were going out and I could sleep over at his house. I brought my stuff and we played football all with the guys. After training, we went to his house and hung out with some of the guys at a field near his estate.

Ashlee's family were rich. His dad was big, black and a businessman which explained why he had such a hot, hot mother. There was no denying that his mom was a slut, she was sexy and blonde and always stayed out till late when his dad was away on business. His dad was in France at the time and by the time we got to Ashlee's house, his mom was out. Ashlee was without a doubt the most popular kid in the year. He was rich, funny, smart and fit; the star of the school football team and a card with the ladies. I was always somewhat jealous of Ashlee. He was my best pal and he was awesome but I always envyed how he always had a smoking hot girlfriend and a crowd. My purpose in the school was 'Ashlee's best friend.' I was also one of the popular kids.

When it got dark, we let ourselves into the house with his key, ordered a pizza and watched TV. We went up to his room and did-ya know-normal guy stuff. We ate, surfed the web, watched a movie and talked about girls. At this time, Ashlee didn't have a girlfriend and I had broken up with mine a week before. Nothing big. We lay on Ash's double-bed talking about girls we thought were hot (like we normally did)for about an hour when it started. I noticed I was pretty horny due to this onslaught of sexual thoughts and the fact that I hadn't masturbated in some time. Me and Ash had talked about masturbation before and despite sharing a locker room, had never actually seen each others' penises. The talk was getting pretty hot now and I needed to let off some steam.

I was on his laptop as we were talking when he said it.

'Stick some porn on, mate.'

I was alarmed but relieved. I handed him the laptop and he logged on to a familiar website.

We watched. It was hot. Six guys Vs. One Girl. I had a full-on erection now and, as we watched in silence, I was tortured by teenage hormones. The silence was awkward and this as a brand new experence for the two of us. I glanced over to see his expression and knew he wanted to get off.

It was too much.

'Hey Ash,' I said

He looked at me and I signalled down towards my penis.

'Thank you.' He smiled.

Then he, to my amazement, took off his t-shirt and sweat pants. I mirrored and before long, we were both listening to the moans and groans on the laptop in our tight, white boxers.

I was white. Average height. Long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Kind of a surfer look. I wasn't nervous being almost-naked in front of Ashlee; he had seen me like this many times in the locker room. At 14, I had a small sprouting of thick black armpit hair and a snail trail below the belly button. I was tenderly toned and tanned with a six pack.

Though I wasn't gay, Ashlee always made my mouth water. He was mixed race with a sizable afro atop his hansome face. He had a beautiful smile and elegant chocolate brown eyes. He had thick, bushy brown hair underneath his arms. He did weights and his bisceps, trisceps and calfs were huge. He would oftern flaunt them for the girls at school. His stomach was divine. Six perfectly carved abdominals. The world's sexiest six pack. Was a fantastic shade and glistened with sweat from the day's football.

We sat there, awkwardly. Not knowing what to do- keeping our eyes on the screen. I looked at him for a second and he replyed with a cheeky smile.

'Sorry Bud,' I said 'I gotta go!'

'Snap!' he laughed and then, together, we unleashed the beasts.

For a moment, my gaze was locked on his dick. It was HUGE. It was a good eight inches and was really really veiny. He also had quite a width and looked like a big, fat sausage. He was uncut and a brown foreskin covered his glands. Other than length and colour, our cocks were identical.

I tried to keep my eyes on the porn but they were drawn to the massive black dick beside me. It was beautiful. I didn't dare have another look in case he thought I was gay. I watched the porn and played idolly with my penis.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I watched his black fingers playing with his sausage. I looked at his face to find him subtley gazing across at my penis. When I looked, he immediately looked away.

'Ash.' I croaked, consumed by hornyness.

'Oh Fuck It!' he said and grabbed my dick. I nearly exploded there right then. ME AND ASHLEE??! It was so wrong and yet it was so right!

I grasped his and we looked into each other's eyes. We jacked. I slowly pulled his foreskin down, revealing a big pink mushroom-head to the world. I gasped. He wanked me fast. I returned the favour and could see his foreskin slapping up and down. I got on top of him and gazed into his face. He continued to jack me as I rubbed his sweat-lined six pack. I kissed him passionately, like I had kissed no girl before. His tongue wrestled with mine and I could taste his manly breath. Then, he wrestled me to the ground and sat on top of me in a 'Sixty-Nine' position. I glared with vigour into his hairy anus and longed to be inside. He continued to jack me hard while groaning loudly. I moaned and grasped his fat, warm shaft. I wanked and wanked and wanked and wanked.

'I LOVE YOU!' he screamed and then out of his big, sweaty bell came seven streams of hot, sticky cum. It sprayed me and glazed my face. It was thick and horrible but I loved it. I could taste the sweetness on my tongue. After that, I covered him in my juices and we made out, covered in each other's jizz till his mom arrived.



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