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The temperature outside hasn't subsided at all so while working at home one day I stripped off at my desk and just couldn't concentrate.


The warm damp air fills my body with a sense of saturation.

My temperature rises

I feel pockets of heat building within me, brewing beneath the surface almost ready to implode

Dirty thoughts play in my mind while my hand gently scans my body attracted to my hot spots

'Mmmmmmm' my fingers find my sexy inferno, it's walls dripping with musky sexpiration

Each digit slowly penetrating my swollen pussy, exploring every fleshy inch inside this dark, wet cavern

I curve my index finger on its next penetrative motion, hooking my finger tip to meet my spot

*gasp* my breath stops for just a moment as a shock runs from deep in my abdomen searching for a release of tension

I cup my left breast in the palm of my clammy hand and roll my dark nipple in between my thumb and finger; sending electric pulses through my body from my chest

Beads of sweat are now dripping from behind my bent knees, tracing my calves and my inner thighs

I release my digits from the hold of my pussy and lick the creamy coating from each of them

The temperature seems to be rising quickly and the air that surrounds me becomes dense with moisture

Beside me, a glass of ice water distracts my thoughts and I pause to take a sip

The cool sweat from the glass falls onto my tummy and into my belly button giving me an idea

I sink the fingers of my right hand to the bottom of the icy water until it almost burns

Immediatly, I return my hand to my hot spot and very gently glide each one of them in my aching pussy

Instantly, my body responds with an ample amount of creamy moisture

I recline back in my chair and allow my knees to fall further apart

The rush of energy rises through my body while my icy cold fingers plunge my hot pussy

My breath quickens and I start to moan with arousal

The pressure continues to build now from every direction in my body to the area of lust between my legs

I can't stand the heat any longer, I reach over and stop moaning for a minute while I pour ice cold water down my throat missing my mouth slightly

I shriek as the chill hits my nipple and hardens it

I can't tell if the icy water is intensifying my pleasure or taking from it but something makes me empty the glass over my body and that was it!

The pressure built like a volcano that was about to erupt

I pinched my erect clit, squeezed my tit and curled my toes as my orgasm exploded like a geyser from within me!

I could barely hear the echo of my scream as my breath faded into the humid air

As I slowly regain full consciousness, my mind fills with thoughts of being bent forwards over my desk and fingered from behind



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