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Another One Of My Fantasies

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I enjoy telling secrets of my past & I have yet to write about so many exciting times I've had but I also want to share my inner most fantasies, those that give me mind blowing orgasms. This is one of my favorites I use often while I vibrate my clitoris. I hope you like it too.

This fantasy came to life after a GF told me about her experiences getting her bare ass caned. She & her boyfriend at the time were on vacation in Jamaica & met a couple at the resort who were into swapping & other things. One night she agreed to let the woman cane her back at the room while the guys watched. The way she described standing over the bed, nude getting her bare ass caned by this woman was so exciting! She described how it stung hard but she wanted more & more. She said her ass was striped red & it made her feel sexy on the nude beach when people saw her ass. She has a nice firm butt too I should add.


Some of my fantasies take me places & allow me to be a part of things I'd never really do. This is one.

I take a job overseas working for a secret company. We train people to do some special services that require the utmost discipline. My job is to take in the new recruits on their second day & make sure they understand what they will be faced with should they step out of line & require discipline that may be ordered by their staff leader.

It's a warm sunny day & where we're outside surrounded by lots of land & trees as a barrier so nobody can see in. A bus pulls up with 10 new recruits that are ordered to stand at attention waiting for me. I introduce myself & tell them that this is the last time they want to see me. What I am about to show them & what they will endure is a small portion of what they will face should they step out of line. I give them the chance to back out now or go forward. None back out & we begin.

I tell them that due to the intense training they are only allowed to masturbate once a week at end of each week. It's not a suggestion, it's a command. They are to meet with me each Saturday morning like today with all the others. That is where they must all masturbate together & they must orgasm. Proof of orgasm will be their semen they must catch in a cup provided.

Now that this is the first day they will need to masturbate & cum once I allow them to. First it's time to introduce the possible discipline procedure.

Each new recruit is between 22 & 25, very fit & well groomed. Just prior to their coming to me each one was stripped of all body hair & given a short haircut. I order them to take off their clothes & fold them in a neat pile behind them. Each one does then stands in his underwear. I tell them they were not listening & all clothes includes underwear. Seconds later I have 10 nude young beautiful men standing in front of me. A few erections begin to stand which is normal. Then I have them follow me around to where the discipline will take place. We walk behind the small building to find a wooden apparatus that has been designed to keep recruits in place during the disciplining which is a caning on the bare ass.

The guys are at attention again & I order the first one to step forward to the caning post. He steps up & as I do with each one I give him the chance to back out now. He agrees to go forward & I show him how to mount the caning post. He reaches over his head to grasp a handle where I secure his grip. Then he is pulled forward over a bar that pushes his ass out & pulls him up on his toes. Now that he's stretched out he is in position for the caning.

I take down the long thin cane & tell him he will only get 10 strokes that day only to feel a portion of what he would get should he step out of line. I draw back & let the cane strike down fast & hard on his firm white ass. He squeals out loud & his whole body jerks when the cane hits his ass. I draw back & give him another with the same results. I can hear his breathing getting hard & his body begins to shake. Once again I let his ass have another sharp sting of the cane. His white ass is now beginning to show red stripes from each time the cane stings him. I leave about 15 seconds between each stroke so he can feel the intensity & then the fear of the next about to follow.

Once I'm finished I release the upper bar & allow him to relax. He stands up straight & I tell him he did well. I ask if he thinks he will ever be back & he sharply replies NO.

I tell him to go back to where he was & point at the next recruit that it's his turn. He steps up shaking like a leaf. I tell him to get in place then he's positioned the same stretched out with his tightly rounded.

I give him his strokes exactly as the last. I soon learn that this is a very arousing thing for me to do & that I truly enjoy caning these hot young asses.

After each one is given his caning I tell them it is time for the weekly masturbation session. I guide the nude recruits inside to an open room. There is a large red circle painted on the floor & a pile of white towels & a stack of plastic cups on a table. I tell each guy to take a towel & a cup & find a spot on the on the circle. Once they find a spot I tell them to place the towel on the floor & sit down cross legged & wait for me to return. A few minutes later I return with about 40 other recruits, all naked who already know the drill. They are to remain seated until they are going to ejaculate. Then they must stand & ejaculate into the cup. Once they have drained all their semen into the cup they are to sit & wait until each & every recruit is finished.

They join the new recruits for their weekly masturbation that is required. Soon they are in a tight circle with no room for others. They all sit as directed shoulder to shoulder with legs crossed. I look up at the clock & tell them to wait for my signal before they begin masturbating & that once they start they have 30 minutes to finish should they need it. I also tell them they are allowed to ejaculate as many times as they feel they need to but it must be done in the 30 minutes.

The clock strikes 11:00 sharp & I tell them to begin. Now I'm overlooking 50 young studs stroking their cocks. It's my favorite day each week. There is nothing but the sounds of hands slapping up & down & heavy breathing with the odd oh & ah. I walk around the inner of the circle making sure that they are doing as they were told. After only a few short minutes one of the new recruits stands up. He stands tall with his shoulder back & his eyes closed running his hand back & forth over his rather long circumcised cock. I pay close attention to him making sure he does it properly. His breathing gets fast & short then his abs tighten rippling like water. He holds the cup at the end of his cock then with a long low grunt he shoots into the clear plastic cup. I can see each stream of semen shoot with power & the cup begins to show a line of building fluid. He's able to contain his body & not spill any semen. He finishes & I step forward & tell his to squeeze out all the semen into the cup. He squeezes his large cock from base to top like a tube of toothpaste & a large glob drops off the end into the cup. He looks up & smiles & I tell him to take his seat just as 2 others stand up to ejaculate. After a few more minutes I have a few guys ejaculating every few minutes. About the 15 minute mark I have 9 guys standing at once. All I can hear is moans & groans. I look around & see beautiful bodies squirting out loads of semen into the cups for me. It's a sight like no other. It's pure sexual raw stimulation for me.

It's close to the 30 minute mark & there are 2 new recruits that have yet to ejaculate into the cup. There are 5 guys who have been there a few weeks that are going for their second ejaculation because once a week is not enough. The 5 guys soon stand for their second round or orgasms. One by one they squirt a bit more semen into the cup then sit down feeling satisfied. 11:30 strikes & I tell them all to stand up, leave their semen cups on the table & put the towel in the laundry basket. There are still the 2 recruits that have not had an orgasm which is very obvious by their extra hard erections. I tell everyone else to go & have a great weekend but the two guys with erections must stay.

I make them stand & once the room is empty I ask them what the concern is. One guy tells me he has already masturbated that morning & does not need to do it again. When I ask about his erection he says he always has one as I noticed from the beginning. I tell them this will be the first & last time I do this for them & that I'm going to masturbate them & make sure they ejaculate as required. I tell them they have 5 minutes each or they must go back to the canning station for 20 strokes. Both are quite eager to ejaculate for me now.

I tell them so sit on the table beside each other then I take a cock in each hand & begin masturbating them. I ask if it feels good & they both say it is very good. Now I have a close view of their hairless bodies & genitals. Each guy is a bit on the thin side with lean toned muscle. Their balls are tightly hugging their bodies bouncing lightly with each stroke I give their tight bit of foreskin. I slow down & firm my grip. I make full strokes pulling down hard on their foreskins trying to pick up the feeling just a bit hoping for a faster ejaculation.

The guy on the left tells me he's soon going to cum. Now I'm so excited that I can't take any more. I move right in front of him & slow my strokes to a very slow pace. He looks down at me & I tell him it's ok to let go any time & I'll take care of his ejaculation. His body tightens up & his head drops back. His cock is bulging hard in my hand. I move a few inches from his cock & open my mouth wide waiting for my warm white reward. I see his body jerk & seconds after the first warm shot of semen hits hard on the back of my tongue. Then there's a seconds & a third. He shoots so hard that I have to swallow it down quickly then open up again to receive the entire load. One hard shot hits my lips when I closed my mouth to swallow. I let it run down my chin while the last remaining shots fill my mouth. I keep masturbating him until he begs me to stop. I gulp down his beautiful juice then move over to the last still hard recruit. He tells me he does not shoot out far like the other guy & that I'll have to be very close because he only shoots about 2 inches. I tell him I can take care of that & begin masturbating him again. Soon he is ready to cum & in order to not lose any cum & take his big cock in my mouth. He's thick & hard as a rock I feel the veins of his cock on my lips as I slide up & down the huge shaft. He groans & I feel his hot juices begin to fill my mouth. Unlike he said I feel powerful shots of semen filling my mouth. His huge cock keeps pumping & pumping semen like it will never stop. I swallow once, twice then a third time then I'm able to allow the remainder of the semen to pump in my mouth while keeping my lips tight on the big cock.

I feel the last few pulses of his cock then they fade away. I draw back off his cock making sure not to spill any of the semen then I take the last swallow. They both now feel very satisfied but I'm so horny I have to masturbate as soon as they are gone. I tell them they are not to tell anyone or they will get a caning harder than I have ever given before. With silent lips they both leave feeling satisfied.

Now I'm so horny I have no option but to masturbate. I lock the door & begin masturbating with the taste of warm semen still in my mouth & throat. I take a towel & lay it out flicking my clitoris hard then I orgasm very hard. My eyes open after the first wave of orgasms, landing on the 48 cups of fresh semen. Should I? Why not? Oh go ahead I tell myself. I look & find one very full cup or semen. The warmth or the room had kept the semen warm but not like it was seconds ago shooting straight from the 2 nice cocks. I masturbate a while longer then as I'm getting close to orgasm I drink the first cup of semen. It's a bit cool running into my mouth but tastes just as good. As my body shudders with orgasm I take another cup then another. I keep rubbing my clitoris & I'm so excited that I have multiple orgasms one after another after another (and yes I can do that). I keep drinking the cooling semen cups each tasting just a bit different than the last. By the time I'm done I've drunk eight cups of beautiful tasting semen. I continue masturbating & orgasms continue to flow. I take more semen & pour it over my firm small tits. I pull the nipples hard & pointed now covered in semen. I try to lick them & all I can do is touch the tip of my very long nipples. I pour out all the cum over my body & continue to masturbate until I'm ready to pass out. I've never had so much cum at one time. I have never swallowed 10 loads at one time either. I'm in heaven! Full of 10 loads of semen, covered in 40 loads & too tired to masturbate any longer. I shower in the next room then I'm done for the weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed one of my favorite fantasies. They are only fantasies. I'd never do all those things but dreaming about it gets me off so well.

Happy masturbating to you all.



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