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Apartment Search Gone Wild

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This was a great day...


I have been in search of finding my first apartment and what happened today helped me make my decision on a particular one.

As I walked into the main office of a local apartment complex, a beautiful girl walked up to me and asked if she could help me with anything. As I told her that I was interested in an apartment she delightfully told me that she could show me around the complex and a few available apartments. This girl was amazing; she had brown medium length hair, short stature, beautifully shaped ass, and a sexy sculpted body. She had black pants on that showed the amazing curves of her ass, legs, and hips.

She showed me around the pool, lounge, and parking areas. Then we took a short walk over to the available apartments that she wanted to show me. As we walked up the stairs to go into the first apartment, I politely motioned for her to go ahead of me. I followed her up the stairs and watched her hips and ass shake in front of me as I thought to myself how beautiful she was.

She unlocked the apartment door and let me inside. She showed me the kitchen and family room, and then we walked towards the bedroom and bathroom area. As we walked towards the hallway I realised that she wanted to be in front of me since she was the one showing the tour. So I politely moved sideways and put my back to the wall of the hallway and told her to go in front of me. As she slid past me, her beautiful ass swiped against my dick. By this time, my dick was throbbing, especially since I thought she was beautiful the second I saw her.

She turned round and said 'Oops, sorry about that.' I just smiled and said 'Don't worry, you're fine.' She then looked at me and said 'Oh really, you think I'm fine?' Even though I meant she was fine by accidentally rubbing against me, I let it go and I began to blush but managed to tell her that I thought she was beautiful. She smiled and said 'Thank you,' then gave me the motion to come over to where she was. I walked over to her and she pointed to an area in the bedroom. 'This is where our example setup shows the bed, but it looks like we will have to manage without a bed.'

I could not believe my ears and when she said this, I got an instant hard on and my throbbing dick began to leak precum. She told me that she thought I was cute when she first saw me and then when she squeezed by me and her ass swiped against my cock, she got really horny. I told her that it did the same trick on me, and she just smiled and told me to take off my clothes.

When I heard her say this, I was simply shocked and I just looked at her as if she was playing a joke on me. She smiled and said, 'I'm serious.' As I took off my shirt first, she began taking her clothes off too. By this time I could only imagine what was to come next. After I was down to my boxers and she was in her panties, I was able to see her beautifully shaped boobs which I guessed to be a medium sized C cup. Her nipples were hard and I could tell she was horny. She came over to me and kissed my neck since that was as far up as she could reach. Then she licked down to my nipples and gave them each a little playful suck and soft bite. Even though I am not much of a fan when girls play with my nipples, I didn't seem to care at this point; this was just too good to be true.

She then slid off my boxers and told me to sit down and lean against the wall. I slid down and she gave me a sexy wink and smile as she took off her panties, exposing her beautiful tight shaved pussy. She gave me a short dance, throwing her panties at me in the process. She came over and bent over right in front of me and slid her finger from pussy to ass and smiled at me from between her legs.

She then sat down in front of me and told me that she wanted me to use my hands on her however I wanted. I smiled and told her no problem. I licked my pointer finger and swiped it up and down her smooth pussy without going in, then brought it back to my mouth to lick that finger and my middle finger. I moved both fingers down to her pussy and slowly pushed my way inside her...rubbing in a 'cum here' motion. I licked the thumb of my other hand and put it on her clit. As I switched between the 'cum here' motion and plunging straight in, I massaged her clit faster and faster. Then I'd slow down and just watch her legs twitch in delight. I sped up again, and then let her calm down a bit. After seeing her chest become a red rose color and her nipples got really hard again, I knew she was about to cum, so I pushed my soaking wet hands further and further in and out, faster and faster while keeping my thumb on her throbbing clit. She eventually cummed on my fingers and I brought it to my mouth to get a little taste (something I usually don't do). I think I was caught up in the moment and I licked my fingers and told her that she tasted as good as she looked.

She looked back at me and told me that she wouldn't let my good deed go unnoticed. She then bent over and held the head of my wet half hard dick and then placed her small grip over my cock. As she started to pump, I easily got hard and had a full erection. She told me that she was even hornier when she saw my hot trimmed pubic hair around my penis and balls, and I just smiled and put my head back against the wall. She was pumping me so good, fast then slow, all the while playing with my balls in her other hand. Every so often, a little bit of pre cum would cum out and she rubbed it from my throbbing head to her palm to be used for lube. After about ten minutes of pure satisfaction, I knew my cum was about to explode from my penis. I looked at her and just shook my head and she knew what was about to happen. My hot cum shot out onto her sexy stomach and smooth legs. She smiled and said she was glad to return the favor since my hands were so nice to her. I also said thank you and we went to the bathroom to clean up the cum and sweat.

We ended up taking a shower with just water and dried off with a few paper towels that were in the empty kitchen. I will never forget this awesome experience and I think I might just get this apartment. Hopefully she will be able to 'show me around' some more once I decide to move in.



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