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Appendix Operation

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Appendix Operation
When I was about thirteen one of my friends had to have his appendix removed.
Grant was laid up in bed for a few days afterwards and I went to visit him to see how he was feeling. He said that he couldn't remember too much of what happened but said that he had nine stiches where they opened him up and that the doctor had told him not to wear nylon under pants (why I'm not sure).
I asked him if it sill hurt and he said that it was still sore but it was getting better. Grant asked me if I would like to see his scar, and I said why not.
He slowly pulled down the bed sheets past his smooth hairless chest to expose his underpants, then he pulled down his jocks a little way to show me the scar.The nurses had shaved all of his pubic hair off and there was about three days growth of it coming back.I said that I didn't know that he had pubic hair and he said that he'd only just started to grow it.
I asked if I could touch where he'd been shaved and he said to be carefull not to hit his scar.I lightly stroked his pubic region and felt the roughness of his pubes.
I looked at the redness of the scar and noticed that his cock was straining at the top of his jocks. He looked at me looking at him, and then pulled his jocks right down to show me all of his cock and balls. Grants cock sprung free from its constraint and hit his stomach with a thack and his firm balls hung either side of his shaft.
My hand was still on his stomach and his semi hard dick was only half an inch away from my fingers.Grant then moved his hand on top of mine and guided it over to his penis. He was circumcised and had a six incher. I was a bit surprised by what he did but quite liked the feeling and the thought that his Mother or sisters could walk in on us.
I started to rub his cock back and forth which made him even harder as a little pre come oozed from the tip of his prick.
Grant then asked me if I would put his dick in my mouth! I lowered my head to his stomach and smelt the scent of his cock before I started to lick his purple head. The silky smoothness was not what I expected. He began to thrust his hips causing his cock to slid past my lips and deeper into my mouth. Grant told me to suck on it like it was a lollie pop and use my tounge to swirl around the knob. I was very innocent at this stage and had never had a cock in my mouth before so I didn't know what it was I was supposed to be doing. But from the sounds he was making I felt that some thing was feeling good.
After a few minutes he started to buck and thrash and a huge spurt of come erupted from his 14 year old cock into my mouth followed by 3 or 4 more. I drank it all and then looked at Grant, he was in total bliss.
That was the start of many mutual wanking and sucking sessions and when I hit puberty he returned those favors many times.



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