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Antics in the Laboratory

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While reading through the archives I read a story about a boy in college with two female coworkers and a new microscope they received. Of course the gals asked him for a sperm sample, of which they would view on said device.

I have seen this ruse perpetrated by females a few times in my life. The first time I was in middle school or high school and two pretty classmates asked the same of me. I was completely naive of their trickery and complied. Then again in college during an animal husbandry course I again was asked for the same favor by a couple of even prettier classmates.

Not until after I was masturbated by them did I catch on to their supposedly innocent request. All they wanted to do was see my cock with out any sort of obligation to also get naked. I did feel a bit used afterward but I will admit I'd do it again if given the opportunity.

Unlike that boy in college I did get the chance to exact at least some good intentioned revenge on the fairer sex. Like him, I too worked in a lab shortly after graduating. This was quite a large laboratory with a about thirty employees.

My best friend there was a guy named Charles. We did all the grunt work as we were just starting out. Most of the others were all gals of various ages but the majority in their mid twenties.

When we received a new microscope Charles and I were asked the same request by about eight gals also working the night shift. I do think if management knew what when on sometimes during our shifts we would have been fired.

Charles and I both feigned being able to achieve an erection in the bath room. After a few minutes we both exited our respective rooms and asked for leniency.

The girls would not have it. They devised a contest to see which one of them would 'help' us in our endeavors. When there were two losers, (actually winners) instead of just one they got the idea to make it even more of a contest, not unlike contests we played in college called stroking. The girls would count how many times they had to stroke us when jacking us off, the gal with the fewest strokes won.

The variation on this game we construed that night only used time instead of strokes.

Denise took me by the hand into the gals bathroom while Charles was lead into the gent's by Cheryl. We both winked at each other as we walked in. The others cheered us on.

I for one had no intention of winning this contest and neither did Charles.

Denise gave me an absolutely great hand job and it was all I could do not to come to quickly. This gal had a talent that none of my few girl friends possessed. When we hit the half hour mark many of the gals on the floor called us a bunch of 'Pervs'. I suppose they went back to work, something they should have done anyway. That was the last time we had to put up with their distractions.

I finally got Denise to lose her top then her skirt. My hands did much exploring of her breasts and vulva before I allowed myself to pop.

As Denise held up a petri plate to catch my ejaculate I faked some involuntary shaking and missed the target with each squirt. As she was dressing I quickly cleaned up the jism from the floor.

Charles did me one better. As he as walking out he fumbled his container and it dropped and broke on the floor. That was not our plan at first but we both got the same idea as the contest came to an end.

The girls were madder than hornets. Charles and I just laughed and wished them better luck tomorrow night. No surprise that tomorrow night never happened as the girls realized they were set up.

Upon comparing notes with Charles it turned out he had a much better time with Cheryl than I had with Denise. I'll let you guess what that was.



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