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Another Phone Call from Mom

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Showing mom's art work at City Hall


My mom called me again about ten days later. She was peppy and after making the usual chit chat about everyday things she gave the reason for her call. 'Mike the City is having me and six other artists to display our work in the city hall next week and I would like you to attend the showing with me.' 'When is it?' I said. She says, 'Next Thursday night at 7:00, can you make it?' 'Yes I can!' I said. 'Great, make sure you look your best ok?' She says.

'I won't disappoint you mom. Anything else you want to talk about?' I said. She giggles and says sweetly, 'No not right now but I am looking forward to seeing you UP there.' She kept giggling and said she had to go. Bye.

I get to her house at 6:30 and she is all dressed and excited of course. She was wearing a black skirt, low heels and a beige satin long sleeved blouse and her hair was done up. She looked great, she smelled great and after she puttered around a bit we get into the car. It was a short drive to the City Hall and in the car she says, 'Mike it means a lot to me to have you go with me to this.' She turns and gives me a big smile.

The paintings were displayed in the foyer of the Hall and she had been given an honorable mention on a painting she did of a fishing trawler and a second place of an African Ebony princess in a purple gown with a purple head piece sitting on top.

A small but telling event happened while she and I and others were viewing the paintings. She and I were standing close enough to one another that when she turned to go and see the other paintings she lightly graced my arm with her breasts! She did that without blinking an eye or saying anything.

There were about sixty people attending, several of her friends and her sister in law, my sister and a couple of her neighbors. There was a reception area and laid out was punch and cookies and coffee.

This all lasted about and hour and the shin dig started to break up. The paintings were to be displayed for another month so I didn't have to haul them back to her house.

In the car my mom was jabbering away how much fun she had and she asked me if I had to get back right away. I said that I didn't so we went inside.

Since this whole deal was about my mom I had no intention of spoiling this for her. She asked me if I wanted to have some wine with her. We get the wine and she sits down at the matching chair and I sit on the couch. She lifts her glass and says, 'You look very nice tonight Mike, I was proud to be with you.' I said, 'Yes I was glad to be here to see what fine paintings you had and I had a great time too!'

My mom had crossed her legs and just a little bit of her black slip showed and I glanced at it. She looked at it too. She smiled and said 'You like seeing that don't you Mike?' 'Yes I do mom!' I said. She then smiles and pulls her skirt up just enough to show a little more. Then silence. 'So what's on your dirty little mind Mike?' She says quietly.

'Well I have to admit mom you look very sexy sitting there with your slip showing!' Then she nods her head and says, 'Does this have anything to do about what we talked about last week?' 'Somewhat!' I said. She giggles and says, 'I thought so!' I could feel myself getting aroused. I didn't want to spoil this by just coming out and saying anything sexual so I just sat there.

She finishes off her wine and puts the glass on to the coffee table. 'Well I feel a bit better now, where were we Mike?' She glances at her leg and gives me this penetrating look. With my heart pounding nearly out of my chest I said and taking a big chance, 'Do you want to see me cum?' She says without a smile, 'Yes I do!'

I said, 'I wasn't sure you would still want to do this.' Then with this quiver in her voice she says, 'I don't know why we talked about it and I said that I would so relax ok?' I just melted back into the couch stunned that she was so willing. 'Are you aroused right now Mike?' She says with a little smile. 'Yes I am mom!' She giggles and says, 'Well that's a step in the right direction.' Without saying anything else I unzipped my slacks and hauled my cock out of the fly. There it was all erect and standing proudly with her eyes as big as paper plates and a blush coming to her face.

She puts her hand over her mouth and says, 'You weren't kidding me Mike!' 'It's all that I have mom!' I said hoarsely. She takes her hand away and looks at my cock and back up into my eyes several times. She is only less than five feet away from me. She takes in a big breath of air and lets it out. 'It's beautiful Mike I like the head on it, it's very sexy looking!' she says. 'I'm glad you approve mom!' I said. She starts nodding her head and says, 'I had no idea you were like that.'

'Do you want to see it cum now?' I said. 'Of course I do but take your shirt off because I want to see you go on your stomach!'

I took my shirt off and undid my pants and slid them down and layed back on to the couch. I grasped my cock and slowly went back and forth and after about ten good pulls on it it was ready to blast. I was now breathing real heavy and sighing and she knew that I was getting ready to blow my load. She did nothing but keep her eyes on my cock. 'It's almost ready to cum mom!' I said, excitedly. Then the semen started shooting out with the first spurt landing above my navel and the rest kind of just oozing out onto my abdomen. Her eyes were dancing wildly and she blushed again and cooed, 'god Mike that was so sexy how do you feel?' 'Couldn't be better mom!' I said.

Then I took my hand off it and took a good look at all the cum on my stomach. I just loved having her looking at my cock still pulsing and laying on my stomach. Since I was finished but still in the thralls of ecstasy I just kept my hands to my side. She was breathing real heavy and smiled at me. 'So I guess you're ok with what I've done mom?' I said.

'Yes I'm ok with it!' Then as if nothing had happened she starts in on talking about the showing again. I was having a ball, she would glance ever so often and smile and keep right on. Finally my cock got soft but she just kept chatting away. Since I loved having her looking at my cock and still talk I didn't do anything about getting dressed. We must have talked like that for a half hour with her stealing glances at me. So I said, 'You must be very comfortable with me like this mom?' 'I am Mike but it's getting late and it has been a long day so button up.' Then at the door she says, 'Mike I did get a charge out of seeing all of your semen on your chest, but let's not get carried away with this ok?' I said that it was fine by me and went home.



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