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Answer To: What Other Women Do

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I am at least one woman who enjoys herself immensely... not one word of my story is fiction. There have to be many of us out there.


By some standards, I am a Senior Citizen. Strangely, I find that I am much more sexual than I was at 20. I pleasure myself every day, many times to multiple orgasms. I am retired and live alone which gives me plenty of time to enjoy myself when I wake up, before going to sleep or both.

Naked, I begin by lightly running my hands over my body. Although I think I am too heavy, my skin is still good and it feels good to me. I grasp my breasts with my hands and roll my nipples around with my thumb and forefinger. When I do this, I feel electricity run straight to my clitoris and my pussy starts throbbing. I continue squeezing my breasts and my nipples. I purposely do not touch myself between my legs until I feel I can no longer stand it. I place a pillow under my hips and cover it with a towel. When it is time to touch myself, I place my right palm on my partially shaven public bone and drag my fingertips through the hair that remains around my outer labia... my left hand is on my nipples. The sensation is fantastic... my hips automatically rise when I do this. I take my time and tease my self until the pleasure is overwhelming. My knees are bent and my legs spread open wide. I watch my hand as all this happens. Sometimes I am in front my full-length mirror.

What I have done so far has made my pussy very wet. Now I slowly begin the real pleasure. I run my fingers in and out of my pussy until they are wet and then I rub the wetness over the outside of my pussy... the throbbing intensifies. I caress my clit and labia... the sensation is agonizing and makes me want to cum right away but that is for later... much later. I like to prolong the pleasure. Passing time in this excruciating fashion is one of my favorite things to do.

Writing about this solitary aspect my of life has filled me with such desire that I want to stop writing and make myself cum but I have not finished the telling of how it is done.

As the agony continues, I pinch my nipples again and again the sensation goes straight to my clitoris which is now quite enlarged and slippery. I fantasize about having a lover who would suck me and lick my pussy like an ice cream cone. Although I would prefer a woman, a man who was secure enough in his masculinity not to be put off by a woman who loves oral sex more than conventional intercourse would do just fine. I have many toys but there are things I cannot do for myself.

About a year ago I discovered that I am a woman who ejaculates upon orgasm. After two or three cums, my towel is soaked and I feel the need for my favorite toy, a 1 1/2 inch silver bullet. Pleasure in earnest begins now. With the bullet on low I place it on my well-lubricated clit and thrust two or three fingers in my pussy. I carry on in this fashion until it is time to turn up the speed. Still holding the bullet in place and thrusting with the fingers of my right hand, I caress and pinch my nipples with my left hand. My hips are rocking and I am breathing hard when the speed hits high. The sensation is almost unbearable. I bring myself to the edge time after time, backing off just before I cum. I talk to myself just as I would talk to a lover... the speaking intensifies the pleasure. Throughout the whole time I am in a constant state of orgasmic arousal and cum over and over, squirting each time.

There is, however, a different kind of orgasm still to be had. This orgasm cannot be gotten too quickly without wild thrusting of my fingers, edging and thrusting my hips. When it hits, it goes on and on, like those fireworks that just keep exploding. I don't hurry and savor every moment. By now I have spent two hours but the exhaustion is sweet.

Since this is a daily practice, on Sunday I arise from my bed, shower, and get dressed for church where I sing in the choir. Are there other women up there behind the pulpit singing angelically who spend time pleasuring themselves. I know of one, she is my best friend. Perhaps there are others. For their sakes, I hope so.

I love Solo Touch and have been reading the stories for a number of years. Let's hear more from mature women. C'mon ladies... out with it!



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