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Another Night With Cousin Larry - - -

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The second day of Larry's visit was fun for both of us. I, being just fifteen, and Larry, a year older almost to the day, chummed around with my friends. We rode bikes through the park, sat along the railroad tracks and talked, played baseball in the afternoon. By evening, we were both pretty beat. My mother and aunt decided to take us out to dinner. My sister, a few years older than I, had a date so she was gone and wouldn't be back until after midnight. We got home around 8pm and shortly after, I made the pretense of being tired and headed to my room in the basement. Larry followed. I was horney from the night before, when I watched his cock shoot wads of cum straight into the air before landing on his stomach and chest. I had been thinking all day about our next escapade together set for this evening.
I closed and locked the door to our bedroom. The bathroom adjacent to my bedroom was locked to the hallway. We surfed the tv but found nothing to our satisfaction. Larry excused himself to use the bathroom. I stripped off all my clothes and hung them in my small closet and placed my
Adidas shoes next to the bed. My bed, a queen size double, had a quilted cover which I took off, folded and placed in the corner. I pulled back the top sheet to the foot, since it was warm, being July, I seldom used a cover when sleeping. There was a casement window above which would give a clear view to anyone outside looking in. My mother had made curtains of a thick material and they were neatly hung above the window and when closed, prevented any 'peeping tom' from looking in.
I took out the small jar of vaseline and the box of kleenex I kept in the table by the bed, placing them on top next to my electric clock. I heard Larry in the bath finishing up. I was just about to turn the lights down when the bath door opened and Larry struted out stark naked with his seven inch cock swinging back and forth as he walked towards the bed. I was awestruck with his athletic shape and all around tan. My body felt puny next to his although I weighed in at 150' and stood 5'10' but my cock was a smallish six inches, at best. Larry's pubic hair was a puff of brown hair above his cock with a small strand of hairs rising towards his belly button. His ball sack was absent of any hair and his legs were smooth. He was a view of Adonis to me. I felt my cock rising and hardening as I looked at him with his cock and balls hanging naturally downward. I was fascinated as he laid down on his back and puffed the pillows behind him.
I excused myself and went to the bath to brush my teeth and do my other nightly things. By the time I was through and returned to the room, my cock had retreated to its flaccid state. I turned off the lights except for the lamp by the bed and laid down. Larry's cock was laying over his thigh pointing in my direction. I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful purple head and slit as it seemed to stare right at me. Larry was watching an episode of Law and Order on tv so I took it in, too.
A commercial came on with a pretty girl in a bathing suit and I noticed Larry reached for his cock and slowly carressed it making it rise and hardened. My hand went to my cock and did the same. Very slowly we both rubbed our shafts until they were both hard and standing up. I noticed that Larry's almost reached his belly button and the head was huge and purple. I took my other hand and placed it under his balls, massaging the area between his ball sack and the crack of his ass. It was so smooth touching him. Larry asked for the vaseline and took a dab and lubed the length of his shaft. He slowly ran his hand up and down the shaft and I could see the ureathea tube stand out almost as another dimension of his huge cock. By this time, I was rock hard, too, so I boosted myself on my elbow to get a clearer look of his fantastic cock. I commented on his smooth body and lack of hair except for the tuff around the base of his cock. He said he plays football and is on the wrestling team so his body needs to be free of body hair. He said he shaves his body once or twice a month and plans to take the pubic hair above his cock completely off before school starts.
I couldn't resist it any longer, so without asking him, I got up to my hands and knees and moved his legs apart so I could kneel between them, facing him. I took my right hand and placed it under the shaft at the base bending it upward so it was straight up and down. I had never seen another cock as close as I was then and it was all I could do to bring myself to bend my head downward and stick my tongue out to touch the large purple head. I became possessed and felt I had to have my tongue around it. Next, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and engulfed the cockhead with my lips, taking it slowly into my mouth as far as I could. It tasted wonderful and I slowly forced more of the shaft into my mouth cavity. By then, the cockhead was resting at the back of my throat. Larry had taken his hand away from the shaft and let my mouth hold his beautiful cock. He began to moan softly and I let my eyes look upward to his which were closed. I slowly moved my mouth up and down as far as I could without letting the cockhead move through my lips. I could feel his cock throb and jerk a little but I wanted to be very careful not to let my teeth engorge the shaft or hurt him in any way. His hips began to move upward forcing my mouth a little further down his shaft. After several minutes, his movements became more deliberate and I could swear his cock was enlarging to a point where it became difficult for me to breathe. The throbbing became more intense when I could feel the ureathea enlarge as a force of liquid squirted into my mouth to the back of my throat. It was his cum and the spurts kept coming for several moments with quite a bit of force before an oozing of the last drops. I swallowed some but held the rest in my mouth since I had never done this before and felt I shouldn't let it into my stomach. (Later, I was to find out how tasteful and wonderful a man's cum is going down my throat) I grabbed some kleenex and emptied my mouth of cum into it.
Larry laid there for a few minutes before he uttered how great that was and said I was the first blowjob he had ever had. What an experience, he said. He wasn't into putting his lips on anyone's cock but would jack me off, so I laid down on my back and he took another dab of vaseline from the small jar and lubricated the length of my cock. It didn't take long before I shot several ropes of cum onto my chest and into my belly button. The remaining cum oozed out of the slit in my enlarged purple cockhead and down along his fist which was wrapped around my six inch shaft, ending up in small white puddles in my little patch of pubic hair at the base of my cock.
With that, I cleaned up the cum with some kleenex, tossed them in the toilet, brushed my teeth. Turned off the light, and we went to sleep. Tomorrow would be another day of sexual experience with Larry, my cousin. More later ---



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