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Antelope Patrol, Part 3

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Before the end of the school year the Antelope Patrol included a new member, Curt. Curt was older, a grade ahead of me, and had transferred from another patrol. Curt had short red hair, freckles and a swimmer's build, even at fifteen. My height, Curt had an easy laugh and a quick wit. Curt did it backwards, joining our jerk off club a few months before he actually joined the Antelope Patrol, so for his initiation into the patrol, we made a naked Curt stand up and jerk off while we all watched, dressed. In Antelope Patrol tradition, we also made him catch his sperm in his hand and then lick it clean. (We always called it sperm or spunk, never semen or cum. While I have used them here, we never used the word 'cum' or any of its variations. I didn't know what 'cum' meant until much later. An orgasm was a 'blast' in our Boy Scout world. Plus it was a dick, not a cock, and certainly not a penis. What a funny word to a thirteen year old. It could be a pud when soft and a prick when hard. We sat on our butts, never our asses, and we had nuts, not balls. I've tried to keep these and other verbal conventions from the time in here.) I loved watching Curt jack off. One, he was very good at it. That's a strange thing to say but it's true, though even if he'd been a klutz, I probably would have watched. While I'd never seen a boy with reddish-blond pubic hair before, it was Curt's long, bright pink dick that was his best feature. Curt had easily the longest dick in our club, topping anybody else's by nearly an inch. In fact, Curt's dick was 7 3/8' long. We measured it...multiple times. I wasn't the only patrol member who liked to watch Curt beat off.

Curt joined the club through Mike, the boy Barry initiated on the mountain. While you have already met Mike, you don't really know Mike. I put up with him because he was Barry's friend. My opinion of Mike? He could be a jerk, at least to me. Maybe it was because Mike was a jock. Except for Barry, jocks and I didn't get along. Curt was also a jock, although both being jocks wasn't what made Mike and Curt such good buddies. Barry had discovered that Mike and Curt jacked off together. In a moment of mutual confession, while joking around one day about beating off, Barry and Mike found out they shared a mutual secret. They both had recently done it with another guy. Barry had dropped a hint to see if Mike might be interested in joining our club. Mike responded with the equivalent of funny-you-should-ask. That's why Barry was so willing to induct his friend Mike into our club. He knew he'd like it. As a result, though, it was only a matter of time until Curt got involved, too.

That happened at a sleepover at Mike's, one night on Christmas break. My mom drove Barry and me to Mike's house after dinner. Curt was already there. While I also knew Curt from Scouts, I didn't know him that well. He moved to the area, into a neighboring town, the previous summer. He was already a Star Scout when he joined our troop, initially a member of another patrol before switching to ours. He'd be the one in our group that would make Eagle. He joined our troop rather than one in his town because his family thought getting his Eagle would be easier in our troop. They were probably right. We were bigger, longer established and had excellent Scout leaders.

After Barry and I were introduced to Mike's parents, we immediately went to the basement, where we were to sleep. The family had a rec room with a foldout couch. There were air mattresses and sleeping bags around. Mike's bedroom was also in the basement. This was his domain. We watched TV. Everybody in our town received only four channels but I remember we watched Star Trek that night on NBC. Star Trek was brand new. I was already a Trekkie, ever since I'd watched the first episode broadcast the previous September, and I'm sure I insisted we watch Star Trek. The episode that night was 'Shore Leave', where the crew is granted their subconscious wishes on a paradise planet. The other guys liked it, too. What's there for a young teenage boy not to like about Star Trek? 'Shore Leave' has pretty girls, one with a torn blouse, a long Captain Kirk fight, mysterious aliens and Alice In Wonderland. Since that night, I, too, have always liked this episode, but not for the same reason as other Trekkies. (Still a Trekkie, I know of a website that pins down the date of this sleepover. It was Thursday, December 29, 1966. Don't be too impressed. I'm such a Trekkie I've done this research for maybe a half a dozen important Trek events in my life. Don't worry. I don't go to conventions and I don't dress up as a Klingon. Wait a minute. What's going on here? I'm writing a true tale about being fourteen and masturbating with other boys and I'm worried that you think I get off being a Borg. Now that's crazy.) In addition to watching Star Trek, Mike had a slot car set and we played with that a lot. They were still pretty new and cool. We played some ping pong. The four of us also wrestled. Once, in a moment of temporary advantage, I tried to give Curt a red headed nuggie. He flipped me easily, grabbing onto my nuts when I was down just to show me who ruled. Mike's mom checked up on us every now and then, bringing us Cokes and snacks. Mike's little sister came down for a while. We ignored her. She just sat in the corner and watched TV until it was her bedtime.

At one point, Mike's mom came into the basement and told us to keep it down. Mike's mom and dad were going to bed. No more noise, which meant no more ping pong and no more yelling and screaming while crashing slot cars. She made Mike promise we'd have lights out at midnight. As if that was going to happen. We watched TV until 11:00 when the local news came on. By that time things had quieted down around the house. Mike asked Barry and me if we wanted to see some nudie magazines. We said of course. We all knew why we were there. Just as Barry told us about Mike and Curt, Mike told Curt about the club he'd joined. I probably had a boner already. If not, I did shortly. Mike went into a storage area and brought out a box of skin magazines. They were passed down from Mike's older brother when he'd left home. Mostly Playboys in the box, there were also a couple of nudist life magazines, with nude people posing on the beach and around pools. These were cool because they showed everything, women and men, where in Playboy, pubes and pussy didn't exist. The nudist mags were also neat because they had a few pictures of naked kids our age, boys and girls, again just facing the camera like it was everyday. Maybe for them it was. These mags were the only place I was ever going to see a young nude teenage girl. That was for damn sure. Mike and Curt obviously knew the contents of this box inside and out but for Barry and me, there were many eye popping pictures. After only a few minutes of reading these magazines, Mike was bored. He stood up, took off his shirt and asked us if we were going to spend all night just looking at pictures? Barry and I also stood up. So did Curt. I remember asking-right here?-to which Mike came back, no, your house. He meant it as a joke but it didn't come out that way. Mike disappeared up the basement stairs to lock the door. We all started to strip. It was quiet except for the sound of the TV. We got to that awkward point were everyone is just in their underwear (we all wore boxers except for Curt who had on red low rise Jockey briefs, very daring for the day). Each of us took extra time folding and stacking our clothes. We stood around for a few moments more. I couldn't help but notice we were all hard. I was also very impressed with Curt's body. It was perfect, wide at the top and thin at the waist, built through his years as a competitive swimmer. Curt had fine muscle definition in his chest, shoulders, back and arms. His thighs and calves were also tight. I later found out he water skied a lot. I would have killed for a body like Curt's. Soon, I'd forgotten about his body. He had something better to show us. To get everyone to remove their underwear, Mike got our attention and then did a countdown to three, at which point we all took off our shorts. Again, we stood around and stared. My eyes landed on Curt's big dick. Holy crap. Barry hadn't told me about this. It turned out, Barry didn't know, either. I made some dumb comment, at which point Curt turned and walked across the room to a recliner in the corner. He sat down in it cross legged, but with his knees up in the air and his arms wrapped around his legs. I returned to the couch. Mike was also on the couch, to my left. Barry ended up on the carpeted floor. Johnny Carson was on TV. We all just sat there for a bit, watching Johnny's monolog.

From the magazine box, Mike pulled out a half roll of toilet paper and threw it to Curt. Curt tore some off and threw it back to me. A trail of TP followed the roll. I gathered up the loose TP and instead of tearing it off, I left it attached. I took the roll and threw it up in the air and over to Mike next to me on the couch, just three feet away. A contrail of TP arched behind the roll. Everyone laughed. Mike then threw the roll to Barry. Because the trailing TP was still attached, it died in flight before it got to him. Barry crawled over, grabbed the roll, and let toilet paper unreel across the floor as he crawled back to where he'd been sitting. Putting the roll on his finger, Barry then spun it, reeling off a bunch more TP for slack. He threw the roll over to Curt. TP trailed behind. Now we all really laughed. Everyone got the game. To cries of sshhh and keep it down, we proceeded to TP Mike's rec room, hooting it up as quietly as we could. This didn't last long as there wasn't that much paper on the roll, but there was still enough that when we were done, for the rest of the night, if you wanted some TP, there was always some within arm's reach. I had lost my hard-on but I knew it was only a Playboy magazine away. Within a minute or two, everyone was beating off. I don't remember much about this jerk off session. Functional might be the best word to describe it. Afterwards, there were wadded up balls of TP around, too.

We watched The Tonight Show until there was a commercial. At that point, Curt got up and announced he had to pee. As I had to pee, too, I decided to be bold. I also stood up and said, swordfight? Curt paused, laughed, and said, sure. I followed his strong swimmer's back into the bathroom. Curt's back seemed more orange than pink with all the freckles. The basement bathroom was small and we were butt cheek to butt cheek as we stood over the toilet. We both proceeded to pee, jousting with our streams, playing and giggling. In the hall going back to the others I asked Curt how long his dick was. Again he laughed and he said well over 7' the last time he'd measured it. Back in the rec room, Curt walked over to an end table next to the couch. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a ruler and told Mike I'd asked how long his dick was. Mike rolled his eyes. Measuring Curt's dick was seemingly something they did often. But then, I measured mine a lot, too. I just didn't have anywhere near as much of a dick to measure. Curt sat down right on the wooden coffee table in front of the couch and started playing with his pud. I'm sure I rubbed mine, too. When Curt was hard, he rose to his feet. His dick stood more out than up. Except for a slight bend upward, it was straight. His strawberry blond pubes were spare, with little on his nuts, and this somehow this made his dick seem even larger. His dick wasn't big; in fact it was surprisingly thin, certainly no thicker than mine. It was just long and so pink, a couple of shades more pink than any dick I'd ever seen. His nuts looked huge, as bare and pink as they were. He kept stroking his prick as he held the ruler out over it, its end jammed into his pubes. We all gathered around close. 7 3/8' A new record for Curt, and a clear sign his dick was still growing. He was obviously proud. So would I be. Cock Of The Walk, Curt didn't mind Barry and me pausing to stare at his crotch. He even offered to let us touch his boner. We both declined. A good showman, Curt instead spread his feet and pulled his dick slowly around in a circle, going around at least twice, showing his dick and nuts off to their best advantage. When he finished, I stood up and looked Curt in the eye for a change. I shook his hand, congratulating him. Only later did I realize I should have shaken his dick.

I knew what was going to happen next. I didn't want Curt back in that recliner so I moved across the room to it, sat down, got comfortable and slowly started stroking my hard-on. After turning off the TV, Curt looked around and ended up sitting on the floor right where he stood. Barry again chose the floor. I noticed he, too, had repositioned himself so he could watch Curt. Mike stayed on the couch but turned to lie on it rather than sit. He'd seen The Curt Show before. Placing a rolled up sleeping bag against the TV console for a pillow, Curt then lay back on the carpet and started beating his boner. Perfect. I could view him easily. Curt's dick was so long that when he wrapped his fist around it, half of it still stuck out. I discovered Curt would play with his nuts with his left hand while he jacked off with his right. Occasionally he would switch hands for a few seconds and not miss a beat. Curt seemed more wrapped up in this jack than the one earlier in the evening. Maybe his longer dick had inspired him. Or maybe it was an appreciative audience in Barry and me. Or maybe I'm over-examining things. We all seemed more into our jerking this time as we all took longer to cum. This session lasted for many minutes as we jacked both slow and fast, enjoying ourselves. I had to work to not get caught up in the rhythm of Mike's moaning and to beat my dick at my speed, not his. Eventually we all blasted in a ragged volley, cumming at our own pace. I'm glad I had a front row view of Curt's orgasm. The guy was on tonight. He wasn't just jerking off. He was vibrating. Curt was a blur. Sliding away from the TV, he started rocking, doing mini sit-ups with his beat. Curt's abs and chest rippled with his rhythm. He was humming. Not figuratively. He was actually humming, really more of a moaning hum, varying his volume with the intensity of his jacking. And his motion was amazing. His right hand was dancing. Turn, spin, dip, lift, embrace. All the dance moves were there. As Curt got close, his left hand flew from his chin to his nuts and stopped at all points in-between. His feet moved up to his butt, jutting his knees in the air. Even his toes were jumping. These were diversions, though, as the action remained centered on Curt's pink dick, its tip now moist and shiny. The motion of his right hand suddenly slowing down, Curt arched up on his shoulders, his butt rising from the carpet as he loudly groaned twice, uhh...augghhhh! With his prick a foot off the ground, spunk shot down over his chest. Curt lowered his butt as he kept yanking his dick. He breathed in short moans. Now beginning to pool on his stomach, cum was still slowly flowing out of Curt, white on pink from the neck down. A long moan and one final, deliberate pull on his softening pud meant Curt was done. The room was silent as even Mike had stopped grunting. Curt's knees and hands dropped to the floor and his head rolled to the side so that we made eye contact. Curt's tongue was out and he had a big smile. On me that would have looked goofy. On Curt it was Nirvana. I was in awe. Not only did this new guy have a beautiful, athletic body, and the longest dick I'd ever seen, he could even blast better than me. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. Later, after my perfectly satisfactory but otherwise now pitiful blast, I showed Curt 'finger lickin' good'. Just like Spock, he raised an eyebrow. Unlike Spock, he then smiled and chuckled.

For the rest of the night there was never another blast anything like Curt's, including from Curt. The next time we jerked off, we did it in Mike's bedroom. We were checking out Mike's stuff. For a reason lost in time, boners developed. We started to beat off. Mike and Curt were perched on the side of Mike's bed. Barry was in a chair while I was on the floor, cross legged, facing them. The four of us sat there and stroked our dicks forever before cumming, looking both casually and directly at each other-hell, I was at eye level and only feet away from three other boys' boners being jacked-talking dirty and laughing a lot. It was exactly like other times when we'd be just sitting around, goofing off, except that now we were all naked and jacking away, too. This was definitely different. We were jacking off as if it was just another normal thing you do when you're hanging out with your friends. My view certainly wasn't normal. At fourteen I didn't know the word surreal but I could appreciate the experience. At the end of this session, as again I licked my fingers clean, Curt licked off his fingers, too. A showman recognizes a good trick when he sees it.

As we grew tired, Mike suggested that we take showers to clean up. That was a good idea. Further, Mike announced that Curt and he would take one together but that Barry and I should go first. Definitely implied was our showering with each other. Oooo-kay. Barry looked as surprised as I felt. After a long, mutual stare, Barry and I, with the barest of acknowledgements spoken, got up and started walking towards the bathroom. I guess we also were going to shower together. Why not? We may have been encouraged by Mike and Curt-I can't remember-but it didn't really matter. One thing I liked about the Antelope Patrol was our willingness to explore strange new worlds. Mike's mom had laid out towels so after getting the water the correct temperature, we stepped in. I'd never showered with another guy. Of course in gym class I'd showered with hundreds of them but that was in a big gang shower room. A three foot square shower stall was something completely different. After trying to wash ourselves, it seemed more natural to be washing each other. I thought this was groovy. I was not alone. Between the washing and the constant body contact, we both got boners again. At one point we experienced a very fine combination of four hands, four cheeks, two loose sacks containing four nuts, two hard dicks and one bar of soap. This was real belly rubbing. I needed to cum. Still, jerking off with Barry in this tight space would have been too much even for our close relationship. Other obvious methods of sexual release were completely off the table, even as they were looking more inevitable with each minute we spent in the shower. Instead, we got out and dried off, remaining quite hard. We followed our dicks back into the rec room. After Mike and Curt left for their shower, Barry and I sat next to each other on the couch, our feet on the coffee table, and jerked off one last time. I dug this jack the most of any the entire night. From the noises he made and the way the couch rocked, I'm sure Barry felt the same way. I began jacking while holding onto one of the nudist life magazines but soon I put it down and closed my eyes. I thought back over this unique evening and I provided my own pictures instead. After the tease of the shower, I didn't waste any time cumming. It was one of those orgasms that turn you inside out. My dick swallowed my fist as their motions became one. Starting from my crotch, increasing waves of joy rolled through my skin. I thought about stopping my stroke and just running my fingers over the tip of my dick. Fuck that. Instead, I squeezed my prick tighter and tried to yank it off. I wasn't jacking my dick; I was totally beating on it. It was a fight that my dick was going to lose. What I didn't count on was the orgasm fighting back. My eyes exploded. I lost complete control. I knew only one thing: ecstasy. My head flew back and my arms fell to my sides as suddenly I came all over myself. I raised my head enough to see my dick spasm, still pulsing out cum. My breathing was in short gasps. Air was now hard to hold in. I let my head fall back again, feeling I might pass out. I didn't know where I was but it certainly wasn't Mike's basement. I needed to return. I breathed deeply and consciously. I began to focus on the room. I found some TP and started wiping up the mess. My dick still tingled. I take back what I said earlier. Maybe there was one other blast this night as good as Curt's.

Thirst eventually drove me off the couch to find an unopened Coke. I went back to reading Playboy. I had plenty of time as Mike's and Curt's shower seemed to last an eternity. I'm surprised they didn't run out of hot water. Maybe they did. They returned to the rec room still a little wet. I caught a glimpse of Curt giving Mike's butt cheek a nice squeeze as they walked down the hall. As opposed to Barry and me, they were both soft. I thought that might be the result when their shower had taken so long. I was jealous. I wondered whose hands had been where when they came. Apparently around here two boys showering together was as common as measuring somebody's long prick. Too bad I never returned to Mike's basement with Stookey. We cleaned up the rec room and went to bed. The next day, our fun was only mentioned once. Coming up behind me on the stairs as we headed for breakfast, Curt whispered, swordfight? I laughed.

Curt was introduced to the rest of the Antelope Patrol's jerk off club on our next camping trip. I don't remember anything about that meeting except Curt showing off. The patrol hiked to a place Stookey had found, up a side canyon and behind some rocks. It was definitely secluded and we could easily hear anybody coming up the canyon. On the hike up, I gave Curt a pocket tape measure I always carried in my pack. I told him to keep it. He laughed, said thanks and hit me hard in the shoulder. Curt was another jock I liked.



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