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Another time with John

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The morning after started off the same way the night ended.


So like I said in my previous story “first time with another boy” (May 25th)I had many kinky moments as a young man, this is another with John. After our first night were we went at it, nudity and touching became a common thing between me and him, especially because he had the top floor (although very small) with a full bathroom all to himself. The next morning it was raining hard so going out was not happening so I figured we would do the usual playing video games and drawing or painting, he and I loved art and would often spend hours drawing cartoons or flip books or painting.

John called for me to come into the bathroom where he was standing naked, even though we had been very intimate the night before it was still a little weird to see him that way in the daylight. But it got me instantly excited, I loved the pale cream color of his skin and the pink of his penis. He asked if I wanted to take a shower with him so we can start the day quicker. I knew that that was an excuse but I really didn't care I wanted to do it anyway. So I striped off my underwear and stepped nervously in. I was facing the shower head and he stood behind me, asking me to hand him the soap, I complied. With that I felt his hand on my back soaping me up, running it over my shoulders and then down to my hips. Once he got there he reached around and started to wash my penis which was of course hard, he gently stroked it and then said open your legs and bend forward a bit and I will wash your balls, this really made me nervous just because I felt so vulnerable, as he reached between my legs and caressed me I moaned and he asked if it felt good? I said “yes” he then started rubbing my asshole and said “I want to do something” I asked “what”, “can I put my finger in here?” he said rubbing my asshole. I said “um I don't know, what do you mean?” “in” he said. There was a silence where all you could here was the shower and then I felt the bar of soap rubbing my asshole and lathering it up.

Then I felt it happen, “ahhh” I said as I felt it go in, there was a definite pain and a slight burn, I figured from the soap but found out later that it would be there soap or not. I squeezed tight as he slip it in and out. He loved the feeling and said he wanted to masturbate while doing it, I looked back and saw him touching himself so I decide to do the same. As soon as I started masturbating his finger felt more and more wonderful. With my other hand I reached back and grabbed his cock, that is all it took soon he was moaning as he came all over my hand and back of my leg, while he was cumming he shoved his finger deep in me which felt like an electric shock causing me to cum all over the wall in front of me. When he finally pulled it out it made my knees buckle.

“Damn that was hot” he said I was pretty quiet not sure how to feel about it because I didn't consider myself gay and had know idea what Bi was, but I really liked it. We got out and dried off went down and had breakfast which was even weirder because we were there with his mother and older sister and all I could think about was the feeling of his finger in my ass. Staring at his sisters bra less little titties through her white t-shirt made me hornier. By the time we finished breakfast I was so worked up I needed to masturbate again.

His mother asked if we wanted to come to the store with her and his sister we said no and made our way back up to his room. We started to pull out all of the painting supplies and figured we would do some art. As we started I asked him if we could watch another porno which he smiled and said yeah. We put on the movie and before I said anything he already grabbed the Vaseline and put it on the floor near us. John and I stripped down and he got very close to me and didn't waste time starting to touch me. He told me that he wanted me to do to him what he did to me in the shower. Remembering the prior night and how turned on it made me I said “okay” let's do it like her, the woman on the screen was on her back with her legs up and knees pressed against her chest, he did that and said here use this, grabbing a thick handed palette knife used for oil paint. The handle was large smooth and wood.

He directed me to rub the petroleum jelly on it and I started to try and push it into his asshole. He grunted and groaned as I worked it in, I felt a bump and it slid right in. He moaned like the girl on the screen playing our little copy cat porn game. I played with myself as he did the same to himself. I was so horny it didn't take me long looking at his tight balls and pink asshole as he jerked off. I raised up on my knees and sprayed cum all over his balls and the wooden shaft entering his asshole. I was just coming down from my orgasm when he said “do that” I looked on the screen he was pointing at and saw the woman giving her partner a blow job. I stammered out a “what do you mean?” “put it in your mouth” he said as he held his penis at the base straight up in the air. The look of his asshole filled with the wooden handle and bright pink cock with my cum on his balls made me move towards him without thought, I grabbed his dick and played with it for a few seconds causing it to get a bead of precum on it. “Do it soon I am about to come” he said, I was scared of the taste and not knowing if I would do it right.

I stuck my tongue out nervously and touched the tip of it to the precum which tasted strange but not bad. He grabbed the back of my head like the male actor and pushed my mouth onto his cock. “Oh my God yesss” he said as I felt his cock enter my mouth, it felt so smooth and hard. I only moved up and down a few times before he tensed up forcing the wooden handle out of his ass and I felt his cock grow bigger then he just grunted, I felt a warm rush into my mouth and back of my throat making me gag and pull him out of my mouth which caused him to spray 3 more gobs of thick white cum onto my hand and face. “oh shit!” he said with a laugh but also a relief in his voice. I was in a bit of shock but super turned on as I looked at his cum on my hand. “That was amazing, How did it taste?” he asked “okay” I said, looking at my hand he said “what about the rest?” I looked at him as I raised my hand to my lips and licked the rest of his cum off of it.

This was my first taste of his cum but after that barrier was broken down we became connoisseurs of each others spunk, cleaning up was never a problem as long as there was a tongue and a mouth nearby.



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