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Another Night With Cousin Rob

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A little about me and him. I was 14, 6ft tall, average build, bi-curious, and have a 7.5' cut dick. My cousin was 13 (6 months younger), 5ft 7' tall, slim build, and about 6'-6.5' uncut dick.

So it was like any other time he slept over. We watched tv, played video games, talked. He came over about 7pm, and we did all the usuals. Then I got out my laptop and searched for porn (me and him had done this before). So I started watching it in my bed, then he came on my bed too see what I was doing. We watched it for a bit and both got extreeemely horny, so I asked 'if he wanted too?' (he knew what that meant.) So we took off all our clothes and started jacking off ourselves.

Then I reached over and started to play with his balls, and he returned the favor. So we got under my sheets and started jacking each other off. After about 15 minutes he told me he was about to cum. (This is the first time he was gonna cum actually let me jack him off all the way!!). So we jacked off a little longer, and he started too cum. I caught some of it in my hand, and he had a kleenix too catch the rest. After he cums, he always goes to the bathroom, and leaves me to deal with myself, so, with his cum still on my hand, I started licking it off while I was jacking off; The first time I tasted somebody elses! :) So I came almost instantly.

After that, we just went on with our night like usual, like nothing even happened. So 1am came around, and I was still horny. he was sitting on the floor playing video games so I got back into my bed and started watching porn again. So after about 1:30, he came up and shut my laptop, I was like 'What the hell?! That was good stuff man!'. He then told me that he wanted to jack off again, and I'm always game for that. But this time he told me watching that guy get a blowjob (on the porn earlier) sounded like it would be good right now.. I knew what he was getting at, I told him I didn't care if he wanted me to give him one, but he'd have to give me one. So we stripped again, shut off the lights, and laid in bed side by side in a 69 position.

He tried to fit my dick in his mouth first; that didn't go so well, so I told him to just give me a hand job and I'd suck him off. So I started sucking him and playing with his balls. He started giving me a handjob. About 5 minuites into it he started getting really rough, and twitching like a madman. Then he just whispered 'Hey man.. I'm gonna cum..' And about 4 shots of warm yummy cum shot down my throat and I swallowed it all. I came while he was coming in my mouth..

After it was over and he left, I hoped it was going to happen again. And I hope you had a little bit of 'fun' reading this ;).



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