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Aquatic Rubdown

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This story is true.

When I was 17 my family went camping, as we did each year, to celebrate Independence Day. By my family I mean my extended family also, not just immediate. The area we camped at was private land that only friends of the owners could camp on. After setting up camp we went to the creek cool off. Soon it started to get dark. We went back up to camp and ate dinner. The hours rolled by until it was time for bed.

The day of the fourth of July wasn't anything special. Everybody, and I mean everybody, left camp to buy fireworks, go to the carnival, or do other activities. I had no real reason to leave camp so I stayed and made sure no one tried to steal anything. Which brings us to the focus of the story.

My cousin Julie, who was 14, had overslept and was left behind. When she woke up she complained about being left and how no one had woke her up. We ate breakfast and went down to the creek and just layed on floating mattresses. The only reason I went down there was because there was nothing else to do but just float around. Julie went down there to tan, like all girls do. Since it was just us besides a group of people all the way down at another swimming hole, Julie wore a two-piece bikini so most of body could tan. Her tits were just the right size to fit in your hands, and they were nice and perky. And her ass was absolutely phenomenal.

I was laying with my body facing up and Julie was laying facing down. We talk about normal stuff movies, music, what teachers she had at school and if I had any of them. She told me about how that year they learned about sex ed. I had already fooled around with a few girls by then but being a teenager almost anything could get me hard. I had already been semi-hard since she was wearing a most complimenting bikini. Soon she undid her bikini top so she wouldn't have any tan lines. That made me stand at attention. But I figured that since the water was cold she wouldn't notice.

Laying in the sun makes you get sleepy. So I started to dose off but I was still thinking about my cousin and other girls, which kept me hard even though I was falling asleep. But I was wide awake when Julie got up to turn over and saw my erection. It seemed like like she staring at my crotch forever. I waved my hand to get her attention. She broke concentration and asked 'How come you've got a boner, aren't you done with puberty?' I told her for the most part but I still get the spontaneous boner from time to time. By then it had gone back down to normal.

Julie sat up and said that she had learned about them too. She said that one of her girlfriends had seen one in a porno and another one had seen her brother masturbating.

She aked if I masturbated. I told her I did and sometimes I did more than once in a day. Then I asked Julie if she had masturbated. She said 'I had just learned about it in school and looked it up on the internet. I just started last month. Then she asked if she could see my cock. I got hard instantly. She said she'd seen them on the internet but she wanted to see a real one. I agreed but said that she couldn't tell anyone. She said she wouldn't tell anyone ecxept her friends. I told her to get the suntan lotion and take her top off. I was already hard but why have a sandwich when you can have a lobster. She gave me the loiton and undid her top. That made me solid as a statue. I started to rub myself as she watched. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was going ahead and jacking off since she would still get to see my dick.

I grabbed her nice, firm tits with one hand and my cock in the other. Then I undid my trunks and took out my junk. Julie's eyes got big and she said 'WOW! Do they all get that big?' I said no and that I was slighty above average ( about 7 3/4 inches). As I began to jack off Julie stopped me and asked if she could try. Naturally I said yes and let her have go. I told her to pour some lotion in her hands and then grab my cock and start sliding up and down. She tugged at my cock for a while. While she going at it I asked if she ever orgasmed when she masturbated. She said no and told her I'll give it a try since I owed her one. She agreed and continued jacking me off.

I told her to speed up and tighten her grip. She did and soon I said 'I'm going to blow!' Julies asked 'You mean ejaculate?' I replied 'YES!!' As I said that I shot a monster load of cum everywhere. It went on the water, on my stomach, and all over her face and tits. It was the most cum I've ever shot. As I exploded Julie gasped in surprise. She said 'That was awesome! I'm telling my friends for sure.' Then she dove into the water to wash my cum off her face but when she came up her bottoms were off. She said that I could do her next.

I sat up while she layed down on the floating mattress. I found a smooth rock to use and walked over to her. Her pussy was magnificent. She had shaven her pubic hair except for a slim strip and her lips were already swollen. I used the smooth rock to rub her clit and my fingers to penetrate her tight hole. She instantly began to slowly moan and move her hips. Once I found what she likes I went for the kill. Her hips move frantically and her low moans became loud cries as I rubbed and fingered faster and faster. Soon she scream in pleasure so loud it echoed. Her pussy became even tighter around my fingers then relaxed as juices flowed from within.

We swam some more and went back to camp. Soon everybody started showing up with fireworks and what not all ignorant of what went on that day. We conntinued masturbating each other until school started and she eventually began giving herself orgasms, with the same rock I used on her.



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