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Another Sis and Bro Story

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This is in response to Sis and Bro Learning About Sex that was posted last month.


This story is in response to 'Sis and Bro Learning About Sex' that was posted last month. After reading it I really felt like I should post my own similar experience. I thought it was great to see that other sibs have explored stuff together and I think more people do than really admit it. Your story is so like what happened a few years ago between me and my bro that I just had to write and tell mine.

I was 14 and my brother was 16 when this happened. I had never thought of my older bro in a sexual way until one day when I walked in on him getting off in the bathroom. At 14 I was so horny all the time and I masturbated quite a bit. I started when I was 13 and I just loved being in my room at night and getting myself off. I used to think a lot about boys at school and what they would look like naked and used to fantasize about watching them jerk off.

One day I walked into our upstairs bathroom and found my brother totally naked standing at the sink jerking off. OMG was I stunned. I stood there for a sec just staring at my naked bro until he finally grabbed a towel and started yelling at me to get out. So I just closed the door real quick and left and went back to my room. I stood in my room thinking about what I just saw and couldn't believe it. I was so nervous but like so excited at the same time. I ended up just staying in my room for the longest time.

Later that evening my bro and I ran into each other but nothing was said by either one of us. He just looked at me but neither one of said anything, we just acted like nothing happened. I finally calmed down and I couldn't take it anymore so I ended up going to bed early and rubbing myself for an hour thinking about what I just saw. My bro had a nice body, good ass, and a really nice dick. Imagining him jerking off gave me one of the best orgasms ever. Over the next several days I must have masturbated 10 times.

I eventually started thinking about how I would really like to be able to look at a boy naked and take my time looking and then watch him jerk off. I was dying to see a boy hard and feel it, and watch the stuff come out. I finally decided that I had to get up my nerve and talk to my bro and just put it out there and see what he said. I wasnt nearly quite as bold as the girl who wrote the other story though. I was amazed that she was able to just drop her towel in front of her brother like that. One Friday night when our parents were out I decided to just go for it and try talking to my bro and see what would happen. I had no idea how he would take it or what I was going to say.

I knocked on his door and when he answered I asked if I could come in. I said I felt like I should have said something and wanted to say I was sorry for walking in on him last week. He told me I was such a jerk and to just leave him alone. I got up the nerve to tell him it was no big deal to jerk off and that I knew all guys did it. He said I didn't know anything and just leave him alone. I don't know how I was able to do it but I was able to blurt out something along the lines of 'well your not the only one in this house who does it you know'. I could tell from the look on his face that he didn't know what to say. I turned around to leave and he finally said,'are you talking about you'? I said well yea. He was like 'you've been doing it'? I was pretty embarrassed but I said yes. Then out of no where he asked me 'so do you do it a lot or what'? He said if I told him that he would tell me. Oh man was this starting to make me horny, but I was so shy. He asked me again and I lied and said I did it a couple times a week. When he said he did it like every day I know I could feel myself getting wet.

We joked around a little and I finally told him that he looked pretty good when I saw him in the bathroom. I went so far as to say that I thought it would be great if I could see him naked again. He said 'well I'll let you but you're gonna have to strip first if you wanna see me again cuz you've already seen everything'. OMG. I was floored. I remember getting so nervous. At first I didnt know what to say. We ended up talking and finally agreed that if I stripped he would strip too and that we could look at each other. It was so weird but I agreed to do it. I got down to my bra and underwear and didn't know if I could do it though. He was wearing some gym shorts and I could tell he was getting hard seeing me in my bra and panties. He swore he would take it all off if I did. I finally couldn't take it anymore, I was dying to see him naked. I ended up turning around and quickly taking off my bra and pulling down my panties and standing there naked with my back to him kind of covering my boobs. He told me I had to turn around and let him see and so I finally just turned around and stood there letting him look at me totally naked. I'm kinda skinny with small boobs and I have trimmed black pubic hair, and a nice butt I think. In no time he pulled off his gym shorts and before you know it I was looking at my first real hard on and naked boy. Wow was it great. I couldn't believe it. It actually felt so good to finally be naked with someone and looking.

We ended up hanging out for a while, totally naked, talking about how great it was to be exploring each other. I was so focused on his hard on and he let me feel it. It was so cool to feel it hard. I let him feel my boobs and ended up sitting back on the bed and letting him see me spread. I was so horny and I couldn't believe my bro was actually looking at my clit and he finally asked me to turn over so he could see my ass again. He asked me if he could spread my butt cheeks and look closer and at that point I could care less and we were letting each other see whatever we wanted. I finally admitted that I masturbate a lot more than a couple times a week. Without saying anything he started jerking off and said he needed to cum really bad. I just followed and starting rubbing myself like crazy and before you know it we were both cumming and I got to see my bro squirt it out. Amazing! He had a great looking dick, nice pubic hair, and a great butt too.

Over the next coupe of years we would get naked when we had the chance and masturbate. When we first started we did it a lot but then tapered to maybe once a week or every other week, sometimes more. Even if one of us was dating someone we would still have our little sessions once a week or so. When our parents were around a lot and we couldn't get any privacy then sometimes we would tell each other we masturbated last night. We were so into watching each other do it. We didn't get into a lot of touching each other though like the other girl and her brother. I did feel his hard on and he felt and touched all my stuff basically but we didn't make it a habit of touching each other. I even let him watch me using my hairbrush sometimes and that says a lot. Once he went away to school things basically stopped but our teen years were great. We always knew we had a sexual release.



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