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Aroused by My Pictures

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Hi I'm Mario. I'm 38 and I live near Birmingham. I have always been a bit of a show off and an exhibitionist when it comes to sex and masturbation. Like most guys I try and wank every day at least once.

About five years ago I worked for a company in Birmingham. I had a friend there called Tania, she was a supervisor like me and we were good friends. She is a few years older than me, being in her mid 40's, but she is a really nice lady, and we are great friends. After the company closed we didn't see each other as often, but we kept in touch and chatted on the phone and met for a few drinks now and then. We are on good terms and it is nice to have a friend like her.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time on the pc looking at porn and chatting in chat rooms and I often sit there wanking for a few hours. Tania got a new pc and mailed me her new address, so I added her to my msm friends list. A few weeks later I was looking at some porn when her name popped up, so I opened a box and we had a great chat. It was nice talking as I hadn't seen her for a few months.

A few days later I was on the pc and she popped in again, she made a joke about me living on it! After a few minutes of chatting she asked how you put pics up in the little box so people can see who they are talking to. I told her how to do it and she put up a pic of herself with a big smile on her face. She then said why don't I put a pic in my box too, and in a joking way I told her I didn't have any pics of myself with clothes on. She said I was silly and that I should put a pic up. I said to her that if I did put a pic in the box she would have a shock. She then said go on then shock me, then laughed.

So I opened my pics up and put on a pic of myself naked, at a hotel window with a massive hard on. I clicked select and it appeared, I wrote there I told you. She wrote back, bloody hell Mario is that you?

I said sure is. She wrote that she was a bit shocked, and I said I warned you. I then wrote that that was only one of my pics. She asked what else I had, I told her naughty ones. So she said in a giggling way show me. I then put up about 20 pics of me in different poses with my cock out and me on all fours. She was saying that she was quite amazed and had seen a new side of me.

Then I put up a pic of me spunking a load on the table, when she saw it she asked what the white stuff was. I told her it was cum and she wrote back did I just do that, I said yes. Then she wanted to see more pics so I showed her all the pics I had on the pc, about 50 of them showing me wanking and shooting cum and posing in every way. She was obviously enjoying herself as I asked what was she doing while I was putting the pics up and she wrote 'what do you think'.

I asked where her hands were, she said one was on the keyboard and the other was buried in her knickers. I then told her that I was wanking too. She asked if I would do a pic of me cumming on the pic of her on msm. So I stood close to the screen and shot loads of hot cum on her pic, then I snaped a pic of it and showed her. She said that was amazing. I asked if she had cum yet and she said she will in a few minutes.

She told me that she wished she had known what was in my trousers when we were working close together. We went on like that for about an hour. I had several very nice hard strong cums and she said that I had made her very wet, and I was a really bad person. We had to sign off when her kids came home, but I loved thinking of her wanking her clit looking at my pics.

The next few days I wanked loads thinking of her and then she phoned me. We talked politely for a few minutes then she said that she was sorry about what had happened the other day. I said there was no need to be sorry as I felt we had both enjoyed it. It was ok, it was harmless fun. She told me that she had cum a few times looking at my pics that she had saved to disk, but she thought we had better stop doing it in case someone found out. I said maybe it was for the best and that we didn't want to ruin our friendship. We agreed on this and talked for a bit then she went.

We didn't chat for a few weeks and I didn't see her on msm for a few weeks after that. Then one Friday I was looking at some lesbian ladies doing watersports when her name popped up. I changed the pic in my little box to the yellow rose then answered her. She said hi and asked if I was ok. I said yes and asked if she was allright, she told me that her washing machine had packed up and wondered if I could look at it. I work for a large UK washing machine company fixing them, so I said yes I would. She asked when and I said I'll just finish what I'm doing and then pop over.

She said are you doing what I think your doing, I answered yes. She said I was real bad, but she understood. I stopped wanking and dressed, then drove to her house, it was about a 20 minutes drive.

I pulled up in the drive and she opened the back door for me. She was wearing a blouse and skirt with black tights. We had a hug and a bit of a laugh at how silly we were, then I had a cup of tea and she showed me the machine. It was knackered so I told her to get a new one. We went into her front room and sat down.

She had been drinking a bit of cider and I asked why. She laughed and said that she didn't think she could look me in the eye sober. I laughed. We had a chat for a few minutes then she went to the toilet, and when she came back in she sat facing me on the floor by the coffee table. She said she had a personal question to ask me. I said go ahead. She then said you know when you were sending me the pics of you nude, I said yes, she said was I really wanking while I was doing it. I said yes I was. It was a strange feeling sitting there with her asking me questions about me wanking. She then said that she was curious and wanted to know more.

I asked her what she wanted to know. She asked how often I did it, I told her most days at least once, and that I could wank for a few hours non stop if I wanted. She asked if it made me sore and I told her not while I was wanking but after I was. It was a really odd feeling looking at this lady. I had known her all those years and her asking me questions like that. She then asked what I did to arouse myself. I told her that I get home, strip off and look at porn for a bit then I wank a few times.

She was getting a bit fidgety now, and I noticed that she had opened her legs slightly and looking up her skirt I could see that there was a damp patch on her red panties between her legs. She wanted to know all about what I did and if I didn't mind telling her. I said we are both grown up so I told her about how I started to wank as a teen and how I loved to go nude outside. Also how I spent ages in the woods walking naked, then laying in the grass to cum. I told her about the times I left my clothes in a bag and walked two miles nude at night along a road.

By this time I was having trouble in the trouser area, my cock had gone rock hard and as I had no underpants on it was very easy to see. I told her that some days if I was alone I would wank all day, look at porn and play with myself. She wanted to know who else had seen my pics, so I told her that I swapped pics with other ladies. She asked if they liked them and I said well you had your hands in your knickers when you saw them, so I think they did too.

She went very red at that. I asked her if she still had any of my pics and she got a disk from the cupboard and I said how many are on there, she said all the ones I had sent her. I laughed and asked why she kept them. She said that she liked to look at my cock and it gave her nice orgasms thinking of seeing me like that. I asked her to put the disk in the pc and she did. She sat beside me on the couch and we opened the disk. I asked her to show me her favourite pics and she opened a few of me laying on my back, semi-hard cock in hand with cum all over my tummy or legs.

Then she showed me the ones of me on all fours showing my bum. I laughed and she said that I had a cute bum. She asked how many of the cum pics I did in one day, I said about seven of them. She asked if I could really cum that many times in a row and I said yes, if I was really horny. She then laughed and said I must have been real sore. I told her I had been, but it was worth it. She then asked how long it took me to cum the first time I wanked in a day, I said I can last a few minutes or hours. She laughed and said you have plenty of time, go on show me.

I laughed and said that she would end up covered in cum if she was not careful. Then I decided to take a risk. I stood up and undid my trousers and out came my raging hard on, my cock was red and throbbing like in the pics. I said does it look as good in real life, she just stared at my cock then I went to the couch and sat down and started to stroke it. She was just staring at me, then she said is that nice, I said it's fantastic.

She reached over and softly rubbed her hand along my shaft. I moaned with pleasure then offered her my cock, she took it and started to stroke me off. She was sitting between my legs on the floor so when I was near to cumming I stood up so my cock was pointing at her face. Then I started to wank fast and hard, she was gasping watching me then I came, it was a massive load. It shot out of me and hit her on the neck and face, and some went on her chest.

She jumped back and let out a sort of scream, I thought I had gone too far but she looked at me, smiled in a sexy way and asked for more. We sat there for over an hour with me wanking over her face, then she wanted to taste me so she asked me to cum in her mouth. I put my cock close to her face and as I was wanking I saw that she had her hand up her skirt and was rubbing herself. I came in her mouth and she let out a great cry of pleasure. I asked if she was allright and she said she had just cum.

I stood back and she got up and then dropped her skirt and pulled off her wet panties. I looked at her wet cunt then we sat on the couch and watched each other wank. It was amazing. She had four or five lovely cums from fingering herself and I had some really nice powerful cums whilst shooting my load on her chest or face and once I aimed at her cunt, getting it in her pubes as well.

After we were both done we sat there getting our breath back and she asked what next, I said it was up to her. If she wanted to we could meet again for more of the same, or we could stop and keep it our secret. She said that it was the most exciting thing she had done in years and that she really wanted to have another go. I told her that I would do it with her anytime.

I stood up to clean myself and dress and she said that maybe next time my cum could go inside her pussy instead of on her pussy hairs. I told her that if she wanted to I would do anything she wanted.

We have chatted a few times on msm and I have had a few wank sessions talking to her but we are planning to meet this Friday for a second match. I'll see how far she really wants to go!



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