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Art Class

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My wife, Kylie was taking an art class that is run for women only. The class involves the women using a number of different mediums, that is photography, video, pencil, watercolours, sketching and oil paints. The classes had been going for a few weeks and they had covered a number of different subjects. They were getting to the end of the course and on this particular week they were going to cover the human form. Unfortunately, the male model cancelled at the last moment. Kylie then suggested that they use me, as our house was not far from where the classes were being run and I could get there in 5 or 10 minutes. So I get a telephone call from Kylie asking me to come and pose for a couple of hours. She pointed out that I would be required to pose in a number of different outfits, starting with 30 minutes in a business suit, 30 minutes in sports wear, 30 minutes in Speedos and finally 30 minutes naked. I was hesitant at the idea of posing in front of about a dozen women fully naked. I said to Kylie that I was not so much worried about being naked in front of all of these women, that I was concerned that I might get a 'hard-on'. She told me that I should relax and that I would be fine. She also pointed out that she was sure that most of the women in the class would be unfazed by the sight of an erect penis and that if they were offended or shocked by that sort of thing they probably wouldn't be doing an art class that involved a nude model anyway.
I reluctantly (???????) agreed to go and pose for the class, my mind racing with the excitement of posing naked in front of a room full of women and with absolute fear that I was going to be fully exposed while everyone in the room was dressed. Would I go bright red, would I get a hard-on and if I did how would the class react? I arrived at the class 10 minutes later dressed in a business suit, I was welcomed by the teacher and introduced to the class. They all seemed friendly enough. I relaxed and took up the first pose in my suit. The first half an hour dragged a bit but I got through it OK. I was OK again in the second half hour dressed in casual gear. The third half hour was going to be a test. I went behind the screen to change into my Speedo's and remembered as I was changing that I had gone for a full pubic shave the night before and that that would be exposed in 30 minutes. I felt a bit self-conscious in the Speedo's, however I was able to lie down for this pose, which was more comfortable than standing up. The women seemed to be oblivious to me and were just getting on with their respective art projects. When the third half hour was completed there was tea break. The teacher told me that I should remove my Speedo's now to allow for the marks to disappear before we started the nude posing. She said that I could wrap a towel around me while we had the break if I wanted to. I thought 'in for a penny, in for a pound' and decided that if I was going to go through with it I may as well bight the bullet and not worry about the towel. I dropped my Speedo's and joined the women for the tea break. It was incredible standing in a room of fully dressed women while I was completely naked and in my shaved state. A couple of women mentioned that they too went for the fully shaved look. Now normally this sort of talk would have 'raised my excitement', however in this case it seemed to relax me and I was comfortable that I was going to get through next 30 minutes OK. I was posed in a reclining position, on my side and propped up on my elbow. I felt quite comfortable and the half hour passed fairly quickly. After which the teacher said that we would go for another half hour session in the next stage. I started to get worried. What was the next stage? The teacher said, Kylie did tell you what was expected in the final session didn't she. I looked over at Kylie and she was smiling and shaking her head that she hadn't told me, however she said she thought I would be OK with it. I'm starting to get really worried by this point. The teacher said don't look so worried, we have seen you naked for the past 45 minutes and all we want now is for you to be erect for the next 30 minutes. My jaw must have dropped as I looked to Kylie. She smiled and mouthed the words 'you'll be OK babe'. All my worry about getting an accidental hard-on and now they want me to pose with one. I guess I was at the point of no return so I started to stroke my penis, which was now semi erect after all this talk. I was feeling really self-conscious now but I continued on. Once my penis was erect I stopped stroking it and lay down in the position I had been in for the previous pose. The teacher then piped up that they didn't want me to just lie there with an erection they actually wanted me to continue masturbating until I came. I looked to Kylie who just smiled and nodded her approval. The teacher then said that they wanted me to try and last for the full 30 minutes before I let go of my load. Well, the next half hour was incredible, I masturbated in front of the class stopping every now and then if I thought I was getting close to coming, I would rest for 15 to 20 seconds. I would then return to stroking my penis as the class continued to paint, draw and film me. I had to stop for the breaks several times and this allowed me to last the full 30 minutes. When the time was almost up the teacher could sense that I was getting close to blowing my load and said that it was ok to finish. I then lay back and relaxed. I came in a torrent spreading cum from my belly button all the way up to my chest and almost reaching my chin. The class all stood and applauded. It was sensational.
The teacher then thanked me and invited me back the following week to see the results from the class, but that's another story.



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