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Another Workout Before the Workout

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A little lengthy, but part 2 of my little episode.


Okay, I really wasn't sure what the reaction to my first story would be. Single Guy's response has encouraged me to share one more time. By the way, you've just given me an incredible fantasy for my next visit to the gym... ;-)
As I mentioned in the first posting, I have only recently (and I say recently cuz it's been there for 28 years and I never knew about it!) discovered my g-spot. So far I have only used a dildo for pleasure in that area. Anyway, after reading such hot stories earlier this week at work (as usual!), I was headed off to the gym with drenched panties again. I'd been playing with my clit a little the past few nights without a whole lot of relief and I was really horny by the time I left my office. Today I NEEDED something more. I've watched my share of porn and never understood why the women would want to use their fingers in their pussies. It's never done much for me before but today I was open to anything - lol no pun intended.
I entered a cube, kicked off my heels, hurrying to strip off my skirt and hose and sit down on the bench. I couldn't believe how wet my pussy was as I dipped a finger in for lube on my clit. Total pleasure swept through me and I leaned back to enjoy every sensation. Still slightly nervous about masturbating at the gym I gently teased myself trying to relax. My finger lightly stroked the top of my clit and a little to the side. My pussy ached for a total release. My nipples were hard little knobs against my bra and I couldn't stop myself from flicking them through my shirt. Not wanting to dip the tails of my silk shirt in my juices, I stood up to unbutton it and to free my 36D prisoners. Moments later two fingers rolled my bare nipples around and gently pinched and pulled. Pussy juice was now running down my thigh.
I began thinking about my previous fantasy and the fun I'd had last week... my secret lovers had given me such an incredible orgasm and I refused to have less this time. An urgent need that couldn't be ignored forced my finger further down and entered my love canal. I closed my eyes and tried not to groan in agony. This time I would have to make sure I was quiet, the gym wasn't as busy and didn't have the bustle going on outside to mask my activity. Inside closed eyes my fantasy came alive once more.
I could see her face and hair again - the shoulder length auburn locks and the brilliant blue eyes set in a heart shaped face. I could also see his form lurking in a shadow in the corner; the sexy chest covered in hair, the faint 5 o'clock shadow, and of course that incredible treasure trail leading south. My lover was still bent over me but was slowly reaching around to her backside and wiping the cum off her ass. Staring at our new friend she deliberately licked her fingers clean while he watched. I could see his cock starting to rise again from her erotic show. My fingers wandered down to my drenched pussy and I jumped at the sensations. Much to my surprise my clit wasn't over sensitive and I was ready for more. Slowly I circled my finger around my pussy as my lover meticulously wiped and licked up every drop from her rear.
I wasn't the only one who was feeling the need to play again. Our friend had taken his semi hard cock in his hand again and was silently motioning for my lover to sit next to me on the bench. She put her leg over mine and spread herself wide open for us both to see. I was torn on who to watch. Her breasts were so perfect and I reached over and ran the palm of my hand over her nipple and gently squeezed it. She sighed and that was it, she couldn't take any more. Her fingers flew to her pussy hole and she feverishly fucked herself with three fingers. I watched her for a minute then heard a steady pumping sound coming from the shadow in the corner. He was now fully hard and staring at my breasts and wet pussy. I winked at him and inserted two fingers into myself, slowly jerking just for him. Again our eyes locked and my eager fingers easily found my g-spot. Immediately my rhythm picked up and my finger work made me catch my breath. I was so horny and his cock turned me in ways I hadn't experienced. I watched spellbound as his hips rocked back and forth, making that hard penis fuck the strong male hand in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and wished it were me he was thrusting into; wanting his hands to roam my body instead of his.
I was so deep into my show that I didn't hear my lover climax until it was over. Utterly spent she sunk back against the wall with a grin and watched the two of us finishing ourselves. He stepped closer and I could smell his intoxicating male scent. I wanted his cum - I wanted to feel its warmth on my breasts and spread it all over my nipples. My fingers were hitting all the right places and I knew intense pleasure was near. With a sharp breath in I felt the beginning of my orgasm start and it washed over my entire body. I fought back the urge to scream and my hips bucked wildly. My pussy pounded with every wave and I finally felt his cum shooting all over my breasts and stomach.
My fingers were squishing loudly in my hole as my orgasm faded but I was beyond caring if someone heard me. My heart raced and I was still breathing hard. Now I finally understood why women let their fingers do the walking. Just then I realized that someone was just outside the door. There were several benches in the locker room sitting on front of the changing cubes but I couldn't tell which direction the sound came from. I had been too into my pleasure to hear anyone enter the room. My fingers silenced themselves and I listened hard. I couldn't see any feet and didn't dare stand up yet to peek out the crack; my cum was pooling itself on the bench at the crack of my ass. After a moment a bag rustled and footsteps rushed away. I chuckled to myself. I might never know if I had company until I try again...



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