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Another Who Loves Lingerie

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Having read the story 'The glory of lingerie' I thought I'd share my experiences


Like John I first discovered lingerie by trying on my mothers things. I can honestly say I can't remember when it started but I was young.

By the time I was 11 or 12 it turned from more than just playing into something that definitely was sexual although at the time I did not really understand that. It was the early 70s and my mother or father were not exactly open about things sexual and my discoveries were random from conversations in the school playing field. I remember I would slip on my mother's nighties or slips and I would always get an erection. I had not quite discovered masturbation but still there was big buzz from it.

It was around the same time that I first tried on more than just the nightie or slip. My mother had converted to wearing tights (or pantyhose as they call them in America) so there were no stockings to try but one day I put on here panties and then pulled her tights on over them. I loved the feeling on my legs and loved even more how they felt against a slip when I put on and they rustled together. I think I got very, very near to a climax then without really knowing it at the time.

About a year later I discovered masturbation proper and had a short 'holiday' from dressing in Mum's lingerie. I think I was asserting my masculinity and did not want to think I was gay (although at the time the word was not in common use and amongst our group the concept never even really mentioned). Then one day I was with a group of friends, all guys about the same age, and we were talking about our favourite subject-sex-and the topic of stripteases came up. There had been a TV show about strippers on and although totally tame showing no more that a woman slipping off a dress to show her underwear, we had all seen it. We were at one of my friends and his parents were out so were able to be quite uninhibited. I'm not sure how but somehow we turned the conversation into a challenge-whoever drew a low card from a deck had to do a strip for the rest of us. We all drew and one of the other guys lost. He did a rather lame dance took his clothes off one by one to some music on the radio. We were all laughing as he finally flung his under pants off to reveal his cock-standing proud in a little erection. Then one of my friends says the problem was he was not dressed right-let's play again and who loses has to dress like the stripper on the programme the night before. Except he would have to 'go all the way'.

We drew the cards again (the guy who lost first time was still naked). I lost. I made a short attempt to persuade them out of it but of course they were not having it and, to be honest the idea rather turned me on. We went into the parents bedroom. Even though we were alone and they were not expected back for hours I remember we were hushed and quiet as we went through his mothers clothes. The ring leader decided they would all choose what I had to wear and they went at the selection with relish. Eventually they selected some things as near to the woman from the show as possible.

Unlike my mother's wardrobe they had found some stockings with suspenders and matching bra and skimpy panties. Over those were to be a full length slip and long evening gown. They even got out some shoes but there was no way they would fit so abandoned the idea. I told them all to do back down stairs to select some music and I would be down to perform. I stripped off and was erect before I even started to put the clothes on. The stockings were really fine and silky-much classier than the tights my mother had. Putting the suspenders on was really hard and seemed to take ages but feeling when done was wonderful. I had worked out I need to put them on before the panties from pictures I'd seen in magazines passed round at school. The skimpy panties were too tiny to contain my cock even though it was not that large. The bra only had small cups but still it was not filled. I looked around and grabbed some tissues from a box by the bed and stuffed it a bit to give a hint of boobs. Next came the full length black slip and it felt wonder over the stockings and lingerie. With the stuffed bra there a nice line to it. Finally came the evening gown. That took a bit of work for me to do up as I was not used to how the fastenings at the back worked but finally I did. I was ready for my audience and went downstairs.

My heart pounded as I entered the living room. The guys wolf whistled and howled as I went in then some music from the stereo (although I think we called it a radiogram back then!) struck up. Somewhere they had found a copy of the classic 'stripper' track! I needed no encouragement and proceeded to bump and grind to the music. I have no idea if I looked good dancing or not but it felt good. I even wiggled up to the guys the way I had seen the woman on the programme do-in fact I was way more daring that she had been pressing right up against them. I even rubbed my back against the ring leader and motioned for him to unbuckle the dress. After some more vamping as I held it I finally let it fall to the floor. Next more wriggles and vamping and I let the slip fall off too. There were lots of wolf whistles as they saw me in the matching bra panties and suspenders. At that point there was a small hiccup-the music ran out before I was finished. Boos from the floor and someone restarted it and I was off again. I played the same trick again and let one of the guys undo the bra before I flung it into the audience to cries from the guys. My cock was clearly visible under the panties and I decided they might as well be next. I turned my back and wiggled it down while grinding my bum in their direction. I stepped out of but kept hold of it. I draped a loop of it over my stiff cock and turned round to a pose showing it hanging off it now. More howls and hoots which made my cock twitch with pleasure. Finally in time to the music I unhooked the stockings one at a time with my back to the audience again. I unclipped the suspender belt and finally in perfect time now to the last few bars of the song turned round to reveal my cock with the panties still hooked over and now joined by the two stocking. I froze in a pose as they all cheered.

There followed an awkward silence. Then the devil just got me. I could they were all sporting hard-ons-in fact one of them was still naked from early and not able to hide it. I picked up one of the tissues from the floor that had fallen from the bra as it dropped.

'Last one to cum is a sissy' I cried and started to pull off my cock. Actually I almost came on the spot but I wanted to see all their cocks and just held off until they all had their pants down and were wanking away. I came first in a hard squirt that I barely caught in the tissue but the rest were not far behind me.

Afterwards it all felt a bit awkward as we dressed. We picked up the guy's mother's clothes and hung them back up. Finally we all just made excuses and left alone.

It was never to happen again and never even talked about but the memory will live with me forever and it fully awaken in me what had built earlier. I've spend a life time enjoying the feel on lingerie on my skin and even sharing it with a striptease again on a couple of occasions.

Wonderful memories.



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