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Arousal on a Train!

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A new and thrilling experience!


At times I use your site to get horny, especially those stories from older women, (which are not very frequent!). I also like to use fantasies of encounters with women. I find reminiscing the few times I have had sex with women more stimulating than those with men; probably because I did NOT expect them to happen; whereas with men, they were to some extent expected!

However, the other night I remembered a long past event with a guy on a train ride in Malaya, going to Bangkok. This was way back in the late 60's and there were virtually NO air-conditioned trains! The trip was 26 hours, and I met a guy who was as far as I can remember the only European on the train, so we quickly found seats together. We had both booked bunk beds, pretty primitive, and ended up rather cramped in one bunk!

We started kissing, petting etc. but, when he had no condom, and those days women did not carry them (nor was I expecting sex on the train trip!) So intercourse was not gonna happen! He I guess did not know how to stimulate me, and I did not want to masturbate in that tight spot. So basically we spent several hours getting aroused! He obviously wanted sex, I did not want to get pregnant, so he ended up masturbating on me, squirting, just missing my eye, and on my breasts! Wow! I of course was still horny!

I had to pee and decided to go to the bathroom to pee and, yeah masturbate!!! I had to cum!! I had never felt so damned horny in my life. I peed in what was a large bathroom for a train, then stood up, took my panties off and rubbed hard.

Usually it took some time for me to cum (back then I masturbated less than once a week!) not this time! I just started rubbing my clit when wow: I came so much I could not believe it. I had never squirted (never heard of that term then!) I just watched the cum squirt out onto the floor! I just kept coming and a fantastic feeling went thru me as I wondered when it would stop! When it finally stopped I had to sit on the toilet as my legs felt weak (a first for me!) which kind of worried me (I was 21 and had only had sex couple of times!). But that went away. I went back to the bunk, and the guy was in one below me, as like me he wanted to sleep. I told him later how I came he admitted he had never come as much either. So a first for both of us. We never met after the train ride so sometimes wonder if he masturbates with the thought of the experience!

Oh yeah never had came as much since then. Probably because I have never spent several hours getting aroused! Usually hour at most; hmm wonder IF It would happen again; doubt I will ever find out! But nice to think about for arousal!



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