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As I Sit at Work

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I really love this site, I read it when I am slow at work.


Hello All,

Well I am a 40-year-old male. I really enjoy this site. Many times when we are slow at work I will read it and get a very hard dick!

I am fascinated by masturbation. I have done it since a very young age. I started by rubbing my dick against my bed or carpet in my underwear. I only had dry orgasms at the time but I was hooked. At that early age I showed a neighbor girl my 'technique' and she loved to watch as I would show her my tiny throbbing dick after I 'peed' as I called it from rubbing on the bed. She even tried rubbing her little vagina and said she could only get a good feeling if it was naked and on cool sheets. She described an orgasm like feeling after she rubbed for a long while. Later in life as teens we would actually perform full masturbation for each other. Her favorite technique was to lay on her stomach and hump her hand naked and when she came would finger her asshole. Many times I would sit on our couch and watch her as I stroked my cock, one time we actually came at the same time and I shot a huge wad of cum on her ass as she came.

When I atarted working, there was a girl who I flirted with often, although she had a boyfriend she was very frisky with me. Once we were sent on a business trip together to a sales conference. One night during the trip after the usual dinner we went back to our rooms. Once in my room I was a little horny and decided to masturbate. I paid for an in-room porno and was stroking away. A little after I began, the phone rang, it was my travelling companion, she said she forgot her toothpaste and was wondering if she could borrow mine.

Well being very horny I got bold and said, 'if you don't mind the possibility of seeing me masturbating, come on over and take whatever you need!' she just laughed and hung up. I figured there was no way she would actually come over, but nonetheless a few minutes later there was a knock at my door! I answered the door naked with a raging hard on. She just laughed and said 'boy you were not kidding' I told her I seldom lied, she just walked in and I told her where the toothpaste was and resumed my activity on the bed.

She came over and sat at the end of the bed and watched. She said she was glad I was doing it and really wanted to see me do it. She said further that she wanted to have phone sex with her boyfriend that night, but he was not home. She continued to explain that she had actually already masturbated once in her room, and now wanted to do it some more. Being the gentleman I am I said feel free, and I would not even charge her for half of the movie cost. She then got up and took off her sweat pants to reveal no panties. She had the largest clit I have ever seen, it had to be two inches long and hard. She slid up the bed next to me and began to rub her wet pussy. I remarked about her clit and she asked if I liked what she called her cock. She explained that she felt it became that way from many years (she was 36 at the time) of using an empty shampoo bottle to suck her clit.

In any event she went on to show me how she could actually 'jack-off' her clit with two fingers. This little show sent me into orbit! I could hardly contain my orgasm. I was able to wait until she said she was cumming and we did simultaneously. After we were done she explained that she could actually squirt at times but could not now as she had already cum once. She said if she could come and borrow more toothpaste tommorrow night she would hold one off till then. The next night we were in her room and she performed her 'jacking' for me while standing up and actually did squirt on me and the floor. She then let me jack-off on her tits. We had many sessions later together, and even though I later took a job accross town we get together at times to do it.

Well, now I am extremely horny and think I will go to the men's room for a quick squirt.

I am very intrigued to know if anyone else liked my posting and would welcome a few comments especially from the ladies.

One time I did jack-off with a guy friend of mine in my first apartment after college, I am not gay, but the masturbation aspect of it really turned me on. I can get hard watching both men and women masturbate, I love solo sex. Please reply.



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