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Another Sister Story

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The recent story 'My Sister and I' made me want to share a story about my older sister.


When I was 13 and my sister Angie was 16, we were sent out to spend a couple of weeks of the summer with our Aunt in Michigan. Aunt Melissa had one daughter, Luciana, who was 19 at the time. Luciana was home from college. Melissa had divorced her husband not long after Luciana was born, and so it was just the two of them. Melissa loved kids, so we were always welcome to stay with her. I spent a few summers growing up at her little house in the country.

It had been a few years since I had seen Luciana, and I was struck immediately at how beautiful she was. She had dark, curly hair, a nice round butt and perfectly proportioned breasts. She was absolutely stunning. I knew I would see her a lot in a swimsuit, and even though she was my cousin, my pubescent curiosity was in control. I hoped dearly that she wore a bikini.

We arrived at night, and spent the evening catching up and reminiscing about our last visit. The next morning, Melissa went off to work, leaving us in the care of Luciana. After breakfast, Luciana said we would go straight to the pond. The pond was in the woods behind the house. It was very private, and a great place to go swimming in the summer.

I walked behind Luciana and my sis as we made our way to the pond. Angie had a t-shirt on over her bikini, but I couldn't help but notice how it was riding up over her cute little butt. I realized I was noticing my sister's butt and turned my attention to my cousin's butt, not thinking about how that didn't improve my moral situation. We finally reached the pond, got down to our bathing suits (much to my delight, Luciana was wearing a bikini, as was my sister). We quickly jumped in and spent some quality time swimming.

At one point, I realized Luciana and Angie were off to the side chatting. I didn't want to make it obvious I was listening, so I tried to make it seem like I was absentmindedly swimming around. I was catching little snippets of what they were saying, though I was unable to piece together the whole conversation. Then I eventually heard Luciana actually say 'I prefer to swim naked here when no one's around.'

I couldn't believe what I just heard. The thought of it gave me an almost instant boner. My swimming began to stop so I could hear my sister's reaction. To my surprise and delight, Angie though that sounded like a great idea.

By this time, they had both realized I was listening. Rather than embarrass me, Luciana repeated what she had said to Angie, and asked if I would be okay with her swimming nude. I tried not to sound too enthusiastic in my reply. Luciana smiled as she began taking off her bikini, then offered for us to join her.

Angie looked at me and asked 'are you okay with me being naked?' I just nodded. No words would come out. She said I could get naked too, but there was some hesitation on my part. I didn't want the girls to see my raging boner.

I watched as Luciana, now nude, tossed her bikini onto the rocks. There was a jiggle of her breasts as she flung the swimsuit away. Her pussy was nicely trimmed. Her butt was well toned. And I noticed there were no tan lines. I then watched as Angie removed her top, and her perfect little b-cup breasts sagged ever so slightly after their release. She then gently untied her bikini bottom, pulling the material off of her, and tossing the suit away in a similar fashion to Luciana. My sister was a vision. Her shapes were nicely rounded and smooth, though she carried no fat or excess weight. Her breasts were perky, her butt was soft and round, and her pussy was trimmed. She had tan lines, which only made the sight of her that much more delightful to me. It seemed more forbidden.

And so there I was, with my cousin and my sister, both of them naked. It was my turn to undress but I had a rock hard dick I didn't want them to see. Angie asked me what was the matter, and Luciana laughed. 'He's got a boner,' she explained. Angie had to think about it for a second, and then she laughed as well. This didn't motivate me any.

Luciana realized I was embarrassed and told me that it was okay, it was normal for boys my age and that they wouldn't laugh anymore. After a little more coaxing by both her and my sister, I quickly tore my suit off and threw it on the rocks, diving back into the water before either could get a good look at me. They laughed a little, but soon we were back to swimming, and I even started to forget that I was naked with two gorgeous young ladies.

It was getting close to lunch time. Rather than put on cold swimsuits, Luciana suggested we walk back to the house naked and let the sun dry us. Fine with me, as I'd get to enjoy a nice view. As we walked, Luciana and Angie talked, and I soaked in the sight of two amazing butts walking in front of me. When we reached the house, Luciana realized there was no food for lunch. She offered to buy some sandwiches at a local deli, though by local she meant about half an hour away. I assumed we would go with her, but Angie decided to stay behind. I have no idea why, but I wanted to stay with her. Luciana then left, and somehow I ended up alone in that house with my sister, both of us naked.

And, of course, I was getting a boner.

I immediately dropped my hands to hide it, but Angie wanted to get a better look. She pulled my hands away and looked at it, in awe of my hardness. She asked me 'does this happen a lot?' I said yes, and then she asked 'do you play with it?' I couldn't believe my sister knew guys jacked it. But I didn't want her to think I was a perv, so I said no. She nodded and asked 'do you know how?' I continued to play dumb.

And then she looked me right in the eye and said 'I'll show you how then.'

I couldn't believe it. My sister was going to give me masturbation lessons! I nodded, and she then wrapped her hand around my cock, and began pulling at me. I asked her how she knew how to do this, and she admitted to having done it a couple times with her ex-boyfriend. After she got a good rhythm going, she told me to take over. I was a little disappointed at first, hoping she would finish the job, but that disappointment quickly turned to excitement as Angie sat on the couch and spread her legs, allowing me a complete view of her perfect little pussy. With one hand she began working her clit, the other pushed a finger into her slit. She moaned a little as she penetrated herself, never taking her eyes off my cock.

Her finger pushed in and out in rhythm with my hand, her other fingers furiously rubbing at her clit. To my amazement, she came before I did, squealing with delight as an orgasm washed over her. She saw me begin to grimace, and dove down to the floor, telling me to aim my dick at her chest. Moments later, I shot my load all over her amazing tits.

We both took a moment to catch our breath. We just looked at each other and smiled. She looked at her tits and said 'we'd better clean up before Luciana gets back.' I agreed, and followed Angie into the shower. Us showering together wasn't the best idea, since she allowed me to play with her pussy while she played with my cock.

For the first week, Angie and I would sneak off when we could to play with each other. Eventually, Luciana became wise to what we were doing. But that's a whole other story.



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