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Another Sister Story Part 3

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The thrilling conclusion.


We knew that Luciana must have heard us. At the very least, she knew we had both been in the shower. Angie and I were both frozen in panic. Somewhere in the back of our minds we knew what we were doing was wrong. I guess it was hormones that made us not care. I expected something really terrible to happen. For Luciana to yell at us, to tell Melissa who would yell at us, who would then tell our parents. And then Angie and I would never see the light of day again.

We stood there wet and naked for a few moments, waiting for whatever was going to happen to happen. My heart was pounding.

But Luciana did nothing. She stepped back, smiled, and said 'I'll get dinner going. Come downstairs when you're both dressed.' And, with that, she disappeared.

Angie and I both let out deep sighs of relief. Maybe Luciana hadn't heard anything. Maybe she thought we were just showering. In any event, rather than push our luck, Angie and I quickly dried off and got dressed.

Everything went on as it normally would. Angie and I decided to quit while we were ahead, and not masturbate in front of each other again. The rest of our vacation was pretty quiet. Melissa's vacation finally kicked in, and she spent much of her time taking Angie and me all over town. I think her intention was to make us need a vacation after our vacation.

We spent our last day with Melissa down by the pond. Luciana had gone somewhere with her friends, so it was just Angie and I with our aunt. As it turns out, swimming nude at the pond wasn't Luciana's idea. It was her mother's, because Melissa didn't bother bringing a swimsuit. She already knew that Angie and I had swum naked with Luciana and told us it was okay to join her.

I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't really want to get horny in front of my aunt. And with Angie there naked, I knew my mind would wander to the little adventures she and I had earlier in our stay. But when I saw Angie undressing, I decided I would join her and my aunt. I got naked and jumped in the water.

Melissa, though an older woman by my standards then, was still a knockout. Her breasts sagged a bit from age, but otherwise she was a fairly fit woman. I also noticed immediately that she had a full bush. It was trimmed into a triangle, but it was still much thicker than Angie's or Luciana's. I did my best not to stare at Melissa or Angie, and, luckily, I didn't get a boner while we were at the pond.

Later in the day, Melissa took us back to the house, and I was now treated to the sight of a young girl's butt compared to an older woman's. Melissa's butt had just the slightest sag, but she really did take good care of herself. Her body was stunning.

We all dressed. We ate dinner, watched a movie, and then Melissa was off to bed. Angie and I stayed up and waited for Luciana to return home. This was the first time Angie and I had been alone since Luciana had caught us. It was awkward to say the least. Never had I felt so strange around my sister. I wondered what she was thinking, but was afraid to talk. Finally, mercifully, Luciana came home.

And, much to our surprise, she was a little tipsy. She realized it was our last night, and nearly demanded that the three of us go swimming one last time. It didn't matter to her that it was past midnight. So we went as a group out the back yard, down the path, and to the pond.

The moon was full that night. Everything was perfectly illuminated. The girls undressed, the moonlight making their skin look like ivory. I undressed as well and we quietly dipped into the freezing water.

We swam, we splashed, and Luciana giggled more than I think I've ever heard her giggle. Angie and I listened as Luciana babbled on about various things, some of it making sense, most of it not. And then came the kicker.

'So,' she said. 'You guys like to play with each other.' I think we both knew what she meant, but we played dumb. 'With your privates,' she stammered. 'You guys play with each others privates. I heard you in the bathroom. It's no big deal, as long as you guys aren't actually having sex.' We were surprised at how frank Luciana was being.

We swam more, and eventually went back to the house. Bed, breakfast, airport, and soon enough, Angie and I were home. It was a week before Angie and I were alone together again. That Friday, mom and dad were off to work, and neither Angie or myself had anything to do. I woke up late. I went downstairs to the family room and found Angie in just a towel. She had just taken a shower, and offered to make me some breakfast. I gladly accepted and we went to the kitchen.

Angie made breakfast. We chatted, though we both seemed to want to keep the conversation safe. We ate. And then Angie said she was going to go get dressed. And then she asked me to come with her.

I followed Angie upstairs. She dropped her towel as she entered her room. 'I want to show you something,' she said. She reached into the top drawer of her dresser and pulled out a vibrator. 'Take your clothes off,' she ordered. I did as she said. I stood naked in front of her. She sat on her bed, turned on the vibrator, leaned back and spread her legs. She gently placed the vibrator against her clit and let out a soft moan. My cock began to respond.

Angie looked at my dick as it got harder, and soon my fingers were wrapped around it, jerking as I watched Angie slide the vibrator into her wet pussy. As I jerked harder, she pumped harder, her breathing coming in short little gasps. She could see from my face I was about to cum and ordered me to cum on her tits.

I rushed over to her as fast as I could, jerking my cock as cum spurted out, onto her perfect tits. Angie began to cum as well, and this time she let out an incredibly scream as her body was rocked with an intense orgasm.

We caught our breath. I asked Angie where she got her toy, and she said 'Mom bought it for me when I turned 16.' I wondered if Angie and our mother ever masturbated together, but at the time I decided that was best left alone. Angie excused herself to clean up, telling me she would shower first. As I waited for Angie, I jerked off again in her room, using a pair of her panties to catch the cum.

Our sessions were infrequent. Soon, Angie had a boyfriend and her needs were being taken care of. I always look back on those days, when we got off together. I don't think Angie and I were ever closer. It's also fun to masturbate to the memory.



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