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Another Workout After the Workout

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I am glad my post encouraged Single Gal to post another extremely erotic story on Solo. I have been masturbating for seventeen years now enjoying so many different experiences by myself and with others. I have played in all sorts of places and have masturbated with both guys and women. Every experience has helped me grow sexually in some way, feeling more comfortable with my body and becoming a better lover.
As in my last post, shortly after reading some stories on Solo (especially Single Gal's), I left for the gym very aroused. I wanted to make the feeling last so I forced myself to workout before letting myself pleasure myself. After a an hour of weight training and running on the treadmill, I was tired and really horny after spending all this time visualizing Single Gal's story in my head. Part of me wanted to head into the stall in the locker room and bring myself to another tremendous orgasm right then and there.
Luckily I live very close to the gym, so I quickly drove home so I could have a more involved session. Walking in the door, I stripped off all my clothes even though all the blinds were wide open. The feeling that someone might be watching me sending a shiver up my spine then back down my body. I needed to feel some release very SOON! Her fantasy still playing in my mind like a dream further fueling my desires.
As I walked back to my bedroom my stiffening cock was slapping against my thighs as it began to grow with my passion. Reaching my bed I crawled to the middle and lay down on my back. My hands slowly tracing my fingers over my body. Running my hands over chest circling my hard nipples with my fingertip. Slowly rolling my nipples between my thumb and forefinger enjoying the sweet ecstasy it caused to ripple through me. Running my hands through my hair and down my neck...trailing over my chest...to my stomach...my breathing getting faster with the mounting excitement. Finger dipping lower tracing on my inner thighs causing my hard cock to twitch. My hands moving back to my ass further arousing me and causing pre-cum to form on the tip of my cock. Barely touching I trace my fingers over my balls and up the underside of my raging cock.
Grabbing some lube from the nightstand I pour an ample amount into my hands and dribble a line down my cock. The cold lube feeling so erotic on my thick cock. Rubbing the slick liquid all over my cock feeling so incredible...the mix of warm and cold make the slickness feel even better.
By this time I began to fantasize about a fantasy woman entering my bedroom. Smiling she walks seductively over to the bed slowly removing her clothes as moved. I moved so I was leaning against the pillows facing her. As I watched her I brought my hands back to my hard cock and began to slowly rub with my fingers. Lying facing me she slowly began caressing her body and opened her thighs so I could clearly see her glistening pussy lips. Massaging her breasts...rubbing her nipples...sliding her hand down to slide a finger along her slit.
Moaning in pleasure I grasped my cock and began to stroke it while watching her pleasure herself. Rubbing her clit with to fingers then dipping them inside her to spread her juices over her clit. Her pussy lips becoming more swollen by the second as she slowly slides a finger deep inside her. Finger herself slowly then more quickly and urgently. Sliding a second finger inside I can tell she is very close to cumming. As she explodes, bucking her hips and moaning and screaming very loudly I continue stroking my cock feeling my impending orgasm.
As the waves of ecstasy subside, she moves closer and caresses my balls with her long nails and licks the head of my cock. Her tongue scooping up the pearl of pre-cum off. Sensing my inability to hold off any longer she positions herself so that the first spurt of cum lands on her chest and heaving breasts. My hips thrusting with each shot of cum as I have one of the most intense orgasms ever in my life.
Getting up to clean off the cum, I notice one of my neighbors in her bedroom. How much had she seen? If she saw anything did she enjoy it? Smiling to myself I walked to the bath for a shower.



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