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Another Very True Locker Room Story

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This happened two weeks ago so I figured I would post this now while the details are still very fresh in my mind.


I have thought about how much fun it would be to be with another guy for a couple years now, mostly only when I'm very horny. I never thought I would actually have the courage to make it happen though. The most I could do was to look in chatrooms for other horny guys to talk to on the computer. Even this was enough to get me extremely horny in seconds. Usually the people I talked to were from another state, somewhere far away but it was still fun to talk and tell each other the kinds of things we'd want to try.

My fantasy really took off one day when somehow I actually met someone online who was my age and from the exact same small town as I am. He was a swimmer with a very nice body and he happened to be very curious about what it would be like to have a guy to hang out and jerk off with, as was I. After exchanging some pictures and talking online for about three months we finally decided that we would meet in a sauna at a gym in our town.

After being insanely horny every day thinking about what I had agreed to do, the day we had decided on finally came. I went into my bathroom and stripped down naked. He told me that he wasn't into hairy guys so I deided I was going to make his wishes come true. I shaved my thighs, ass...everything. Shaved it completely smooth for him, hopped in the shower and then went to the sauna to wait. I got there before him and stripped down, wrapped a towel around me and went into the sauna which, thankfully, was empty. My dick is usually about seven inches but today it was definately slightly bigger because of how excited I was. He walked into the sauna with only a towel on as well and sat down next to me. We exchanged awkward/nervous hellos and sat for about fifteen seconds until I said, 'Well, I guess I might as well just...' and opened my towel revealing my VERY hard, thick dick to the first guy of my life. Just showing my dick to another guy sent a chill of excitement through my body. His eyes lit up and he didn't waste a second before wrapping his hand around it, admiring my size. He then grabbed my balls and played with them in his hand. He really wasn't even trying to make it feel good at this point, just checking me out, but every second of this was heaven. He complimented my body and then opened his towel as well.

His dick was a little bit smaller and thinner than mine but as soon as his towel opened his dick sprang up and slapped against his stomach. It had the sexiest upward curve and I grabbed it and began jerking him. It felt so different from mine and I loved it. He asked me to stand up and he squeezed my ass and ran his hands all over it. I then sat back down and we really got to jerking each other hard. It was the best feeling I had had in a while. I told him I didn't know how much longer I could last and he said just wait for me. It was a struggle but I was able to hold it in until he said 'Ok, you ready?'. I nodded and we both continued jerking each other until we shot our cum everywhere.

I don't know about him but that is by far the most cum I had ever shot and definately the farthest. After that we leaned back and let out a nice sigh. I noticed my hand was covered in his cum and his with mine. We walked out of the sauna into an empty locker room (except for one older guy at the other end) and straight into the big open shower room. We turned on two shower heads that were right beside each other and took a very relaxing shower next to each other, taking our time and checking out each others naked bodies. He grabbed my ass a bit more and I took it as a sign that it would be ok for me to do the same. I turned him around and rubbed it, squeezed it and even gave it a little kiss. After that we dried off and said bye. I really can't wait until the next time we are both in town.



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